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Deficit: Paris enters the battle to get an extension.

Give a new deadline to the France to bring its deficit within European nails: the idea irritates to the highest point, and to convince its European partners, Paris will have to put the double bite on reforms and do a tremendous job of explanation. The debate is only just starting, said Friday the president of the Eurogroup, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, a meeting of the eurozone in Milan (North), where the new french skid aroused faces, according to a participant. The very Orthodox Jyrki Katainen, in charge of Economic Affairs at the Commission, recalled that such an option should be implemented if it has meaning and not because of political pressure. There will be equal treatment for all countries, large or small, in the North as South, warned the former Prime Minister of Finland in a commentary for the Wall Street Journal, while Paris has to push to 2017, instead of 2015, its goal of reducing the deficit below 3%. 4.2% in 2013, the french deficit should rise to 4.4% this year before going back to 4.3% in 2015. In sum, the France request to postpone its effort to cut until the end of the mandate of Fran̤ois Holland, summarizes a diplomatic source. It will have to make a big effort to explain why the deficit will climb this year, instead of down. This situation exposes theoretically the second largest economy in the euro zone to financial penalties. Everyone is entitled to express its concern, and I can also tell you that everyone wants to find solutions to the french problem, timed the french Minister Michel Sapin Friday during a press briefing. For now, the European institutions took note of this skid and are waiting for firm foothold the draft budget 2015 that the France should send to Brussels, as all countries of the euro area, by mid-October. Objective: see if Paris take sufficiently seriously reducing its spending and reforms, claimed to Horn and shouts by Brussels. -Paris, it is Paris Рonce the draft budget on the table, we will see if the France has done enough to comply with the stability pact, said Mr. Dijsselbloem. It has however not excluded to use existing flexibilities, term used to refer to a new period under conditions. The review of the draft french budget will fall to the new Commissioner for Economic Affairs, the French Pierre Moscovici, inheriting, for some, a poisoned gift. It was he who had obtained for the France in 2013 a period when he was Minister of finance. The task also promises to be difficult because many in Europe believe that the France did not do enough on reform. The budgetary rules prevent nothing to reform. On the contrary, insisted Friday Mr. Katainen, citing the case of the Spain. Furthermore, Paris is very isolated and even lacks the support of Italians who constantly remembered that their deficit is below 3%, note a European source, although the two countries have called together at more flexibility in the implementation of the budget rules. Paris, Paris, commented laconically the Italian Minister for finance, Pier Carlo Padoan, while the head of the Government, Matteo Renzi, drove the nail by recalling that his country was one of the few to have a deficit below 3%. 2014 is difficult for everyone, replied Mr. Sapin, stressing that the Italy encounter other difficulties, at the level of its debt. And recalled that the particular situation of the France is what meets throughout Europe, faced with too low inflation and anemic growth. . Inspirational facts can be read visiting this info.

NATO Supreme Commander Breedlove to the Star: President Putin is not a partner for us.

What your findings to the East of Ukraine? The agreed cease-fire exists only on paper. Every day there is heavy fighting. Russian troops in significant strength close to the border with the Ukraine are still stationed. Ensure that the border remains wide open. Because this international border in fact ceased to exist as a boundary for several hundred kilometers. So, the separatists are supplied with equipment and heavy military equipment. Russian military are active but also directly in the East of Ukraine. So what will now reach Putin in the East of Ukraine? The area in the Donbas, which is currently controlled by the separatists, is permanently difficult to keep in its present form. Lacks supply lines, a harbour, the airport of Donetsk is competitive. Apparently the Russian military will help the separatists, to transform the territory held by them in a region that is self-contained. Thus, there is the danger that the current line becomes a permanent border. . You must read the following http://67ff7c390aeb5decb404d64db665784f.share4vn.com to discover more on this interesting subject.

Jason Collins, the first gay player of the NBA, says Calvary who lived inside the Cabinet.

