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CDU Party Conference: Merkel sharply attack SPD.

Merkel called Declaration of bankruptcy for the SPD design claim involving the SPD on the left-led Government in Thuringia, Germany. That is the proud left people’s Party in the junior role places of incarceration, raise the question: how much will the SPD make smaller is actually still? Merkel drew a positive balance of the past nine years, where is the CDU on the Government. We have achieved a lot, she said, and totaled: strong middle class, unemployment below three million, increasing net wages, stable prices, lower pension contributions.   All this can be really and we made very much with this, Merkel said. The candidacy of a fight there in the chairmanship election. Eight candidates, including for the first time the 34-year old health politician Jens Spahn apply for seven places to be filled. The vote also the economic application of the CDU leadership is in the evening. Here a compromise on the subject of the dispute was agreed the day before at the last minute cold progression. . For additional information about this matter click home page.

Lucchini-Cevital, signed the agreement. Renzi: «Thanks to unions. “

Renzi: strategic industry is strategic Renzi expressed ‘ satisfaction and gratitude» of the Government "for the important agreement between subscribed today Cevital Lucchini and at palazzo Chigi. "This is a strategic acquisition, a great message for foreign investors and for the future of a key sector for tomorrow," said the premier, who has added: «Piombino is a piece of Italy’s future. The manufacturing industry is a piece of the future and not just the past. The opening to foreign investors is a source of pride for us. " Thanks to unions, but on stability law table is in Parliament Renzi underlined his personal gratitude to unions for the agreement. But reiterated no to cooperation when it comes to discuss measures like the stability law. «It may seem to you an oddity that this element of gratitude is expressed by myself-said Renzi after the signing of the agreement Lucchini-Cevital-but I do it very willingly because when it comes to reasoning on the merits of open disputes, we must discuss together. But when it comes to making laws of stability is good that discussed with the political forces and the Government. " . Related text can be found reading http://.

USA, Us embassies on alert for dissemination report on Cia torture.

WASHINGTON-The United States embassies, military units and other centres of interest Us are gearing up for possible security threats linked to the dissemination of the report of the Congress on harsh interrogation techniques by the Cia in secret facilities abroad, after the terrorist attacks of 11 September. The report of the Senate Intelligence Committee will be the first public account of the use by the Cia of those that critics have called torture on al-Qaeda prisoners detained in the black sites in Europe and Asia. It is expected that today the Commission will publish a synthesis of 480 pages of the report, consisting of more than 6,000 pages. There are some indications that the dissemination of the report could lead to an increased risk for structures and individuals Use worldwide, said yesterday the White House spokesman Josh Earnest. The Administration has taken prudent measures to ensure that appropriate safety precautions are taken in Use in the world. Army Col. Steve Warren, spokesman for the Pentagon, said there is certainly the possibility that disclosure of this relationship can cause riots and that therefore the commanders combatants have been ordered to take protective measures. U.s. officials who have read the report say it contains disturbing new details about the Cia’s use of certain techniques such as sleep deprivation, confinement in small spaces, humiliation and simulated drowning, known as waterboarding. The report argues that the tough interrogations did not produce unique information and able to save lives. This conclusion was challenged by current and former intelligence officials, including Cia Director John Brennan. The study also States that the Cia lied to her about the secret program to White House officials, the Justice Department and Congressional oversight committees. In the past, the President of the United States has acknowledged that We tortured people. Earnest said that regardless of whether the us have obtained important information on interrogations, the President thinks that the use of these tactics was unwarranted, that it was not consistent with our values and that we have not made safer. While the White House has made it known that welcomes the spreading of the summary, officials said they have concerns about the potential security threats that could follow. On Friday, US Secretary of State John Kerry asked the President of the Commission, the California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, to take into account the timing of dissemination. White House officials said that Obama was aware of the fact that Kerry had planned to raise the issue with Feinstein, but reiterated that the President continued to support the dissemination of the report.   . Additional text can be read clicking info.

Photos by Jessica Todd Harper: the short time that we call life.

