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The superkiller of people of Casale, the Director of the terror of spring 2008, Giuseppe Setola, has not been completely released, and has not abandoned its position held. It is an absolutely unfounded news, apparently the result of an expression used by unclear defendant connected in the morning in video conferences, during a process underway in Santa Maria Capua Vetere. Asked by Republic, on supposed new condition of the head of the terrorist wing of Gomorrah, the Chief Prosecutor in Naples, Giovanni Colangelo, offers a clear and resolute integration to news spread in the morning and that they had raised AWE and bewilderment, especially among relatives of the innocent victims of the heinous actions of blood has stained bristle, already sentenced to four life sentences. Just Bristle in the morning had said in the courtroom to be now in a secure location Colangelo added, in this regard: we are sure that the defendant bristle, that actually was transferred to a detention facility other than the one where it was until a few weeks ago and then in places that you can’t mention, has not expressed properly. The fact is that bristle, as well as the law stipulates, is a registrant which are carefully evaluate statements, and its location is at an intermediate stage of evaluation. Similarly, the national anti-mafia Prosecutor Franco Roberti driven, another former pm anticamorra trench of the Neapolitan Francesco Dda Curcio, adds: must be rejected inaccuracies or hasty conclusions. The defendant Bristle has just begun to provide a series of statements about crimes of which had not been previously accused: in this phase it was necessary to examine his every word and this usually avveine in a structure where the subject remains detained in all respects. Obviously any assessment will be accomplished within the time limits and according to the criteria established by law.   . Main data could be studied checking the following link.

The CEO of Apple Tim Cook was coming out.

Tim Cook, Executive Director of the American computer group Apple, has publicly announced his homosexuality Thursday, in a column published on the internet site of the magazine BloombergBusinessweek.  "I am proud to be homosexual, and I consider it to be homosexual as the greatest gift that God made me", he wrote. Tim Cook, 53 years old, worked for Apple for 16 years. He became CEO of Apple in August 2011, succeeding the deceased founder Steve Jobs, which he was until then the right arm. "Many colleagues at Apple know that I am gay, and that doesn’t seem to make any difference in the way they treat me" he said Thursday. "Everyone is not as much of a chance." he admits.  "If I’ve never hidden my sexuality, I have no recognized it publicly, until now, he acknowledges. "I do not consider myself an activist, but I realize how much I took advantage of the sacrifice of others. "So if hear the boss of Apple is gay can help someone who struggled to accept or provide support to someone who feels alone, or inspire people who insist on their equality, then it is worth exposing my own privacy", he explains. "Being homosexual gave me a better understanding of being part of a minority means, and opened a window into the difficulties that people of other minority groups face every day", he assures us yet. "This also gave me the skin of a rhinoceros, which is useful when you are the boss of Apple.". A multinational whose lower and movements are watched and commented.   . Similar facts can be found clicking reference.

Burkina Faso plunges into chaos – Burkina Faso plunges into chaos.

It took only a few hours to ensure that Burkina Faso has caught fire. And facing the wrath of the people, it is the regime of Blaise Compaoré that wobbles. The attempt by the president to revise the Constitution to allow him to seek a new mandate is at the origin of this revolt. It is 27 years that Compaore is in power. Since the coup of 1987, the head of State added two terms and then two periods, the last to be completed in 2015. But the president, who has anticipated this deadline, wanted to reiterate a recipe that already worked in 1997 and in 2000: amend the Constitution to remain in his post. And since the announcement of this project, October 21, Burkina Faso is a powder keg which ended up skipping this Thursday, October 30, day fixed for the vote on the draft revision. Compaoré opponents stormed the symbols of power: the National Assembly and broadcasting television of Burkina (RTB). The security forces were unable to prevent demonstrators from burning a portion of the Assembly building. The premises of the television equipment was looted. Members Burkina Faso, them, gave up the controversial vote. Cornered, Blaise Compaoré took first radical measures facing the ire of his people. The Government was dissolved and the State of siege decreed throughout the country. President, 63 years old, would be ready to talk with opponents. The demonstrators, they claim that a thing: the resignation of Blaise Compaoré. Free Kosyam (the Presidential Palace), they chanted. . Similar info can be found clicking http://b19b001b0290a20efac7ab8748b575d8.jantheiss.eu.

