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80-71 . Henderson led the Hornets to victory played without Walker.

Houston ( USA ), 17 Jan . – The guard – small forward Gerald Henderson scored 20 points and avoided the losing streak Charlotte Hornets to win in overtime by 80-71 to the Indiana Pacers , who lost four straight . The Hornets ( 16-25) totaling six wins in their last 10 games , remain second bottom in the Southeast Division , but are placed just a game of eighth place in the Eastern Conference , which would entitle him to be in the finals .Charlotte team that played in their field of Time Warner Cable Arena, could not count on the team leading scorer , guard Kemba Walker, injured left knee . However , they had to reserve guard Lance Stephenson as the surprise factor, despite rumors of a possible move , scored 13 points against his exequipo and Henderson were the only two Hornets players who achieved two-digit numbers . While forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist emerged as the best player in the area by providing 16 rebounds , including 14 defensive , and the Congolese power forward Bismack Biyombo arrived at 14 and made ​​two blocks , which also made ​​him winning factor .The Hornets were made with the victory to dunk only 30 ( 31-101 ) percent of success in field goals and 13 ( 2-15) of triples, compared with 36 ( 30-84 ) and 10 ( 2-21) , respectively , for the Pacers, who did not win this duel under the basket to capture 56 rebounds for Charlotte 58 . The Pacers ( 15-27 ) , who occupy the bottom of the Central Division , can not leave the path of defeat but the power forward David West had 19 points and eight rebounds. The backup point guard Donald Sloan scored 13 goals that left him as the sixth team player and Jamaican winger, who constantly joked with his former teammate Stephenson , achieved a double-double of 12 points, 14 rebounds , all defensive , and six blocks , although also prevented the loss.The power forward Luis Scola played 15 minutes as a reserve for the Pacers and went scoreless , ruling the five shots that made the field, capturing five rebounds and losing a ball . ( EFE ) Subjects David West USA Basketball Houston Luis Scola World. Related data can be found checking http://.

The third is placed Valencia ; Athletic bottoms .

Madrid, Jan 17 ( EFE ) . – The Valencia copera parked the disappointment of Tuesday and rekindled their competitive expectations with a worked victory against Almería he clinched third place in the league, which includes the demolition of Athletic , unable to redirect their situation and leaning against the relegation zone . The end of the first round league encouraged the team Nuno Espirito Santo. But Villarreal and Rayo Vallecano , fueling doubts in San Sebastian Real Sociedad .Espanyol at the last minute , stressed the hardships of Celta , with many outstanding issues for the second round . Álvaro Negredo, one of the greatest additions of Valencia, gave the victory to the team Nuno , he ran into the order of Almería Juan Ignacio Martínez and response and the success of Tommer Hemed ( 3-2). The Israeli striker responded firmly to each Levantine initiative. First goal of Dani Parejo. After the Rodrigo Moreno. Negredo , seven minutes left, let the three points at Mestalla and Valencia provisionally third .Level on points with Atletico Madrid , who on Sunday receives at Granada . It is the income derived from four wins levantinas in the last five games. Thirteen of fifteen points in the bag . The Almería , however , conceded their second straight loss . You can log team Juan Ignacio Martinez back in the relegation zone . An area to which the Athletic creeps , unable to turn his defeatist dynamics. The Basque Table , fourth last year, fell into Villarreal continued their fourth defeat.It has only managed one point in the last fifteen brought into play . No wins since last November beat Getafe at the Coliseum. He improved his appearance in El Madrigal Ernesto Valverde ‘s team . But again lost ( 2-0). The goal of the Russian Denis Cherichev pass over the middle was a blow for Athletic . A penalty scored by Bruno Soriano near the end sealed the match. Villarreal, who faced the visit of Athletic with two draws followed , is sixth . In European places and one point behind Sevilla .The Ecuadorian Felipe Caicedo Espanyol pulled from their slumber and stressed the hardships of Celta , which has conceded seven defeats in their last eight games. No wins the Vigo team since November 1 , when stormed the Camp Nou. Two twenty points at stake is the poor baggage warned at the beginning and the animator of the competition. Espanyol , meanwhile , was reunited with the win after two consecutive defeats against Valencia and Real Madrid, to accommodate their position in the standings.El Rayo accentuated the doubts of the Royal Society . Not finding the course ends Donostia whole. David Moyes does not give the key a team that grows before the great and lesser teams languishing with substance. The Madrid players took the three points thanks to one Anoeta Mozambican Manucho goal in the final stretch . Paco ‘s team emerged triumphant stage has flushed to Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. The Lightning was a nightmare for Real for 90 minutes , true to its proposal to play and let it play .And he got his second consecutive victory at home. The Real, with a touch of the past six , still in no man’s land . The Córdoba and Eibar pulled the plug on his first round with a tie and out of the relegation zone . Two newly promoted signing this situation to the final year end. The Andalusian team sought to protect the advantage gained the league ‘s early goal . Before minute of play. Marked by the Romanian Florin ten seconds after a dismissal of Ekiza .However, Eibar , seated as the revelation team so far this season, equalized with a header Arruabarrena , who had just entered the pitch , and when both teams were reduced to ten men . ( EFE ) Topics Anoeta Córdoba CF Ernesto Valverde Spain Felipe Caicedo Sporting Events Europe Football Getafe Paco Manucho Rayo Vallecano Real Club Deportivo San Sebastián Spanish SD Eibar Football Club Valencia Villarreal Alvaro Negredo. You should check the following web site to discover extra about this amazing topic.

