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Erich von Däniken: the alien within us.

The good news first: Sex with aliens is possible. This has to do with that alien creatures once wrapped in beads, have sent their DNS, through the Galaxy, says Erich von Däniken. A cloud so life. Much of it reentered the atmosphere in sunny, landed a part on hostile gas planet. But apparently, some of the packages arrived on Earth. What would simply mean: the genetic make-up of aliens into every human being. Or: We are offshoot from another planet. Because the big-time Däniken, was not the end of the Sechziger-, at the beginning of the seventies? Then came the memories of the future on the market, back to the stars and Prophet of the past. And later scientists such as Hoimar von Ditfurth squared himself, the reasoning of the Swiss hotelier, so the mirror 2008, point by point to refute the research from the people for the people. But Däniken, bestselling author, who has sold so far 65 million books according to own statements, apparently is a fixed star in the sky of the obscure theories. He remained productive. And now he is back. The citizens Hall in the train station of Feldafing is sold out, come 200 listeners. At the end, there is much applause. A crowd mobbed the table of the world-famous writer, as the organiser Josef Hanson calls him. A DVD collection, so to speak, the whole Däniken, 150 euros. Men and women can be photographed with him and write dedications in the just-purchased books. The room might like Däniken: A tube-like old Hall, above the heads of visitors to float five lights, flat panels, which are reminiscent of UFOs. Feldafing is the first stop of his tour. End of November 23 further guest appearances are available in theatres, city halls and hotels from Aschaffenburg to Bremen. . Similar information can be found clicking http://a0ef8e1b38861634f6a60f03b5394cc4.com-archive-datasets.eu.

Cognac: four skeletons whom a child found in a garden.

Four days later, policemen – who recovered the investigation for reasons of technical and scientific resources – visited place. In total, they identified Thursday four human skeletons, three adults and a child, and several animal bones. And the wait may be long for some. Indeed, this discovery could be the end of a puzzle well known in the region: that of "Boutiers disappeared". On the night of 24 to 25 December 1972, shortly after an hour in the morning, the family Mechinaud – Pierrette 29 years, Jacques 31 years, Eric, age 7, and Bruno, 4 years – leaving Cognac where they come to celebrate Christmas with friends. Aboard their Simca 1100, they are preparing to return to their homes of boutiers riding Centre 3 km away. It will never review them. At the time, the loaded gendarmes of investigation had discovered in the small house of the Mechinaud, Boutiers-Saint-Trojan, Turkey and oysters in the refrigerator, and gifts at the foot of the tree. "Very quickly, it is known that the Mechinaud wife cheated on her husband and that he came to learn it. The theories of collective suicide and the removal had been mentioned. Still, 42 years later, the bodies were not found, said a gendarme to metronews. Then, whenever bones are found in this sector, the mystery of the missing Boutiers is mentioned. This gives a bit of hope ". . Similar text can be found reading article.

The Europeans signed an ambitious agreement on climate.

The pr plan sees r 40% reduction missions of greenhouse gas by 2030par report to the 1990 level. 28 heads of State and Government also agreed on two other goals: bring the share of renewable energy 27% of consumption and 27% of economies of energy per report 1990, has pr cis Mr Van Rompuy. The first is binding at the level of the EU, but not the second. The European ens, Daniel s by the Spain and the Portugal, have also increase the objectives of interconnections between r buckets electric within the Union, to bring 15%. This is good news for the climate, citizens, health and international negotiations on climate Paris n in 2015, said Mr Van Rompuy, ensuring than that cr would create sustainable jobs and the titivit comp. The objectives are well in of what could be done by Europe to combat climate change, have found friends of the Earth. For Oxfam, insufficient action on the part of the richer countries puts the burden on the poor, the most affect es by the climate change and the least responsible for this crisis, has acted r Oxfam. � . Root data may be studied visiting the following http://a0ef8e1b38861634f6a60f03b5394cc4.com-archive-datasets.eu.

6 years of couple in SMS: from I love you that is what we eat?

An American has decided to give her husband a strange gift to celebrate the anniversary of their meeting: it grossed SMS they are sent for six years, from the beginning of their relationship to this day. And noticed that sweet words they exchanged in the early days had given way to more pragmatic messages: our conversations went from ‘Hi, okay?’ to ‘ Ok, it’s going to me. ‘ François de Singly, sociologist of social ties, explains to metronews that this couple is moved from an exchange of personal messages to functional. Sign of the passion that goes? Is not like that which Alice Zhao perceives: initially, it was flirting in our text. Then, we spent more time together and became more comfortable. Our text messages have become more predictable,. but because you say everything face to face. But this is not the interpretation of the sociologist: that is to say that they are in love only when they are at home. If there is no free message, with emotional words, of ‘I love you’ or ‘thinking of you’ during the day, there is a danger. This is sign that the conjugal couple has replaced the loving couple. Live as a couple, is living with someone we love, not with who means well. There, they drift towards a logic of roommates. They manage the House together. And we don’t live with someone only to buy bread. . For additional facts about this matter visit http://a0ef8e1b38861634f6a60f03b5394cc4.com-archive-datasets.eu.