Ebola, studio Yale School: these four measures stop the epidemic.

Non-public funeral, quarantine suspected infections, isolation of cases, and better protection for health care workers: these are the 4 key measures that must be implemented simultaneously to stop the epidemic of Ebola in Liberia. To explain it is a study coordinated by Alison Galvani of Yale School of Public Health, published in the journal Science, which has encountered in one of the funerals of maximum spread of the virus at the beginning of the epidemic. Liberia is a West African country where the virus has claimed more victims. According to the latest Who data, in Liberia, there are 6. 535 contagions, 5. 235 in Sierra Leone and 1. 906 in Guinea, for a total of 13. 676 cases. In total there are approximately 5 deaths. 000. However, with a wide implementation, carried out with the utmost urgency, of 4 measures recommended by the World Health Organisation, you would get to control the epidemic in Liberia since mid-March. Given the lack of therapies and vaccines, it is important to immediately apply these measures of "non-pharmaceutical" type, the effectiveness of which has been assessed by the researchers with a mathematical model on the transmission of ebola virus, from which it has been seen that a single intervention alone is not enough. The number of new cases has declined but the who urges caution however, according to the latest figures, the number of new cases of Ebola in Liberia has declined, but it is still too early to say that the disease is under control. It said today the Deputy Director-General of the World Health Organization (who), Bruce Aylward. "The number of new cases decreased» in Liberia, told the press, inviting but Aylward caution to avoid that this figure could be misinterpreted" and think that the Ebola virus ‘ under control ‘. . Inspirational source can be found reading this resource.

Sub-Saharan Africa region of the world where it’s good doing business.

Asia has beautiful occupy headlined in most conducive to business, sub-Saharan Africa country won for its part the Medal of merit. A reward driven by five economies in particular: Benin, Togo, Ivory Coast, Senegal and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They are part of the Top 10 countries with the most progress between 2013 and 2014, according to the report Doing Business 2015 of the World Bank. For example, it took approximately 235 days in 2005 for a transfer of ownership in the least ranked countries, notably in Africa and Central Asia (Tajikistan, Afghanistan,.) and 42 days in the best States noted. Either 193 days of difference. This gap between the ends of the ranking is reduced between 2013 and 2014 to 62 days, the countries the most backward way to about 90 days of delays and 40 for the more in advance. Among this ranking of 189 countries, which would have changed a little according to the study, Singapore remains the economy the more business-friendly, before New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, the Denmark and South Korea. In addition to the Denmark, European countries are also represented in the Top 10 with Norway (7th) and Finland (10th). Doing Business also welcomed the resilience of the EU States most affected by the financial crisis, such as the Greece, the Italy, the Portugal and the Spain, who were able to maintain their pace of reforms to maintain a favourable business climate. . You must check the following resource to read more about this amazing subject.

Harasses girl and assaulting the girl, arrested.

last Tuesday inside the Park Trotter. In the afternoon he verbally attacked families who were on the site, then threw stones and branches against the present, finally grabbed a little girl in the neck and thrown to the ground. The little seven-year-old has no reported injuries. While coming calls for help come to the police switchboard, even from an elementary school that is located next to the site of the attack, the North African palpeggiato is removed and a girl of 21 crossed eritrea into an avenue of the Park. The girl managed to break free from the wall and ran away. A few minutes later the carabinieri della compagnia di Porta Monforte found the stranger-adjust and a precedent for damage (on Christmas night of 2013 8 hurt auto)-sitting on a bench and have him arrested. The military suggest that may have harassed and assaulted other people who have not yet submitted the complaint. . Related information can be inspected visiting resource.

Legislative in Ukraine – a true blow to Russian propaganda.