We can show WhatsApp conversation with Canal Sur in which the details of the interview Churches are completed .

MADRID , 17 ( EUROPA PRESS ) We have provided this Saturday the image of a conversation in which WhatsApp messages between the press officer can and a worker of South Canal, according ensures the formation of Pablo Iglesias, appear finalizing details address where the interview would take place the secretary general. Canal Sur subsequently canceled the interview , says the party of Churches in a statement after the Andalusian public television has issued another in which he explains that he has not canceled an interview with the Secretary General can , simply because South Channel Television no time has arranged an interview with Saturday Churches in any of its newscasts .As he indicated we can , in the week before the event, two interviews were concluded with the Andalusian television: with the secretary of Sergio Pascual, and said to the secretary general. While the first was held without inconvenience , as has happened with other members shares can , as Inigo Errejón in regional television over the past months , Canal Sur on Friday decided to cancel the interview with Pablo Iglesias and agreed in previous days without notice or explanation , attitude that clashes with the requests made by the chain to have churches in some of its programs of political gathering, has ruled.( EuropaPress ) Topics Canal Sur Canal Sur Madrid Jobs Telecommunications equipment Pablo Iglesias Party Political Parties can Punishment Policy ( general) . You should read this link to read more about this amazing topic.

Anti cancer research : there ?? Â Â ¢ ?? airc finances with € 751 000 4 projects .

Send comments Four projects of cancer research conducted by the Department of medical and biological sciences of ¢   ?? ?? ??  University of Udine have been funded for a total 751mila €  ¢ ??  ?? by the Italian Association for Research cancer ( AIRC ) . The common objective of the four three-year research à ?? to discover new targets for the development of anti – neoplastic innovative . à ??  The beneficiaries are two new projects , coordinated by Carlo Pucillo and Claudio Brancolini windows financed with 222 thousand and 209 thousand euro , and two other investigations already ??  underway , led by Gianluca Tell and Luigi Xodo , which were refinanced What ?? ⬠completing the three-year contribution of 170 and 150 thousand euro respectively .Thanks to these projects will also enable scholarships for young researchers who can thing ?? ⬠work in the four groups that follow the funded research . à ??  In particular , the group will study direct from Tell ??  repair mechanisms of DNA damage in cancer cells ; the group led by Pucillo will deal ??   ?? understand the ability of the cancer to build around ??  sà © an inflammatory microenvironment ideal for their proliferation .The objective of the team will be coordinated by Brancolini ??  define how certain oncogenes identified by the research team , influencing epigenetic changes of certain cancers , while the group led by Xodo ??  will study the role of the sequences in blocks of guanine in the regulation of group of oncogenic Ras . à ??  « The research carried out by ??   ¢ ?? à ¢  Ateneo Friulian ??  ?? explains Brancolini à ¢   ?? ?? à ?? She was once again rewarded by  ¢ ??  ?? AIRC ; an important finding given that funding requests that there  ¢ ??  ?? entity receives are always pià ?? ¹ numerous , why ??  © public funds dedicated to research have been canceled , and thus the competition is always pià ?? ¹ difficileà ??  » .à ??  ¢ be funded by   ?? ?? AIRC , in fact , means overcoming strict selection procedures that analyze , using foreign auditors , the quality and productivity ?? ??   scientific proponent partecipates ??  © the innovative aspects of the project , considering the potential implications for the care and understanding of cancer biology and molecular level . à ?? à ??   "For these reasons à ¢   ?? ?? emphasizes Pucillo à ¢   ?? ?? à ?? ã very proud to win a grant of  ¢ ??  ?? Aircà ??  » .à ??  Basic research has provided all the new knowledge that allowed to solve or improve patients’ expectations for many cancers , including some very common as breast cancer . à ??  « Poichà ??  © à ¢  cancer ??  ?? Tell explains à ¢   ?? ?? à ?? to a complex genetic disorder and being different altered genes in different types of cancer , it is not surprising that for some cancers have yet to be achieved improvements significativià ??  » . à ??  In fact , highlights Xodo , à ??  "  ¢ ??  ?? there AIRC has always understood and always maintained that only by funding basic research will ??  can also solve cases pià ?? ¹ difficilià ??  » .à ?? à ??   ?? why , according Brancolini , à ??  " à ?? is important to remember and thank the members of the donor  ¢ ?? à ¢   ?? Airc ??  ?? pià ?? ¹ a million 437mila in Italy , of which more than 31 thousand 500 in Friuli Venezia Giulia à ¢   ?? ?? that even with a small contribution allow the  ¢ ??  ?? Italy and ¢   ?? ?? ??  University of Udine to play a competitive research . à ?? contribution that is also a concrete commitment to reduce the escape of cervellià ??  » .à ??  January 16, 2015 . For extra about this matter read http://.

