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‘In Spain the allegations of ill-treatment are few and arrive late.’

The rise of child abuse between m s j venes is forcing national actors to donning the costume of educators and psic logos and give talks to institutes providers to attend you. Six of every 10 girls aged between 14 and 19 to receive messages through the tel phone vil m with insults by their boyfriends and friends of the gang, seg n the Polic to national data. The girls do not perceive the danger and so s lo 10% of them confesses that those messages have caused fear in some occasions. Agents are detected worrying attitudes among adolescents: girls who see no danger to threats and boyfriends increasingly m s drivers who now have a tool of the m s effective: social networks. We are going toward s atr with minors. They fall in love the smug class, which is which is cool. At the beginning, that control them, they are important like, ‘f jate c mo I want to’,. Then, start the insults, the coercion and ill-treatment, says Aroa Jim nez, polic of the forfeited to M jewelleries. In his view, is alarming c mo girls today in d to allow for attitudes that previous generations do not consent an. Many are not aware of the seriousness of the facts. Do not think that they are abusers and they are considered neither v g gender-based violence victims, to ade. . For extra on this matter visit http://c2ee9f0c4731afc8ac33bbbe13fbe1d5.slidenote.info.

Childhood: Phenomenology of preserving rubber.

One almost wonders why only now, two and a half decades after the fall of the wall, two writers this literary project tackle. So evident is his charm. It is the attraction of the twin research, resulting from the promise of an almost microscopic insight into the distinctive craft of life. Now, but just writers find themselves more in the role of the individual. And so this book had to wait on a pair of the author that has plenty of nonchalance and experimentation, to move to the twin model, and indeed has a sympathetic legal relationship to the rivalry. David Wagner and Jochen Schmidt are this author pair. Both live in Berlin, they were born in 1971 and 1970, Wagner in the West, Schmidt in East Germany. And this biographical difference is the starting point of the jointly-written book. It’s called over and over and consists of roughly the same long halves, a Wagner, a von Schmidt posted. Both halves but, and here the first highlight of the book is, motifs, look from the same perspective and subject to the same tags and topoi (nursery, living room, kitchen, roads, school, Garden, holiday,.) on the respective childhood. The book is what makes his twin character still plastic, also symmetrically designed. On the one hand, Wagner’s Western, Eastern on the other Schmidt’s childhood memory begins. The two texts meet in the Middle, appropriately erweise at the November 9, 1989, keyword. Master of phenomenological close considerations are David Wagner as Jochen Schmidt. Both have all the art of ennobling the preserving rubber, which itself has steinmüller in the farthest corner of the kitchen drawer, the literary subject. Over and over is, so you could say, a comparative study of preserving ties, which were between 1970 and 1989 in East Germany, and at the same time in the Federal Republic in use, so one, and this is the second highlight of the book, purely phenomenological matter. Superstructure without any historical, political or cultural history. We do not read as ruled in Bonn and Berlin, what was going on in the German autumn, under what circumstances of Wolf Biermann was expatriated. We learn but what hung in the music room of spacious, located in Andernach on the Rhine River home of Wagner’s on the wall, which has been stockpiled in the basement, which foods the refrigerator contained, which ran on TV and like the child David managed to make that the parent forgot to send the boy to bed so invisible at 20: 00 in the living room. And we get a complete picture of the general partner from the high-rise settlement in Buch bei Berlin, where the Schmidt who settled down in much closer living and conditions of lack of. In both cases it is families who are socio-culturally quite similar to civil education academic families. To do this, although the occupations of their parents not be called from the domestic libraries and from the family atmosphere that surrounded her childhood. David Wagner’s parents are probably West German Liberals with lighter 68-tendency, which differ by Jochen Schmidt from the official East German ideology by practiced Christianity. Without much effort, these thumbnails can extrapolate to the symbol of the two State systems, companies and their mentality. The small David Wagner is happy with himself and his beds inflatable. Outside the child in the midst of his Sun-yellow room does not seek the looking at all. And after over little will be just as interested in the adolescent David Wagner. The GDR was none other than the great yawning for the Westerners. The small Jochen Schmidt, however, leans, awakened in the makeshift bed, instantly to out there, from the confines of the room in the world outside the window. There is a fairly constant in his life. From there come the food packages of the relatives, the exciting TV programmes and the more significant pop music. He lives in the clear consciousness of deutsch-deutscher relations, David Wagner in a vague knowledge that is so little supported by curiosity on the GDR as by political sympathy their skills. The book of the author couple provides no insight sensations. But it gathers an immense archive of the Eastern and the Western daily life. In the schoolyard of the gymnasium, which went to David Wagner, there was potato chips, small bags of chio for fifty spiked the piece. Jochen Schmidt remembers the written advice was given with visitors of purchase Hall: wholefood nutrition donates new creativity. An insatiable appetite for sweet goods in unison accompanied the childhood of Wagner such as by Schmidt. The greedy search for candy is a very amusing motif of both texts. David Wagner went on a rampage in the rooms of the brothers and sisters, Jochen Schmidt in the high school of the compensation, he sucked at all possible what was interpreted as sugary. Can capitalism and real socialism more accurately to the point bring? Both spent the 9 November 1989 dog tired. Schmidt, who than NVA soldier previously out in the night for the fire service, commenting on the fall of the wall: A couple of hours sleep would have been dear to me. Wagner spent the night in the disco and hung in the morning in the school over a Latin exam. The fall of the wall, for him, is a large, extraordinary televised event and a wake-up experience that conveys the feel of him for the first time, in the here and now something is happening. The strength of the book is palpable. It is located in the immediate, material, concrete. This strength is therefore not to separate from a weakness, which per se is liable to phenomenological literature. It tends to the adding of the particulars, and you will notice you the deliberate avoidance of key statements. She has always something deliberate understatement and less answers, as if she actually. This can produce even a slight frustration when reading. You would like to ask David Wagner and Jochen Schmidt likes: you actually had a happy or an unhappy childhood? But such a category is in the poetics of over and over not intended. . Root data can be studied clicking this http://c2ee9f0c4731afc8ac33bbbe13fbe1d5.slidenote.info.