Also Camel says stop to smoking, available to employees.

Reynolds American, one of the largest multinational tobacco owns brands including Camel, Winston, Pall Mall, said stop smoking in its offices. The company, second producer of cigarettes in the United States, in fact last Wednesday informed its employees that starting from next year will no longer be allowed to smoke in the company’s buildings including offices, conference rooms, corridors and lifts. The smoking ban also extends to all the factories and eating inside of employees and also applies to pipe and cigars. Only exclusion for now are electronic cigarettes. "We believe that is the right thing to do at the right time, to meet the needs of non-smokers," said the company spokesman, David Howard, adding: "we’re just lining up to the reality of our society". A similar decision had already been taken in the past by the Altria Group, owner of Philip Morris and Marlboro brand, but in that case the smoking ban for employees was valid only in common areas while inside of the offices the workers could continue to light up cigarettes. . You must visit the following http://a0ef8e1b38861634f6a60f03b5394cc4.com-archive-datasets.eu to discover more on this interesting subject.

Hell hath enlarged in Piazza Vittorio, in Rome. From Porta Alchemica built in 1600 by Massimiliano Palombara, Marquis of Pietraforte, evil has found an opening and will be Dylan Dog to tackle. Or rather, a character inspired by Dylan Dog because the film, victim of events, does not have any right on the character created by Tiziano Sclavi and published by Bonelli. We at gabbio, explains Claudio Di Biagio, the Director, and Don Vair, screenwriter, during the debate (which lasted more than an hour and impassioned) below to the exclusive screening at Kino, locale-cineforum überhipster of Pigneto, in a room of just 35 seats. Who are the viewers? In practice, the producers of the film. We are, in fact, faced with a new way of making films: Yes, at one point we were tired of walking around to ask for funding that never came and we asked directly to funding us through the crowdfounding platform, explains. Result: 15.000 euro with the first crowdfounding and 12,000 with the second. But it was not easy: people are wary, afraid of being frigate: they started to believe it when they saw the quality of the first trailer. How much did it cost in the end? We are nearly on 40 thousand euros. The problem is that it won’t earn nothing ,. Of Course. La Bamba there sues because, from the contacts that we have had, they appreciate the quality of the project, attempting to give a new interpretation of Dylan but however faithful in essence. We believe that through the network there is the possibility of bringing a younger audience to the character and that people like Roberto Recchioni, who is the new writer of Dylan, knows this because he uses and knows well the Web. Who is Dylan? A sociopath, a nerd who lives in a House strange and disturbing and has complicated relations with women but also with himself and who struggles to pull ahead with the work. What is the purpose of this project? First of all it is an act of love towards a character, Dylan Dog, which is part of the Italian cinema had a history with unlucky movie ever equal. We wanted to do, with little money but-believe-Professional, a product that could be the pilot for a tv series. Not surprisingly Luke Old is one of the authors of The Pills, the cult series started on the Web and over on ItaliaUno, while Claudio Di Biagio is the author of Freaks: in practice two of Italy’s most famous YouTubers. . . Even television is realizing that there is a need for a renewal: the CriminaleGomorra Novel series are the successful example of a new way of doing television, but the themes are the classic ones. We would like to be able to bring a kind of imaginary that in Italy there is, and he is seen by the success of events such as Lucca Comics to first place in the world for the participants but that misses still spaces in larger media, television in particular. Why can’t we be competitive too? Because people like Dylan Dog couldn’t get abroad?. The film also Milena Vukotic, Alessandro Haber and Massimo Bonetti. To convince them it was Valerio Di Benedetto, already protagonist of the film-phenomenon on precarious Spaghetti Story that victim of events plays Dylan Dog: reacted with great enthusiasm. In particular, Milena accepted provided you have a longer part because the project she liked so much and we were more than happy to make that happen: people did not ask more, whereas all lent their work for free, he says. Now what? The next stop is the official presentation in Rome on 24 October and then the projections in Milan and Naples, always and only for those who have financed the project. Then since 2 November the film will be shown for free on channel of The Jackal (the most innovative production company at the time, ED). And then we’ll see what’s going to happen,,. For extended data regarding this subject check http://a0ef8e1b38861634f6a60f03b5394cc4.com-archive-datasets.eu.

Impatience for old structures of power.