Philippines : Pope cut short his pilgrimage.

Pope Francis had to hurriedly leave the island of Leyte in the Philippines threatened by a tropical storm on Saturday. The sovereign pontificates met with victims of the deadly typhoon in 2013 after celebrating a Mass in the pouring rain . Visibly upset, the Pope, who had arrived at Tacloban airport a little before 9 pm local time (1 hour GMT) , is left to 13 hours to Manila where he will celebrate Sunday Mass in front of millions of faithful.The pope has waived any commitments in Tacloban, but the time spent on his interlocutors was significantly reduced to avoid the delegation to be in the Mekkhala tropical storm that was to befall late afternoon on the eastern coast of the Philippines. I beg your pardon , launched the Pope in the cathedral of Palo announcing that he had to leave earlier than planned . It makes me sad , really, has he said. Francis had previously celebrated Mass in Tacloban airport before a large crowd came to welcome him despite poor weather and wish him long life .The typhoon left more than 7,350 dead pilgrims that the organizers had distributed plastic ponchos cheered the pontiff , who had also covered over his white cassock waterproof transparent. When in Rome , I learned this disaster , my feeling was that I had to go here . Today I am here with you, a little late I admit, but I’m here, ‘ he said in Spanish in a speech marked solemnity and emotion.Located on the island of Leyte , 650 kilometers from Manila, Tacloban was the epicenter of the super typhoon Haiyan that had moved most violent winds on earth ever recorded in the world. The typhoon killed more than 7,350 people dead or missing and caused massive property damage in an area of ​​agricultural and fishing among the poorest of the Philippine archipelago. Silence coeurQuelque 14 million people , or about 15 % of the national population, live in the bruised area.Millions of them still have no roof or livelihoods, and may be particularly vulnerable if next big storm . François acknowledged that he lacked words to console . I do not know what to tell you [ . . . ] . All I can do is to remain silent and I walk with you in my silent heart, he has said. Virginia Torres, a housewife , 68, broke down in tears while listening to the pope. I was overcome with emotion , especially when he said he understood our suffering.All we have experienced increased to that time , she told AFP thinking of his home, swept by the typhoon. Whichever way he has taken since his arrival in the archipelago , hundreds of thousands of people were waiting and cheering the Argentine pope. Its direct and warm style , his messages on inequality and popular devotion , the importance of family ties, contributing to its popularity in the archipelago , 80 % of the 100 million people practice a very fervent Catholicism.Each threat against the family is a threat against the pope UsThe landed Friday defender of traditional family model , calling the Philippines to resist against the ideological colonialism and confused presentations of sexuality and marriage, a message of support Filipino bishops conservatives against the legalization of abortion and gay marriage plans . Each threat against the family is a threat against the company, he said.He also asked families in reference to abortion, to be sanctuaries of respect for life from conception to natural death . This second papal trip to Asia after his trip to South Korea is to encourage a region seen by the Vatican as a land of opportunity for Catholicism . The highlight of the stay should be the final Mass at the Rizal Park in Manila on Sunday , despite the gloomy weather forecasts, where a record number of faithful could arrive.According to the organizers , up to six million faithful are expected, which is more than five million people joined by John Paul II in 1995, during the World Youth Day which had been held in the Philippine capital. . Root data could be studied visiting the following page.