Nicolas, you going to scrub.

The word expensive p begins to be used in the following n Alfarache and never hab been an called with that word in the fashion long style purple p. I fall very well the expensive p from Madrid to vend an its skeleton to survive; and it s as yours, but that of his wife or his mother-in-law. And as whether a – sec n Federico Bravo – many people walking by the Forum not knowing that the bones that hold an his body were not his own. The small or Nicol s was not an expensive p cl sico, but a conseguidor that is mov in the underworld of the pol tica, a Grama ultra-pijo. As don Pablos, despite being cani, always had thoughts of Knight. It is not a tontil n, although finished in teal. Going to scrub. Soon, F lix Sanz, following a report from the Abogac to the State, file a complaint in court against him. It would today be same, but delayed by questions burocr policies. 3. 500 people who work at the CNI, and that are in missions where the neck are played, can not defend the infamies; lack of spokespersons; they have the law and visible one. The expensive p tends to talk about his life in the first person, and as did in the world and in television n. As a reporter, I applaud the exclusive; I admit that we have done a disservice to the State, but we are not civil servants, but journalists. Unlike the expensive p, your argument it is not hunger, but the power, and to achieve it denied its origin. It comes from a humble family in the neighborhood of prosperity, he is the grandson of a Colonel of the ex army. Their sue you were m s well poor: be an apparatchik of the Lo PP. used so look for young people from filling in the tines m. That efebocracia is to put a bow around the l der chorbos to refresh the image of the party. . Main facts could be read visiting this http://c2ee9f0c4731afc8ac33bbbe13fbe1d5.slidenote.info.

Energy for 1.3 billion poor. Expo Awards projects.