"I’m a pivot of 34 years of the NBA. I am black. And I’m gay." Thus it became Jason Collins the first athlete in the history of the American MLB to openly acknowledge his homosexuality being active. Little more than one year after this announcement, the pivot announced its withdrawal from professional basketball after dispute over 800 games in the best League in the world basketball. In another exciting letter, Collins has told how it was to live 33 years being a person who was not. At one time I asked a question: what legacy I want to leave? What I want from life?. Collins decided to leave the Cabinet in an industry, professional sports, forbidden to libertarian proclamations of this style. In an environment dominated by alpha males, a step already in itself complex, becomes chimerical. ""I was afraid that my friends and family I rejected and feared much more that cast me from the NBA,"explains Collins in ‘ The Players Tribune". The player recalls a situation of many that had to live. You’re never with women, what’s going on, are you gay?, threw a companion on a bus ride. One of the last times before coming out, almost explodes. To get out of it, she told that recently he had been with a girl. The professional athlete of NBA life is a transfer of travel and weeks away from home in the endless tours. Summarized for purposes of interpersonal relations, they are groups of millionaires men between twenty and thirty years with money and women available for nightly adventure. "When we travel to a city, I always had excuses prepared to not leave. A visit to the casino or to see a college friend or a family member. Sometimes were truth, and others I was just watching TV in the hotel,"says Collins. In a League that is constantly exposed to the media, the pivot, who played in the Nets, the Grizzlies, the Timberwolves, the Hawks, the Celtics and the Wizards, recounts his double life, or rather the production of a script to represent a person who was not. "When you’re in the closet, you are all the time designing strategies. You become paranoid thinking that any word or action will remove everything", he says. "As trying to everyone around me was happy, I was left me more just". "I always had to be alert. When he went out to dinner with colleagues, I developed a special skill to turn the conversation from the personal life and bring it to basketball. After a while, people already sees you as the veteran who just likes to talk about basketball. Whenever I changed equipment, we had to rebuild the profile". Collins says that it was clear the history of your browser when visiting pages to engage on matters of the community equal gay and lesbian. During the lockout of the NBA, without balocesto, the situation became unbearable. Himself could only be with his dog. Was enough. I wanted to be free. After 33 years without telling it to anyone, I left the cupboard". First was a friend in Los Angeles, then his aunt, the who acknowledged that had always known it. His twin brother vase was the following. The person that more time had passed Jason in his life, stood in shock. "For the first time, he saw the real Jason. Now our relationship is better than ever." When he took the next step and made it public in Sports Illustrated after the 2013 season, Collins received support from different walks of life in the NBA. Even President Obama moved him his pride. His return to the League occurred several months entry next season, when the Nets recruited him. There began the career of a man who spent 33 years only concerned because no one knew who he was, and was the first athlete to openly acknowledge homosexuality in the United States while in active. "This will be great for society", said Kevin Garnett, one of the greatest icons of the modern NBA. After his career, Jason Collins leaves a Council for all persons living in the closet, publicly denying their sexual status. "What everyone who is in the closet should know is this: the people who truly love you, always going to love and help." It is a secret that I would have liked to know 33 years ago." . Original source may be read clicking the following http://67ff7c390aeb5decb404d64db665784f.share4vn.com.

LGBT rights in play: sorry Warrior, this magician is on men.

The installation of gay and lesbian characters may seem unspectacular for non players, actually homosexual characters but only in a few video games occur – and when, then as exaggerated characters or even villains. Credible-looking figures such as Bill from the last of US are over virtually all genres across the exception. How the system really works well will show in the coming weeks if the community is their verdict on Inquisition. Is certain now that in addition to the gay characters a second theme will generate discussions: the scripted sex scenes, which is also available in the new part. In the previously published games invariably on these clips rather wooden as realistic. BioWare was the King of the video game sex scenes embarrassing long time, wrote the online magazine Kotaku recently. Explicit eroticism is also available in other titles such as those of the Witcher series developed in Poland. But with a video game typical and abundant tasteless mechanics: for any female character, which increases the main figure in the bed, was a trading card with pin-up motif in the first part. . For additional insights about this subject check http://67ff7c390aeb5decb404d64db665784f.share4vn.com.

VAT, the minimum deposit for payments in the focus of 24-hour Sunshine.