#JesuisRaef : Unworthy flogging Saudi blogger.

BILLETLe word hypocrisy is low. . . Sunday, Nizar al- Madani , the number two of the Saudi diplomacy , was among the dignitaries who had come to Paris for the Republican running after the killing of Charlie Hebdo. At the same time , the Saudi blogger Raef Badawi * received the first 1 000 lashes at the Grand Mosque in Jeddah for its freedom of thought. Raef Badawi (Reporters without boundary & egrave ; res) Aged 31 , Raef Badawi was sentenced to ten years in prison and 1,000 lashes , distributed at a rate of 50 lashes every Friday for 20 weeks.Flagellation session canceled Mosque Jeddah where Raef Badawi received its first lashes (Kacem El Ghazzali on Facebook, via Global Voices ) He had to receive 50 new lashes on Friday as constituting violations of freedom of thinking in a key country of the international coalition supposed fight against fundamentalism , the streets of Paris to the battlefields of Syria and Iraq. This whipping session was canceled " for health reasons " without knowing yet if it is a challenge to the sentence following international protests, or just a respite before resuming punishment .The "crime" Raef Badawi dream : he founded a site called Liberal Saudi Network, now closed, which advocated liberal reforms in Saudi society . Among the facts against him, is the fact of having initiated debates on political , cultural and social , including pleading for the celebration . . . Valentine’s Day! Victim of fundamentalism EtatSa woman and three children were forced into exile in Canada , where they have called for the man who can only be considered a prisoner of conscience, victim a true state fundamentalism.The medieval punishment of flogging, inflicted by the Saudi authorities to a man who does not claim that freedom of thought, is no different from what is alleged jihadists from the self-proclaimed Islamic state. Indignation in one case, tacit tolerance in another : the international coalition against the jihadists can not hope to prevail politically tolerating such a big gap . We see the devastation in the fallout of the Charlie Hebdo affair in a part of the youth of the neighborhoods where the discourse on freedom of expression is hampered by the ongoing criticism of double talk.We can not say "I’m Charlie in Paris," without saying "I am Raef " in Jeddah. * Or Raif Badawi , according to transcripts of Arabic. " Raef looked up to the sky , closing his eyes " Amnesty International has published the story of a witness of the first flogging , January 8 : " Raef was escorted from a bus in the middle of the crowd guarded by eight or nine policemen. He was handcuffed and shackled at the feet , but his face was not covered – everyone could see it.Still hampered, Raef got up in the middle of the crowd. He was dressed in trousers and a shirt. An agent of the security forces approached him from behind with a huge stick and began beating him. Raef looked up towards the sky, closing his eyes and bending back. He was silent , but you could see his face and his body that he was suffering terribly. The agent Raef hit in the back and legs , counting up to 50 shots .The punishment lasted about five minutes. It was very fast, without pausing between shots. When it is finished, the crowd shouted "Allahu akbar ! Allahu akbar ! "- As if Raef was purified . " . For extended data about this subject click link.

Algiers: Islamists rel & egrave ; t & ecirc wind ; you against Charlie.