A contest to give energy to the world’s poor is the project of Wame Expo2015, which will award 3 particularly significant projects in helping to achieve the goal of universal access to energy as indicated by "Sustainable Energy for All" of the United Nations. The Association has presented the call for case studies on access to energy that rewards the most innovative solutions to the problem; those which identify the barriers to access to energy and the excess paving the way to new perspectives and initiatives. Currently, 18% of the world population (nearly 1.3 billion people) have no access to electricity. About 38% of the world’s population (2.6 billion people) does not have access to a source of clean energy for cooking and continue to resort to the traditional burning of wood and other biomass that pollute the air of homes, causing damage to human health: the World Health Organization estimates the untimely death of 4 million people every year due to this problem. The 95% of the population without access to energy is concentrated in sub-Saharan Africa and in the territories of developing Asia; the 84% live in rural areas. The distribution of energy poverty largely coincides with that of extreme poverty. The goal of the UN campaign Sustainable Energy for All is "electricity for all by 2030", nonetheless are expected for that deadline still a billion is not included. "Our mission is to fully grasp the opportunities offered by Expo2015 to raise awareness about the consequences of persistent exclusion to energy access by a large portion of the world’s population," said Foo Menozzi, President of Wame Expo2015. "The theme of Expo 2015 is nourishing the planet. Energy for life, which is why we launched the call for Case Studies aimed at rewarding three projects that may be virtuous examples and guidelines for the development of future interventions that overcome the barriers of access to energy ". The ban aims to bring out and highlight some of the best practices in the world. To name a few: in the slums of Ahmedabad (India), the city, the city’s electric company (Ahmedabad Electricity Company-AEC) and local NGOs have launched a credit program for residents who do not receive legal status for the connection of their abusive homes to the network.  In Tanzania, a program coordinated by the national agency Camartec and with the support of companies and NGOs is building and developing plants that produce methane gas from livestock excrement. The programme includes the training of local technicians able to build and manage these systems over time. It is a service offered to over 12,000 homes, providing a clean fuel for cooking to preserve the land and forest resources that will contribute to the decrease of 4 million deaths per year for the use of harmful fuels. Each of the three case studies winners will receive a cash prize of 5,000 euros and will be promoted at the Expo. . For extra information regarding this matter click http://c2ee9f0c4731afc8ac33bbbe13fbe1d5.slidenote.info.

Beirut-violent Homophobia. Two young people, 18 and 20, were stoned in Syria today, Islamic State (Isis) because accused of having homosexual relationships. NE d news the NGO National Observatory for human rights (Ondus). the first performance for this type of motivation. Isis claimed to have found the 20-year-old’s cell phone videos that portrayed him as indecent acts practiced by men. The names of the two victims were not disclosed. The Ondus asserts that these are the first ‘ executions ‘ motivated by Islamic State with this accusation. The 20-year-old was put to death in Mayadin, in the Eastern Province of Dayr az Zor, after militants had claimed to be jihadis found on his cellphone pictures that showed intent to obscene acts with men. The 18-year-old, however, was stoned to death in the same town of Dayr az Zor, capital of the province, with the same charges. The Islamic State has already made several stoning of women accused of adultery, especially in the province of Raqqah governorate, in northern Syria, which under his total control. Recently also two men were put to death with the same punishment for adultery: one in the same province of Dayr az Zor, the Isis, the other in the north-western part of Idlib, by the front of Antakya, the Syrian branch of Al Qaida. . You should click this http://c2ee9f0c4731afc8ac33bbbe13fbe1d5.slidenote.info to read more regarding this great topic.

What explodes on the screen, it is the tenacity of Veil.