«Is spreading a sense of impatience, discomfort for the dragging of old structural assets and power. " For this we must not stop on the street but continue with the reforms. " These are the words spoken by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano, who spoke Thursday morning from the Quirinale. The warning comes after Wednesday’s meeting with premier Radio (Eu Council) and while it’s arrival in the home stretch the law of stability on which Europe has asked for clarification. The head of State underlined his positive opinion about the reforms. "We cannot remain prisoners of paralysis and of obstacles: it is necessary to introduce important changes," said Napolitano, adding that ‘ rules are true, they’re not separè and a defense of the existing». "We cannot remain prisoners of paralysis or impediments-says the President of the Republic must proceed with expedited step towards essential changes." "I will be the guarantor of unity and guardian of the rules which are really these-said Napolitano-and not in defense of the existing screens; I will continue to carry out these tasks within the limits of my strength ". . Inspirational source could be read visiting the following reference.

Germany: industrial still review their forecasts of growth down.

The German BDI industry federation has again lowered Thursday its forecast of growth of the German economy, for the second time in a month, now relying on a range from 1.2% to 1.4% this year. The Economic Outlook has weakened somewhat, believes the head of the BDI Markus Kerber, excluding however to see the first European economy slipping into recession. The federation had already revised its forecasts downward on 23 September, from 2% to 1.5% increase expected domestic product GDP German, noting many global trouble spots that weigh on the enthusiasm to invest entrepreneurs in the country. The German economy is currently suffering, and before everything, the weakness of investment, continued Mr. Kerber, citing high unemployment and low growth throughout the euro area, as well as geopolitical concerns in the Middle East and in Ukraine. For him, the effect of EU sanctions against the Russia is for the time being more than offset by exports to other countries, but he warned against a possible interruption of Russian gas and oil supply in case of further escalation of the conflict. Low rates and good financing conditions are not, in themselves, a guarantee for more investments on German soil, it ruled, in an allusion to the ultra-accommodante monetary policy conducted by the European Central Bank (ECB). New BDI forecast is in line with that of the German Government, lowered the week last to 1.2 percent this year. Leading economic institutes expect 1.3%, the international monetary Fund (IMF) also. . You must click the following web site to read more about this amazing matter.

Top officials in China: the Tiger hunt continues.

If the sources of the usually well-informed "South China Morning Post" right, clearly already, who becomes the target of the anti-corruption campaign by heads of State and party Chief Xi Jinping as next influential Executive. As the Hong Kong Journal reported on Thursday, now has two brothers of Member of Central Committee Ling Jihua initiated investigations. The official Jintao has long been regarded as a close advisor of former heads of State Hu, before he fell in the year 2012 in disgrace. His son had come under scandalous circumstances at a car accident. The newspaper quoted a source as saying however, XI Jinping "no" hurry with the investigations. However, the process could be threatened with an other high ranking party Czar now already in the near future. Some observers expect that the competent earlier in the highest body of the party for national security official Zhou Yongkang after the most recent meeting of the Central Committee in Beijing, which ends on Thursday, is excluded from the party. After that, civil proceedings against him can be initiated. But, Zhou Yongkang could not expect a fair trial. Especially in political cases, the judiciary is subject to the dictates of the party. Because nothing will change after the session of the Central Committee, which met for the first time on the subject of rule of law. The people should have more confidence in the justice system in which even corrupt cadres always find loopholes. The leadership also knows that a market economy requires a degree of legal certainty. But still considered that in China the justice is also the preservation of the rule. . You can check the following http://a0ef8e1b38861634f6a60f03b5394cc4.com-archive-datasets.eu to read more about this great matter.

Car bombing in Jerusalem: against the mob kills 3 month old girl.

A little girl of three months died and seven other people were injured following an attack on a tram passengers of Jerusalem. According to police it would be a terrorist act: the tragedy occurred around 18, when a car at insane speed has deliberately invested passengers just got off from the tram stop of light "Ammunition Hill", not far from the place where until 1967 passed the "green line" dividing the city. The motorist driving the car was arrested: it’s an citizen of Arab East Jerusalem in the past ended up in handcuffs. To lose your life was a three-month-old travolta along with MOM: the small emergency was transported to the hospital, but the injuries were fatal and doctors were unable to save her. The attack occurred near the site where in August a Palestinian worker driving a tractor has lashed out at a bus killing a 29-year-old man. This is not the first time in Jerusalem attacks occur at high speed against public transportation. Tram lightweight, wanted by current Mayor Nir Barkat, has become the target of sabotage and attacks by Palestinian citizens who consider it a symbol of the unification of the city under the rule of Israel, guilty of war crimes in the Gaza Strip and the illegal occupation of vast territories in the West Bank. . For additional information about this matter click info.