At the exit of the Friday prayers , many Algerians have followed the slogan of Islamist parties and took to the streets to proclaim their faith and their anger at yet another caricature of the Prophet , published Wednesday in a number survivors of Charlie Hebdo. The cry There God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger , the procession moved off of the popular Belouizdad district fountain of May 1st. Ali Belhadj, ancient figure of the Islamic Front of salvation, had called Algiers to visit one of the many mosques in the old Belcourt district.He was arrested with a Salafi imam. Belhadj arrests are quite common paradoxically, since the civil concord allowed him to live outside prison . Men , women and also children , all gathered to affirm their conviction against a newspaper published in Algeria prohibited . The satirical newspaper has indeed been distributed in any point of sale. State censorship has once again blocked the Weekly . A common practice , too.Kouachi martyr ! Arrived at May 1 , not far from a government building , the protesters were stopped by an impressive police . The side streets were stormed and yet many police forces were quickly overwhelmed by the crowd. Especially as the procession was joined by residents of senior Algerian neighborhoods. After beating the pavement to the sounds of Allah Akbar , the protesters dispersed in disorder , but a last square finds one last time before the National Assembly .The slogan has changed. This time, the crowd shouts Kouachi martyr ! They are more than a thousand to face the police who were instructed to defend the government building . After sitting for half an hour , the police task, suddenly rubber bullets and tear gas , demonstrators that replicate with stones. The event escalates . The French flag is burned. Slogans in favor of establishing an Islamic state resurface .This was precisely one of the leitmotifs of Islamist parties of the 1990s the movement I am Mohamed , in fact, started the day of publication of the last issue of Charlie. Cars , buses and windows were adorned religious slogan. Throughout Algeria , people were offended by the cartoons of the prophet and want to assert their religion. On the evening of the attack, some Algerians openly celebrated the killing of the French cartoonists.The Religious Affairs Minister himself had asked that Friday sermons condemning the cartoons of the prophet. Waking old Algerian demons? It is the fear today, so it is unclear whether this gathering brings together not only the most radical Islamists in the country or , more broadly, moderate Muslims . . Original source can be read clicking this reference.

Heineken Cup : Toulon joined the quarterfinals .

European Champion title, Toulon Racing Club has largely imposed on Saturday against Northern Irish province of Ulster ( 60-22 ) . Players Bernard Laporte have included no less than seven trials have relied on the boot of Halfpenny Welsh , author of seven conversions and two penalties. The Var tests are the work of Sanchez , Habana , Armitage (3), Castrogiovanni , Bastareaud and Gorgodze . Ulster has still managed to score four tries . Toulon is guaranteed to compete in the final of the European Rugby Cup quarterfinals enhanced with this victory.The Toulon (18 points ) take five points and can no longer be reached by the English Leicester (13 points) at the top of Pool 3 in the sixth and final day . The target set by Bernard Laporte before the meeting was clear: nine points in two games , to give himself every chance to play a quarter-final Mayol . . . And dispel any doubts after two consecutive defeats in the Top 14 , facing the French Stadium and Montpellier. HAPPINESS OF MAYOLMalgré a moment of hesitation in the first period , which saw the Ulster register two trials flyhalf Paddy Jackson (12 ) and Mike McComish on a worn ball (22) , CTN made ​​the Saturday half way, and may consider more serenely his trip to Wales next Saturday to face the Llanelli Scarlets .The Toulon Mayol also made ​​the happiness through eight times the goal line Ulster after the candles have scored eight back testing (Sanchez , 3 ) any way possible to image Bastareaud who was going to shelter the Var . . . roll in just before half – time (37). They are then released , conceding two tries by Payne ( 68) and group (78). But at this point in the game , they already led to more than 40 points, . . For extra information about this subject click info.

Madrid and London pistent their jihadist networks .

In Madrid and London • Spain , new recruiting ground for Daech Spain , especially in Catalonia , the regions of Madrid and Valencia and the Spanish enclaves in Morocco , Ceuta and Melilla , has become a recruiting ground for jihadists. The history of Rhimou Bghil Abdeselam illustrates this phenomenon . A native of Ceuta , the young woman was preparing to join Daech Syria just 18 years. The route was to pass it by Morocco and Turkey.But at the last moment, she doubted . A phone call to his family and the intervention of the Civil Guard have allowed his arrest in Turkey on Wednesday , just before it passes the Syrian border. His case is not isolated but authorities are concerned as departures to Syria or Iraq that returns to Spain. Intelligence agencies have identified 70 Spaniards – mostly of Moroccan origin – that are committed with Daech recent years.Between 18 and 20 terrorists left Spain died in combat or in suicide bombings. And 39 jihadists still in Syria and Iraq are known to the police. The attacks in Paris led the Department of the Interior to accelerate the adoption of a national plan which will facilitate the detection of radicalization processes and jihadist training enlisting civil society and social services. • The near misses attacks in the UK In the UK , the authorities do not evoke connection between local terrorist cells and jihadist networks covered by the recent police operations in Belgium, Germany or France.After the attacks of Paris, the head of the Metropolitan Police , Bernard Hogan-Howe , assured that such an attack on British soil was still "possible" but was "not likely" . The terror alert level was raised to its penultimate level "serious" in the summer of 2014, after the threats of the Islamic state against British targets . It has not been changed recently. Anti-terrorism services have foiled terrorist plots five since the summer , some very close to achieving .Several police officers were targeted . In 2014, 327 people were arrested for terrorist acts, an increase of 32% compared to the previous year. According to the head of MI5 , Andrew Parker, twenty terrorist plots have been prepared for fifteen months by jihadi parties in Syria , including three in recent months. " We avoided the dead. While we do our utmost with our partners , we know that we can not stop everything, " he said last week.British security services have strengthened border controls since the attacks of Paris, and the protection of places frequented by the Jewish community. They also reflect on how to improve officer safety , mainly unarmed majority. . You can visit the following http:// to learn extra on this great topic.