"I had a month and a half, which is really not huge. ” So at the time, I was at the theatre, and repeated in the day another piece that I play at the moment. In the evening, when I maquillais me in my dressing room to Edward VII, I me spent speeches and interviews from Simone Veil on my phone. I looked it as possible until she returned in the body.  "" I viewed many images – thank you INA. ” en! -dating back to the time of his arrival in the Chirac Government. It is at this time that Simone Veil becomes a public figure. This is one of the few women Ministers and media dedicate many topics. She has an evil madman to tame the camera. I remember a show hosted by Bernard Pivot where it feels almost refrigerated. Her great friend, Director Marceline Loridan-Ivens, was also invited, but Veil is so shy that she cannot help the vouvoyer. Pivot, who knows their complicity off plateau, is so surprised by his stiffness he invited more than familiarity. She eventually run in forced marches, as a good student,. Between 1974 and 1976, all that succession home of the respondent, of personal feeling, is not reflected in the image. It took him two years to tame the camera. Afterwards, it changes, it feels more seasoned media, more confident. On the other hand, which explodes on the screen from the beginning, it is his amazing tenacity. "" Just to make a bun, donning a Chanel suit and hop!, it is gone, everyone has an air of Simone Veil. ” I had more chance to look like him a little bit. It has the same front, the same hair, the same cheekbones implantation. The lower part of the face is less identical but still. All this allowed me to do more inside, transcribe this reserve mixed with authority. I watched him and listened all day for a month and a half. First, she’s pretty little expressive. It is always very clear, a little stiff, makes no gesture of hands. It has ingrained feet into the Earth. It is always easier to play someone like that as a voluble personality with tics. She looks aside,. I was obsessed with his way to pronounce the a. Ca did not exactly as I wanted, I ended up giving up. ""I thought that its construction of woman actually began leaving the camps. However it started long before, from childhood, with her mother. It was a very beautiful woman with an air of Greta Garbo, who abandoned his studies of chemistry when she married. I could see her photos,. Simone realized very young that his mother was affected by its status as a submissive woman, constrained only maintenance of the household. The banality of the everyday life of what were the women of the 1930s. . . My own grandmother told me the same kind of humiliation: reluctance to ask for money to her husband, not only to fund basic household tasks, misunderstanding of the husband which sighs, which sniffs, which loose of yet?,. The mother of Simone kept tell him as well as his sister: it is necessary that you have a job, you win money for yourself.  Simone Veil has become feminist moment there. She had 3 sons and often tells it takes position against them, by solidarity to her daughters-in-law. ‘ ‘I do never met her. Nor his entourage family or professional. I have tried agree rather half-heartedly, but,. His sons did not want to speak with me, as well as one of its former directors of cabinet. I think that a point is passed in his entourage to say nothing. His sons have seen the movie and are thrilled had not asked them permission to turn because they have not given it. It seems that it is very diminished. I do not know if they are going to show her,. ""The film pays tribute to his political acuity, while itself claims not to be a politician. She repeats again that it comes from the civil law of the judiciary, she has not done Sciences Po, ENA, etc. This is a pretty amusing contradiction. His great intelligence was to not take the debate on the question of feminism. She left it to Françoise Giroud to focus essentially on the grounds of public health. Without this, old bluestem of the right of the time would have ever voted. Part of his clan had already attempted to pass the law a year earlier. And then Giscard has relaunched it with the idea to play by a woman. "" With pressure to embody a living person, I was not light, even though it is when turning this kind of movie. ” I was also afraid the lack of humour of the character. I told Christian Faure [Director, Editor's note]: it can make a small smile, non? But no, he was too afraid with Lorànt Deutsch [in the role of his Chief of staff], it inevitably slips into the sports to a too familiar trick that is away from the character. ""This kind of topic lends itself perfectly to the TV. Because it is popular in the sense where it is necessary that it be seen without making the effort to move. Okay, there is a side a bit didactic in the film, but useful. On the other hand, there are two major problems on TV. The first is that you do not have a scene that is more than one page. Must it go fast, all the time, it is necessary to change motion, place. In absolute terms, I would have dreamed of something of the kind the White House or the president’s men A,. But hey, I think they’re afraid that people zap,. The second problem is the lack of time. When it comes to cinema, it’s really crazy,. If you do story-boardez nothing, if you hesitate a little about the place that you grant to the camera, you are wrong. Fortunately, Christian had everything prepared before to devote to the actors on the set. » . Main facts can be found visiting this link.

Naples, homosexual couple beaten in the street for a kiss.

