Offering a sporty collection of watches for men and women, the Certina watch collection has a small but attractive assemblage of watches to choose from. Whether you prefer simple analogs or are looking for a watch with chronograph features, Certina has it all for you. Having derived its name ‘Certina’ from a Latin word ‘Certus’,


The Cvstos watch collection consists of masterpieces that are not only exotic in look but are also highly advanced as concerns timekeeping. The series is an all-exclusive male watch collection. With great chronograph features and mechanism revealing dials, the watches in this collection are certainly an attraction. Available in tonneau and circular shapes, these models


Consisting of a fabulous collection of watches, Croton a watch making company founded in 1871, offers a grand selection of watch models for both men and women. From simple to the most creative designs, the Croton watch collection has a lot to offer in design, style, color, ethnicity, beauty and technology. You can choose from

Corum Golden Bridge

Although a very small collection, the Corum Golden Bridge watch series is a work of art, a masterpiece that anyone would desire to have. Delicately designed by hand, this Corum collection as its name suggests has a golden bridge running through the center in a lengthwise position. The 18k gold bridge holds the entire mechanism

Corum Admirals Cup

The well-known Swiss watchmaker Corum takes pride in presenting high quality watches that are exclusive in designs and very attractive in look. One look at them will tell you that the designs have no resemblance to other watch brands, making the Corum Admirals Cup Watch collection quite unique. Models are largely designed for men, but


Specialists in pocket watches, Colibri offers a massive range of innovative designs that are instant eye-catchers. The mark of a gentleman, pocket watches were worn by the rich and aristocratic society more than a century ago. Although there are not many men today who use pocket watches, there are still some connoisseurs who like to


Already a leading name in leather accessories, Coach now also has its own exclusive watch collection, which includes a series of watches in innovative designs. With models for both men and women, Coach has proved that it does not take much for a designer to explore other territories too. The collection includes the NHL, NCAA,


Clerc has been producing high quality watches for more than a decade now and offers a fine selection of watches for both men and women. Be it the sporty Scuba CXX, which is suitable for diving as it has a water resistance of 300 meters or the C125 series that offers aesthetic watch models studded

Calvin Klein

From the house of Calvin Klein, a renowned brand in the fashion industry comes a huge collection of watches for men and women. State of the art designs that reflect a designer wear is seen in this grand collection, which is available in brushed and polished stainless steel and 18k yellow gold plated stainless steel.


The Chronotech watch collection offers a huge selection of watches in exotic designs for both men and women, although men have a wider choice than the ladies. Fancy dials and various dial colors meet your eye as you glance through the models, which present basic to highly complicated features. The watches use a Japanese quartz

Christian Bernard

With an elegant collection of watches to offer Christian Bernard is designed for men and women of style. The exclusive designs in slim and wide versions in a variety of shapes offer you a large selection of watches to choose from. Although the models offer basic analog features, the sheer elegance of the watches is

Chase Durer

Comprising of a complex range of chronographs and analogs, the Chase Durer watch collection offers models that would attract the attention of any man who seeks to have an attractive professional watch. The chronometers offer sophisticated features and are available in a variety of designs and dial colors. Materials used are stainless steel, 18k yellow


Charriol watches are the success story of French watchmaker Philippe Charriol who as a young man was determined to make it big in the fashion industry. The Charriol watch collection consists of a fine assemblage of watch models in innovative designs made for both men and women. Available in a number of dial colors and

Charles Hubert

Consisting of a massive collection of watches, which are largely pocket watches, the Charles Hubert watch collection has models for both men and women. Originally creators of pocket watches, which you can find in various shapes and designs, Charles Hubert also offers wristwatch models with exclusive designs and dial colors. The watches are available in

Chanel J12

Chanel is a prestigious brand in the fashion industry and produces luxury items for high-profile consumers, which includes watches. With watch models for both men and women, the Chanel J12 has a fine collection of watches to choose from. The watchcase and bezel are of ceramic including the bracelets while there are models with rubber