At some point, Todd Harper began to photograph. After Interior exposure (2008) her second book is now available the home stage: he gives an insight into the center of an American family. Children’s toys on the floor, nursing mothers, a sleeping husband, a baby that is sticking to his mother. Moments of everyday life, of silence, of life. I show the domestic life that perceives no one, because everyone is so busy, says Todd Harper. And yet something is different here. The shots look like from another time. Todd Harper plays with the light and their objects as before her the great painters did, whose painting she looked always in the museums. They also give insights into the domestic, hold, how children play as adults relax, as families go. In contrast to the first book, the American has arranged most of the scenes in the home stage. Todd Harper says, as a mother, she had very much to do, she could not wait for the right moment for a good photo would finally be. For this reason she put the photos. Composition and light, they act like as if they were paintings by old masters. I copy the great painter not, says Jessica Todd Harper. At least not consciously. But if she develop the photos, then she was surprised herself again and again how much they resembled other paintings. At the beginning of their second book, Todd Harper provides three photos have been made decades ago. Todd Harper’s relatives are on them. This includes quotes from the Old Testament: what happened before and what will happen has happened previously. The book is about, what happens to us when we’re here – in the short time, until we die, says Todd Harper. Her photographs have a melancholic, sometimes almost oppressive. No one’s laughing on Jessica Todd Harper’s pictures, the family members look serious and thoughtful. Also the children. Todd Harper says they looked dreamy. In our culture, everyone laughs, especially children, they learn that when they are still very young. But if you see a child, that does not laugh, then that is something else. Then you just think something is wrong do not. Laughing children were a sign of public. But Todd Harper hunts to the Interior of a family, according to what is otherwise hidden outside. Family safety, says the photographer. She give the people a meaning in life. Meaningful relations would continue in eternity. Jessica Todd Harper it is important their children on the right path to bring, always there for them to be, no matter what happens. So how she learned it from their parents. . For additional facts regarding this subject check link.

Russia: five regiments of S-400 and twenty divisions of Pantsir-S in reinforcement by 2020.

Air defence is more complex: to face the strikes from the air and space, the Russia will use its air force to attack and other types of weapons for the offensive, as well as air defence systems and missile for the defensive part, said the Commander of the army of the Russian air Viktor Bondarev, written Tuesday 9 December the daily Rossiyskaya gazeta. The Russian Minister of defence has already made the necessary industrial program. It especially comes to design aircraft able to eliminate Hypersonic and ballistic missiles enemies. While researchers and engineers are working on the new features of military equipment, military fleet is modernized. According to experts, hunters Su – 35s and MiG – 35s arriving in the Armée de l’air are very close to the plane of the future because of their technical and offensive performance. But it is the T-50 fifth-generation aviation complex, currently in the test, which best meets these characteristics. However, the primary means of air and space defence remains anti-aircraft and anti-missile defence systems, in particular the complex ground-to-air S – 400 Triumph (NATO codename: SA – 21 Growler) and anti-aircraft systems Pantsir-S (NATO: SA – 22 Greyhound). Viktor Bondarev announced that by 2020 at least five regiments of S-400 and over twenty divisions of Pantsir-S will arrive in the Russian armed forces. The Russian Vice-Minister of defence Arkadi Bakhine yesterday explained the importance of this modernization. According to him, the world powers rely on the dominance in the air and space, in air and space operations intensive at the beginning of the war by striking strategic and vital country sites. . For extra insights about this subject check article.

Giulini blinda Zeman: Bad defense and a few diagrams in front, but the project continues.

Three consecutive defeats, the last two in front of the home crowd which expected the first victory. At Sant’Elia, instead, they felt the first of the season. Chievo involution was clear and direct confrontation the Brescia was awarded, which were square and concrete collective: overtaking mission accomplished, and now he licks his wounds from the third last in the standings. But in a stormy evening puts us face the President, who with great consistency and calm the troubled waters of the after match and renew confidence in Zdenek Zeman. Do not touch the Bohemian: it’s a special situation, but we have to come out all together. With a spirit of sacrifice and the body. The group is fantastic, cohesive, able to play on par with anyone. So Thomas Giulini, which does not spare criticism at coach: sure, there are problems, especially, defensive and offensive that is being defensive.  We take, we do not have efficient attack patterns and frankly, in the Italy Cup match with Modena, I wouldn’t have to players like Conti, Cossu, Ibarbo, Rossettini. But I don’t see the players during the week, will mister right.   The President is ready to again on the team and the technical project: If in January there will be tantamount to back. -explains Giulini-the company is ready to satisfy requests for Zeman, if there will be.  The person concerned Meanwhile thanks for the confidence and comments, with disappointment, the defeat of the Immaculate:. Like gray, piùn days before reporters even the old guard: for accounts and Cossu a race against a tough team when everything went wrong. Ma-insure-captain the team still believes in the project Zeman. . You should visit the following http:// to discover more about this interesting topic.