All new VAT tax explained with a double-header of "Guide to year-end taxes," the new initiative that the Sun 24 Hours offers on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For minimum tax expires on December 1 the term for payment of the second advance payment of 5% substitute tax. Those who have changed regime in 2014, passing by the ordinary minimum or vice versa, are not required to pay the second advance in maturity. The focus on advance for minimum payments on the Sun 24 hours Thursday, November 20, provides guidance on how much you have to pay for the income tax and the Ires and how. We will also provide indications on aspects which take care in compiling the model F24: tribute codes and possible compensations. The "Guide to year-end taxes" is a new series of special investigations of the Sun. Twice a week, two pages within the section standards and develop a path led tributes to accompany the taxpayers between deadlines and payments that flock to the latter part of the year: the dry dall’irpef coupon on rentals, from Irap from Ires Tasi to Tari and the Imu. Ending with the Vat advance. . Related text can be found clicking link.

Health check: the use of sports medicine test what?

If a car has been long unused in the garage, prudent driver of oil and water levels or the tire pressure check before starting the engine. But if they want to bring their own engine in full swing, many are not so scrupulous: you plunge after years of sports abstinence in exhausting physical activities – without having to worry, whether they are grown of the load at all. two and four mmol/l (Millimoles per litre) aerobic anaerobic Grenzbereichvon about 4 mmol/lanaerobe displays the test, in which also the heart rate is involved, when the an athlete reaches the anaerobically. To do this, the lactate in the blood is measured. It is an indication of the intensity of impacts. Lactate is a salt of lactic acid, and is produced as a by-product of energy production. With a lactate between, the athlete is located in the. Increased Laktatbildung the stressed muscles supplied insufficient oxygen. The range starts from a concentration. Through a lactate test, athletes know their anaerobic threshold at which heart rate and can include these data in their training plan. For the measurement, during a stress test several times, mostly on the ear, blood removed the athletes and examines its lactate. Earlier, lactate was deemed a pure waste product. While it also has an energy content and is metabolised in the heart, the liver and the brain. To use this, athletes often with high intensity should train. Top endurance athletes know when they come in the anaerobically and can roughly estimate how long they are so powerful. Advise from the experts don’t like but. As in many sports clubs is such a sports check attendance condition according to portal spokesman Christian Weymayr. We make no recommendation, because services are, which is not to the benefit or harm the patient, he explains. It is also conceivable that someone due to a conspicuous findings dispenses with sports, although had the sport enjoyed it and used the bottom line health. Weymayr advises therefore every potential hobby athlete to ask prior to training: how I feel and how much can I want to incriminate me?. Original source could be studied checking the following http://67ff7c390aeb5decb404d64db665784f.share4vn.com.

Ban: Pickup artist Julien Blanc may not to the United Kingdom.

More than 160 000 who signed a petition, which called for, to deny the visa Blanc. Interior Secretary Lynne Featherstone had expressed already in a newspaper interview on Saturday for a ban for the 25th. If it should occur in the UK, would increase the cases of harassment and intimidation, without a doubt, they cited the guardian. The Americans offers real social dynamics (RSD) around the world seminars on behalf of the US company, where men supposedly learn how they get women in bed. However, Blanc does not stop his flirtation strategies against violent acts. Its offering is criticised as a woman saw, activists call on #takedownrsd and #takedownjulienblanc under the Hashtag to demonstrations at the venues of the RSD seminars. Also in Germany, Blanc has planned events, including in Berlin and Munich. And here, too, there was great criticism of the methods of the pickup artist. Among other things, the SPD Bundestag parliamentarian Mechthild Rawert and the Munich-based green politician Lydia Dietrich demanded a ban for Blanc. . For extra insights on this matter visit web site.

Salvini, ready to list “the euro? Will dissolve! “.