«Located a few steps from Port’Alba in Naples, close in an embrace and while you were kissing were attacked by a young man». To tell of the incident of violence consumed yesterday against a pair of young homosexuals, shortly before 22 Dante square, the 31 year old who tried to appease the aggressor and called an ambulance to rescue the young man hit with a punch to the face. The boys approached me for help-tells the witness-one of them had his face Livid and medicated State the old Pilgrims with two stitches in his lip. It seems that the attacker had first insulted the two boys and then lashed out at both of them bothered by their affettuosit, the arrival of emergency vehicles was gone every trace of the man who had lashed out at the two homosexuals. The boys were assaulted in shock but I know are willing to denounce the serious fact happened-said Pino De Stasio, II Municipal Councillor with responsibility for equal opportunity-are shocked to this homophobic act occurred behind the day against femicide and confirms that in Naples have still many steps forward and we must still fight for a culture that covers Lgbt rights. last nightAfter the boy’s shelter to Pilgrims, is concerned with the story even Antonello Anteo Sannino, President of Arcigay Napoli who tried to trace the two men to deliver Gold support of the entire community, represented by the Association. We are still checking if the guy and we offer them our full support, said Sannino-but in the day against violence against women that is a homophobic nature extremely worrying surprised that happened within walking distance of piazza bellini, the heart of the integration of gender identity. . You must read this http://c2ee9f0c4731afc8ac33bbbe13fbe1d5.slidenote.info to learn extra about this interesting topic.

Deficit: Paris enters the battle to get an extension.

Give a new deadline to the France to bring its deficit within European nails: the idea irritates to the highest point, and to convince its European partners, Paris will have to put the double bite on reforms and do a tremendous job of explanation. The debate is only just starting, said Friday the president of the Eurogroup, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, a meeting of the eurozone in Milan (North), where the new french skid aroused faces, according to a participant. The very Orthodox Jyrki Katainen, in charge of Economic Affairs at the Commission, recalled that such an option should be implemented if it has meaning and not because of political pressure. There will be equal treatment for all countries, large or small, in the North as South, warned the former Prime Minister of Finland in a commentary for the Wall Street Journal, while Paris has to push to 2017, instead of 2015, its goal of reducing the deficit below 3%. 4.2% in 2013, the french deficit should rise to 4.4% this year before going back to 4.3% in 2015. In sum, the France request to postpone its effort to cut until the end of the mandate of Fran̤ois Holland, summarizes a diplomatic source. It will have to make a big effort to explain why the deficit will climb this year, instead of down. This situation exposes theoretically the second largest economy in the euro zone to financial penalties. Everyone is entitled to express its concern, and I can also tell you that everyone wants to find solutions to the french problem, timed the french Minister Michel Sapin Friday during a press briefing. For now, the European institutions took note of this skid and are waiting for firm foothold the draft budget 2015 that the France should send to Brussels, as all countries of the euro area, by mid-October. Objective: see if Paris take sufficiently seriously reducing its spending and reforms, claimed to Horn and shouts by Brussels. -Paris, it is Paris Рonce the draft budget on the table, we will see if the France has done enough to comply with the stability pact, said Mr. Dijsselbloem. It has however not excluded to use existing flexibilities, term used to refer to a new period under conditions. The review of the draft french budget will fall to the new Commissioner for Economic Affairs, the French Pierre Moscovici, inheriting, for some, a poisoned gift. It was he who had obtained for the France in 2013 a period when he was Minister of finance. The task also promises to be difficult because many in Europe believe that the France did not do enough on reform. The budgetary rules prevent nothing to reform. On the contrary, insisted Friday Mr. Katainen, citing the case of the Spain. Furthermore, Paris is very isolated and even lacks the support of Italians who constantly remembered that their deficit is below 3%, note a European source, although the two countries have called together at more flexibility in the implementation of the budget rules. Paris, Paris, commented laconically the Italian Minister for finance, Pier Carlo Padoan, while the head of the Government, Matteo Renzi, drove the nail by recalling that his country was one of the few to have a deficit below 3%. 2014 is difficult for everyone, replied Mr. Sapin, stressing that the Italy encounter other difficulties, at the level of its debt. And recalled that the particular situation of the France is what meets throughout Europe, faced with too low inflation and anemic growth. . Root source can be found visiting the following http://c2ee9f0c4731afc8ac33bbbe13fbe1d5.slidenote.info.

NATO Supreme Commander Breedlove to the Star: President Putin is not a partner for us.