Safe, easy to reach and with a highly varied tourist offer. Some cities are particularly suitable for family tourism, attentive to the needs of adults and children rather than the Organization of fun for young travellers. From Vienna to an unsuspected Amsterdam, passing through the toys of Munich, a tour of the most family-friendly in Europe (edited by Lara De Luna) not only red light districts in Amsterdam there is much more. Exploring the canals in paddleboats and cycling you can discover a city on a human scale and ecological, where-though-don’t ever get bored. Many museums offer lovers of cultural holidays: from Anne Frank Museum at the NEMO Science Museum, passing by the famous Van Gogh Museum. Almost all are monuments to free admission for those who subscribed to the Holland Pass. Essential to a life at the Royal Palace. This residence, despite its name, is not the usual princely of the Netherlands: King William in fact lives in residence at the Hague. In the photo the Royal Palace. You can check this http:// to learn extra regarding this interesting topic.

Process in the Switzerland: he raped a journalist? Karl Dall denies everything.

This disc was a hit: I am the man you are dreaming of. Karl Dall recorded the single in 1990. They laughed at his facial expressions to funny rhymes: I’m the sin in person, the most girls know’s,. I’m no simple object of desire, which is under each blanket. There was the North German Blödel Bard 49. With 73, he made an appearance in court in Zurich on Tuesday. It’s no joke and Dallerei. The public prosecutor’s Office accuses him to have raped a journalist. Dall has vigorously denied this. He wants to fight for his glory: I will not go up as perpetrators of violence in the happy hunting grounds, he told the Bild-Zeitung. I will fight for it. Rape, prison is up to ten years in the Switzerland. Four days Dall was sitting in pre-trial detention. I was brought in handcuffs for questioning, he said. He was glad that it brings to the process, the cult comedian told Bild. Now, my innocence can be proved at last. Everything probably depends on, as the court what is happening in the night of the 5th on the 6th September 2013 in Dalls suite at the Zurich Hotel Renaissance Tower assessed. How Swiss media, citing the prosecution reported that the 43-year old journalist from Solothurn said she have consented although after a long, exhausting night, to sleep in the same bed with Dall. But clearly, she did that get sex out of the question. But the defendants did here is about it, soon that she was asleep. Despite opposition and supplication Dall was invaded three times she, wrote the newspaper of the Federal Government. Dall said there had been no sex. . Main data can be studied checking this http://.

Sunday work: therefore the Parisian right supports Macron and Fabius.

On the economic front, elect-supporters boast a thousand jobs just on department stores and 100 on Bercy-Village and in Chinatown. It is possible, then immediately create more than 10,000 jobs, has even said Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet this morning on Europe1. The Vice-President of the UMP as well think open the galleries Lafayette and Printemps Sunday, is EUR 130 million in turnover for the year. Figures that absolutely does not confirm Bernard Gaudillère, stating that patrons of the big names involved (the galleries Lafayette and Le Printemps, Editor’s note) we have not provided convincing demonstration, whether it is the effect on their turnover or of job creation that would result.   If the Parisian opposition is not favourable to transform Paris into Gruyère – promoting total liberalisation – it will stand well gladly behind Bill of the Minister of the economy. If one has to pass by a decree, it will be supporters of Fabius and Macron, says same Valérie Montandon. Who would have thought it?  . Inspirational facts could be read reading the following http://.

Renzi young Dem: 4 years We and secretarial term, we are here to change the country.

It is the first of four years that we will do together, the Secretariat and the legislature have to go together, says with a smile on his lips Matteo Renzi youths dem. We are here to change the country that those before us have failed to change. We have to take the land and returning it not only more beautiful, but simpler and more capable of believing, more able to get excited about. Grillo is back on tour-Cricket back to do his tour thanks to your, to our work. And that’s good for the show. Now they say that is not worth one more M5S one. But I dont think one worth one: each counts as others, but if each of you puts into play is worth far more, says Renzi. We use the party to big issues-who cares if one is renziano, civatiano or cuperliano, we use the party to tackle big issues and real and not to take a jump seat and become Member of the neighborhood and go on. Politics or is it passion or sadness, said the premier. . Original facts may be found clicking the following http://.