I will propose to the citizens of the South a program, but don’t ask me the name of the list, it is not a topic I fans. Who we are, who agrees with me about 5-6 key points, will give us the vote. The cornerstones are the uncontrolled immigration law enforcement, defence of agriculture, not the law, farewell to Fornero useless’s sectors and a single tax rate to 30% ". To say this is Matteo Salvini, Secretary of Lega Nord, during an interview in Salerno with Bruno Vespa and Giorgio Mulé as part of the Landscape of Italy. Chapter Quirinale. Salvini doesn’t want to even talk about it: before "there are nine important regions where you should vote, I refuse to think that from here to six months the Italian politics will continue to be scanned. without being able to invent something to curb an increasingly dramatic situation". And the euro? The euro will be inevitably fades, I think, apart from me and from the League. Having a single currency with 18 different economies, tax and pension schemes con18 several, without a real common Bank, it does not make sense. And then as if it comes out? "There are several solutions: workspace coins, the return to the lira. It is premature to talk about it now, but I know for a fact that our companies have put into the pockets of the stones they are unable to compete. Fifteen years ago we were the 5th largest economy in the world, now we have overcome all. UK, Poland and Hungary are growing, the 9 OECD countries that are growing less have adopted the single currency. Final gloss on civil liability of magistrates and the possibility that Parliament passes a law on the subject. With the secret ballot for the magistrates would, by secret ballot, no, because everyone wants to be safe, and you never know what can happen when one raises his head. In Italy it is not enough to always have a clear conscience to be safe, because it can always happen that you go home and investigate anyone on your behalf. Probably on anything, but in the meantime it remains for two years out from the games. There is a power that does not respond to anyone and must report with feet on the ground, if good applause, if hurt has to pay, even personally. . You should read the following http://67ff7c390aeb5decb404d64db665784f.share4vn.com to learn more about this amazing topic.

ATM, 30% cut commissions on payments. Cost analysis.

The Atm Consortium, to which adhere 594 persons including banks, parent company of the Group and the most important non-National Bank, will reduce from 0.10 to 0.07 euros the Commission for each transaction (Bill Payment). Is the commitment that the Consortium has formally taken over before the Antitrust, as by the same authority. Cost analysis-also in the future, this value will be anchored to an analysis of the costs incurred by operators and will decline as a result of any efficiencies observed at the system level. These are the key commitments, says a note that the Consortium has formally taken over before the Antitrust, on completion of an investigation initiated on 19 February to ascertain the possible existence of anticompetitive, profiles in violation of art. 101 of the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union. The Consorzio Bancomat-established in 10 cents per transaction, the multilateral interchange fee (Mif) had been applied since January 3, 2014, without predicting a deadline of application. The Consorzio Bancomat-adds the note-represents one of the most popular circuits in Italy, both for the number of debit cards in circulation (about 30 million units, equal to 80% of the total in 2012) and of the active Pos (approximately 1.2 million, equal to 85 per cent). "Merchant indifference test"-in terms of transparency, in addition to commissioning the study on ‘ Merchant indifference test "to acquire the necessary elements to implement the principles of the European Commission, the Consortium has committed to publish on its website the Commission value applicable to the Bill Payment service, so so operators and consumers to make better-informed choices about means of payment. In the face of these commitments the statement concludes-the competition authority and the market has decided to make it mandatory to close the proceedings. Within 45 days, the consortium must submit to Antitrust Atm a report which will cover the implementation of the commitments undertaken. . Similar text can be found reading http://67ff7c390aeb5decb404d64db665784f.share4vn.com.

Lack of country doctors: just around the corner.

It not so serious yet to the medical care in Rahden as in the trendy dead landscapes of Northern Hesse, Germany and Eifel. But the small town’s big steps on it. Their profession is outdated. Young doctors fail to comply. The average age of the doctors in the region is 55 years. By 2019, nearly every third physician in Rahden is and environment to retire go, seen on the next ten years, will be there every second. The situation is even more serious when the pediatricians. More than half are older than 55. There will no longer be a skin and an ophthalmologist. Adam itself is at the end of the year 65. "It is just around the corner" his practice is on the way to the Café Creativ, Adam. Everything around the corner from Adams practice to lie at all seems Rahden. His house is 500 metres to the elementary school 700 metres to the Town Hall 600 metres. Adam is proud of what he has built up over the past 26 years in Rahden. He makes no secret of it. There he is who. The team of his practice grew from year to year and in him the land lust feeling. Therefore it hurt him too so that you can inspire today no young people for this. The times have changed, the conditions and choices for young doctors even serious. Even the demands of life are different than earlier. That is aware of Adam, he has even three children. But just watch how Rahden heading for inadequate medical care, won’t come for him in question. . Extended facts can be inspected reading blog.