What your findings to the East of Ukraine? The agreed cease-fire exists only on paper. Every day there is heavy fighting. Russian troops in significant strength close to the border with the Ukraine are still stationed. Ensure that the border remains wide open. Because this international border in fact ceased to exist as a boundary for several hundred kilometers. So, the separatists are supplied with equipment and heavy military equipment. Russian military are active but also directly in the East of Ukraine. So what will now reach Putin in the East of Ukraine? The area in the Donbas, which is currently controlled by the separatists, is permanently difficult to keep in its present form. Lacks supply lines, a harbour, the airport of Donetsk is competitive. Apparently the Russian military will help the separatists, to transform the territory held by them in a region that is self-contained. Thus, there is the danger that the current line becomes a permanent border. . Main facts can be read checking this url.

Jason Collins, the first gay player of the NBA, says Calvary who lived inside the Cabinet.

"I’m a pivot of 34 years of the NBA. I am black. And I’m gay." Thus it became Jason Collins the first athlete in the history of the American MLB to openly acknowledge his homosexuality being active. Little more than one year after this announcement, the pivot announced its withdrawal from professional basketball after dispute over 800 games in the best League in the world basketball. In another exciting letter, Collins has told how it was to live 33 years being a person who was not. At one time I asked a question: what legacy I want to leave? What I want from life?. Collins decided to leave the Cabinet in an industry, professional sports, forbidden to libertarian proclamations of this style. In an environment dominated by alpha males, a step already in itself complex, becomes chimerical. ""I was afraid that my friends and family I rejected and feared much more that cast me from the NBA,"explains Collins in ‘ The Players Tribune". The player recalls a situation of many that had to live. You’re never with women, what’s going on, are you gay?, threw a companion on a bus ride. One of the last times before coming out, almost explodes. To get out of it, she told that recently he had been with a girl. The professional athlete of NBA life is a transfer of travel and weeks away from home in the endless tours. Summarized for purposes of interpersonal relations, they are groups of millionaires men between twenty and thirty years with money and women available for nightly adventure. "When we travel to a city, I always had excuses prepared to not leave. A visit to the casino or to see a college friend or a family member. Sometimes were truth, and others I was just watching TV in the hotel,"says Collins. In a League that is constantly exposed to the media, the pivot, who played in the Nets, the Grizzlies, the Timberwolves, the Hawks, the Celtics and the Wizards, recounts his double life, or rather the production of a script to represent a person who was not. "When you’re in the closet, you are all the time designing strategies. You become paranoid thinking that any word or action will remove everything", he says. "As trying to everyone around me was happy, I was left me more just". "I always had to be alert. When he went out to dinner with colleagues, I developed a special skill to turn the conversation from the personal life and bring it to basketball. After a while, people already sees you as the veteran who just likes to talk about basketball. Whenever I changed equipment, we had to rebuild the profile". Collins says that it was clear the history of your browser when visiting pages to engage on matters of the community equal gay and lesbian. During the lockout of the NBA, without balocesto, the situation became unbearable. Himself could only be with his dog. Was enough. I wanted to be free. After 33 years without telling it to anyone, I left the cupboard". First was a friend in Los Angeles, then his aunt, the who acknowledged that had always known it. His twin brother vase was the following. The person that more time had passed Jason in his life, stood in shock. "For the first time, he saw the real Jason. Now our relationship is better than ever." When he took the next step and made it public in Sports Illustrated after the 2013 season, Collins received support from different walks of life in the NBA. Even President Obama moved him his pride. His return to the League occurred several months entry next season, when the Nets recruited him. There began the career of a man who spent 33 years only concerned because no one knew who he was, and was the first athlete to openly acknowledge homosexuality in the United States while in active. "This will be great for society", said Kevin Garnett, one of the greatest icons of the modern NBA. After his career, Jason Collins leaves a Council for all persons living in the closet, publicly denying their sexual status. "What everyone who is in the closet should know is this: the people who truly love you, always going to love and help." It is a secret that I would have liked to know 33 years ago." . You must check the following http://c2ee9f0c4731afc8ac33bbbe13fbe1d5.slidenote.info to discover more regarding this interesting matter.