We must give a legitimate majority and a bit of stability to a Government in a State of war. The Russian aggression prevents reap the real fruits of the Revolution of Maidan. In theory, one could hope that the political class is more renewed after this revolution and emerging Maidan from figures more. Everyone recognizes that the president Porochenko faces a series of tests that is unprecedented for a head of State. But the Russian assault, this latent and sometimes open war, cannot justify not reforming the country in depth. I wanted to participate in this historic moment with my Ukrainian friends. As a citizen, it was a way to demonstrate European solidarity and our shared hope. As a journalist, I wanted to see if the provisional Government kept its promises in terms of transparency and regular polling. The last time that I had come to Kiev, it was just after the re-election challenged Yanukovich. There were a few events but so little hope to see democracy prevail on this regime sitting on corruption and that indulged every day. The months that followed, I saw many opponents, the Femen, but not only, to undergo a real witch hunt. When the revolt of Maidan started, I felt people said to be doomed to suffer the worst act, get back to breathe. As a French and European, see demonstrators confront negative temperatures water cannons and snipers to claim the right to self-determination and democracy at the European, allows us to realize the opportunity that we have, and that sometimes we forget. As a journalist, I have much supported this movement, even endure the attacks of Russian propaganda, which has its relay in France. There are several differences which take procedures inherited from the Soviet era and who are quite different from the method of voting in France. The first, are these very long to check reports and that unfold in the transparent ballot box, which does not really guarantee the confidentiality of the vote. In France, with a small envelope to put your newsletter inside it is both more private and much shorter for the recount. There is also this specificity of the mobile ballot box that will bring the electoral commission to the home of people not being able to move. While in France, a proxy system allows more control. Of course, these three developments terribly scare Russia, that will do everything to make them fail. And who will pay one way or another. For now, the Russian population admire Putin because she believes have found the old force. When the people will realize that the Russia resumed especially with his demons and what this war will cost him, attitudes will change and opinion will count its soldiers killed on a Front that it hid them and recall that prior to the war with the Ukraine by Putin, the Russians were living better. . For extended information about this subject click http://b19b001b0290a20efac7ab8748b575d8.jantheiss.eu.

The Paris Bourse is progressing through results of companies well welcomed.

The Paris Bourse was up on Thursday (+ 0.80%), driven by a few good publications business, which allowed him to ignore a speech a little harder than expected by the US Central Bank. At 09:30 (0830 GMT), the CAC 40 index was 33,04 points at 4. 143,68 points. The day before, he had completed almost stable (0.05%). The Parisian market was supported at the opening by publications of companies recognized by the market, in the image of Renault, Technip or Alcatel-Lucent. He was also confused by a slightly more assertive than expected of the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed), which concluded its meeting Wednesday evening. Markets have what be reassured by the exercise of communication, successful on paper, Fed, note broker Aurel BGC. Unsurprisingly, the Fed announced that it put an end to its program of repurchase of assets, while leaving interest rates unchanged, near zero. It promises to let these low rates for a considerable time but added that if the progress of inflation and employment are faster, a first increase in rates could intervene earlier is it anticipated. The Fed did not reference to fears about global growth while the market waited, more optimistic pretend on the market of labour and less worried about inflation, notes Stan Shamu, analyst at IG. For Saxo Bank, markets retain especially the reassuring discourse on the prospects of l? American economy despite many noticeable signs of slowdown in the global economy. Investors will also be able to verify the State of health of the U.S. economy, with the publication at 1330 the growth figures in the country for the third quarter the market will look also in the United States weekly requests for unemployment benefit (1:30). In the eurozone, several statistics will be to follow, in particular inflation for October in Germany. Are also expected the GDP for the third quarter and inflation for October in Spain. Among the values, Alcatel-Lucent flew (+ 13.36% at 2.32 euros) after having limited its net loss in the third quarter. TF1 soared (+ 5.42% to 11.57 euros), with a net profit and advertising revenues on the rise in the third quarter. Renault was supported by an increase of its activity in the third quarter (+ 4.68% to 58,18 euros). Technip was wanted (+ 2.22% to 56,70 EUR) after confirming its targets despite a drop in net profit in the third quarter. Bureau Veritas was 3.72% at 19.37 euros after seeing its growth accelerate significantly in the third quarter. Ingenico was 3.01% at 81.75 euros. The Group confirmed its target of growth in 2014 and noted that its operational profitability. Accor took 1.50% 32,21 euros after announcing a plan investment of EUR 225 million over five years to strengthen and develop its services and it infrastructure. Suez Environnement suffered (-2,02% at 12.89 euros). The group saw its turnover slightly decreased in the first nine months of the year. Steria was in sharp decline (3.85% to 15.50 euros) after launching a warning on results in a few weeks of the completion of its merger with its competitor Sopra (-6,13 per cent to 62.37 euros). EDF was down (0.20% to 22.96 euros). Seven French nuclear power plants, including one in deconstruction, have been overflown by drones in October, without impact on the safety or operation of facilities, learned Wednesday from the group, which filed a complaint. Auplata lost 2.91% to 1.00 euro despite a net loss reduced to EUR 2 million in the first half, against 4.5 million on the same period in 2013. Infotel was 3.96% at 20.50 euros after recording an increase of 12.5% of its turnover in the third quarter. . Original source could be found visiting the following url.