The arm & eacute; e Belgian in the street, four arrests Gr & egrave ; this .

Military began on Saturday to take over police to monitor certain sensitive sites in Antwerp and Brussels in Belgium after the dismantling of a jihadist cell. About 150 soldiers were mobilized Saturday morning to watch strategic sites in the area of ​​Antwerp diamond (North) which has a large Jewish community , but also the European institutions , the headquarters of NATO, the US embassies and Israel or the Great Synagogue in Brussels , said the Defence Minister Steven Vandeput .Wide dragnet Thursday night in front of the Jewish Museum in Brussels, where an Islamist attack killed four people in May , soldiers in fatigues carrying an automatic rifle and a pistol were on duty . The soldiers , however, not been deployed in stations or airports. The exceptional operation launched for a renewable months according to Prime Minister Charles Michel , can be maintained as long as the alert level will be set at least 3 on a scale of 4 , as is the case since Thursday night.Up to 300 soldiers will be involved in these policing operations , never seen in Belgium since a wave of bombings in the 1980s by the cells fighting Communists. Other towns like Verviers (East ), where police shot dead Thursday night two suspected jihadists who had established their hideout , also requested military reinforcements. The assault against the two men recently returned from Syria without the knowledge of their families, and Radwan Haqawi Tareq Jadoun , triggered a broad crackdown on Thursday night in several Belgian municipalities to dismantle an Islamist cell that planned to kill police officers on public streets and in police stations through attacks throughout the country , according to federal prosecutors .The head of the cell could be in Greece or Turkey Five people were charged with participation in a terrorist group and three of them prisoners. Searches have uncovered weapons, products for making bombs, but police uniforms and false documents . Two fugitives who had left Belgium just after the attack, were also arrested in the French Alps. The alleged leader of the cell would be a notorious Belgian jihadist who joined the group Islamic state in Syria, according to Belgian media.27 years old , Abdelhamid Abaaoud appears especially in a video where EI boasts commit atrocities , addressing jeering on camera while driving a vehicle that pulls mutilated corpses into a mass grave. At least four men were arrested on Saturday in Athens as part of the investigation, do we learned from police sources. Anti-terrorism police departments seeking to determine whether, as they suppose, although among them Abdelhamid Abaaoud .The arrests took place at midday in a central area of Athens, Pangrati , is it a police source added , without specifying how long and how the suspects had been located. Mobile phones were seized. Actively sought by European and US intelligence services, it would include contacted the two suspects killed in Verviers passing calls from Greece , says Flemish television channel VTM .According to the newspaper La Dernière Heure , it could be in Greece or Turkey . Belgium, with 184 parties nationals to fight in Syria, according to authorities, is an important breeding ground for recruiters to European jihadists. Friday, a Belgian of 18 who wanted to go to Syria with false papers was arrested . The authorities have also posted their firmness. A man who had intimidated booksellers in Eisden – Tuinwijk ( Northeast) , threatening them with death if they sold Charlie Hebdo , was arrested , according to local media .In Brussels, the prosecution requested Saturday lawsuits against two brothers who had threatened police with reference to the Paris bombings that killed 17 people, including three policemen. Another man who pretended to target police officers with a gun was also arrested . . You should click this http:// to read more about this interesting topic.