Google searches in the human body.

The clock is ticking relentlessly, as doctors begin to save their patients. An hour is them to dissolve the blood clots in the brain of the patient. Because they come up with conventional methods to the Blutschwamm, they sit in a submarine, leave it to the size of a micro-organism ‘ shrink, inject it into the bloodstream of patients and drive to the scene. There, they want to solve the constipation with a laser beam. The story of the science fiction film "Fantastic voyage" is short. The film is nearly 50 years old, and mix "scientific knowledge with utopian fantasies", ruled at the time this newspaper under the heading "Mish-mash". Now others are responsible for this blend, for example the American search engine company Google. The company has established even our own Department, which deals with nothing else. Google x research scientists with the pharmaceutical companies Novartis on a contact lens that you want to measure the blood sugar levels of the carrier, for example. A Google-X employees presented the latest project on Tuesday evening at a Technology Conference of the American newspaper "Wall Street Journal" – and it is not so far from the vision of the film: Google wants to bring nano-particles in the human body. There they should dock on cells, for example cancer but also heart disease at an early stage to identify and improve the chances of recovery of those affected. One of the challenges is to keep the particle at all for a long time in the body, and to filter out to the affected cells. In a second step, it comes out to draw the right conclusions. According to Conrad that could be done at some point with a portable device, which is one of the hooks and interpreted. The company consider both tasks but solvable, although there is yet no solution ready, the Google spokesman said. . You can read this blog to learn more about this great topic.

Mali: “violent attachment” between the French army and a terrorist group.

The French army, which launched on 1 August in the North of Mali operation Liza, has had a "violent attachment" with an armed terrorist group, akin to AQIM (al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb) on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, announced Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister of defence, this Wednesday.  "The fighting come ended," said the Minister from the House of Assembly.   "This night, as part of a planned operation against the jihadists in North Mali movement, a violent snap has opposed, in the massif of Teo, strength Liza a large armed group terrorist type AQIM. At the time as I speak, the fighting that took place in the Valley of the Ametetai come barely ended, yet detailed Jean-Yves Le Drian early in the discussion on the 2015 Defense budget MEPs.   Without giving further details, including on potential victims, Jean-Yves Le Drian welcomed on this occasion "the courage and the determination of our soldiers in the service of the security of our country," at a time where "our armed forces at the moment are on several difficult theatres for essential missions for our security. Composed of 3,000 soldiers, UNFICYP Liza (from the name of a dune) has replaced on-site operation Serval, which undertook missions from 2013 to mid-2014. She is involved in the fight against movements jihadists across the Sahel, in partnership with the five area countries (Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad). Less than a week ago, the France also announced an advanced force Liza in the northeast of Niger, neighboring country of Mali. It will install a military base to focus on ‘motorways’ of arms that descend from the South-Libya to northern Mali via Niger.   . Additional info can be found checking http://b19b001b0290a20efac7ab8748b575d8.jantheiss.eu.