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++Wirtschaftsticker++ – report: investor wants to buy adidas Reebok.

The Chief Economist of the Bank for International Settlements (bis) warns of a new financial crisis as a result of continued loose monetary policy. "In fact we see the risk that the current monetary policy from a global perspective leads to threats to financial stability," said Claudio Borio, who heads the Department for economy and monetary policy, the "world". "The level of interest seems worldwide too low in the long term to provide price and financial stability", he complained. He spoke of "some excesses" in the markets and a situation that was similar to that before the financial crisis of 2008. There is the risk of dangerous bubbles both in threshold as in industrialized countries. "The volume of lending has increased, often accompanied by strong increases in real estate prices," Borio described a classic imbalance again to observe that in some States. In industrialized countries, which were particularly affected by the crisis, there was another phenomenon: "the risk appetite has since some time developed apart: while the financial markets until recently, high risks have been entered, is to observe the opposite in the real economy." Manager had used rather cheap money for acquisitions and share buybacks to invest. ” This is a clear signal that something is going wrong, Borio said. In financial markets investors had desperate for yields, which have resulted in very low risk premiums for securities and historically low volatility. Overall, the bis Chief Economist sees the banks obliged to pay attention more to the financial stability and the danger of excesses. . Main facts could be read clicking the following page.

Valsassina, incoming other 200 parking spaces to the Piani di Bobbio.

The winter season is approaching and we question the impact that the chasm of Cremeno could have on tourist flows of Piani di Bobbio (Car plans does not change anything). We are in Valsassina, in the province of Lecco, where last July has opened a chasm just right at the fork in the road that leads to Moggio (but for this town the road was restored) and left in Barzio and then at Piani di Bobbio. Behold, the chasm now prevents this left turn. Replacement path, arranged by municipalities, obliged to climb towards Moggio and after 1 km-to Cassina-to turn left to go to Barzio Cremeno via via the graveyard. But it is a one-way street alternated, regulated by a traffic light that winter weekends will produce inevitable code (although it is hoped that the timing of Red will be modulated according to the direction of favoring those in the morning is directed at Piani di Bobbio and in the evening back to the Valley). So why not make a temporary bridge over the chasm in care of military genius? It was the first advanced hypothesis-says the Mayor of Barzio Andrea Ferrari (in whose territory the Piani di Bobbio, ndr) dropped for economic reasons. Work on the arrangement of the road, the first batch, will start but will end no earlier than April ‘. According to the data in its possession, during the winter season the 90% of cars goes for another road, one of the Crowd, so the chasm should not create particular difficulties. Administrators, operators and Valsassina sporting are keen to see how the practice of skiing in Piani di Bobbio will improve thanks to the realization of the new chairlift Orscellera. One of the weaknesses of the ski resort located 50 minutes away by car from Milan, was in fact represented by queue that at peak hours they formed the chairlift Fortino where, in particular, passing all the fledgling children. Where there is a fast track to the masters, they ran the risk of making only a few rides. The Mayor explains that Ferrari to get money for the repair of the road the four communes involved (Barzio, Cassina, Cremeno and Bushel) will 10,000 euros each to get to 20% of the sum required for the realization of the first tranche of work-it is only 240 thousand euros-making the region put on their 200 thousand euros. To obtain this sum, the municipalities have taken to 60,000 euros allocated to install in a Valley security camera system in access to zone 4 (Balisio, the bridge, the road from Crowd Pasturo and the Climax), inevitably project postponed. Comment last year, at the bridge of the Immaculate arrived from Milan to the Piani di Bobbio several Chinese skiers bus that created some problems and were soon quota. This year-however there is a cold winter-for the bridge of 7-8 December there could be a bit more tail than usual, with inevitable trail of controversy. So the hope is that administrators and operators to make sure that in those days everything smooth wires. Personally, at the beginning of August, I witnessed a call in a facility of the Valley while a Lady di Milano disdiceva their holidays because she had heard of potholes in Valsassina. Hopefully not leave news in December that allarmino athletes. . Main source can be studied clicking this http://43366f1b3373e17556eeea.com-documents-classified.eu.

Study trip to Berlin: when was again the wall?.

She is tired. With their group she arrived only a few hours ago in Berlin, and because the train was late and the leadership in the DDR Museum was firmly booked, it was for her and her classmates from the hostel right next to the city centre. The Group of Dreizehntklässler is a total of nine days on study trip. First in Weimar and then in Berlin. Yesterday, they were still in the former concentration camp of Buchenwald. Today, they are already on the trail of the GDR. "The program is of course an excessive demand for the students", says even her teacher. Maybe Hancock chose also the DDR program, because he suspected that some of his students know not so much about the GDR. Where, although according to a recent survey by infratest Dimap, only every second German knows the date of construction of the wall? Who the movies "good bye, Lenin!", and "The lives of others" saw, was among his pupils already at an advantage, says Hancock. Because in contrast to the national socialism, which is included in the curriculum in high school, as well as in the Central, hardly a history course creates it until the building of the wall, not until the turn – not at the high school long G9 only. . Extended facts can be found checking http://43366f1b3373e17556eeea.com-documents-classified.eu.

Clashes against Bankitalia: 19 injured among the security forces.

BOLOGNA-Are more than 19 were injured yesterday evening, law enforcement officers engaged in Bologna in the two clashes with collectives antagonists, in Via Castiglione as he spoke Governor Bankitalia Ignazio Visco, and in Piazza Cavour and via Garibaldi in an attempt to break through and reach the presidio of Forza Nuova to piazza San Domenico. It is six carabinieri, prognosis between 2 and 20 days, and 13 policemen, between 7 and 12 for perforation of the eardrum. In addition to six weapon that military have reported bruises curable by 2 to 20 days, between the cops were variously bruised three officers and ten mobile departments agents of Bologna and Padua. A Senior Executive of the police, hit by a firecracker that exploded on the headband, reported a acoustic trauma and a treatable physical or mental suffering in 7 days. Another officer suffered a sternum has a seven-day prognosis, a Deputy Prefect added in 10 days to heal the severe bruising to right scapula. Three agents of the Department of Bologna: one suffered perforation of ear drum for the outbreak of a rudimentary, bomb damage that could become permanent. Another wound to the lip, five days, third, what remains on the ground unconscious had aroused loud alarm, ten days for acoustic trauma. Seven members of the Cabinet Department of Padua, prognosis of between seven and 12 days for bruises of various kinds in the limbs and torso. There were also injuries among the protesters. One of them was medicated on the spot by an ambulance. Are not known at the time the prognosis. While the Prosecutor Announces rapid investigations, as requested also by the prefect of Bologna, will take place already tomorrow the process for an interim order of protester stopped during the scuffles. Coinciding with the hearing is announced a solidarity strike starting at 10 for the immediate release of Teo and 11 o’clock. 30 a press conference to explain why the Bologna processes not anti-fascist. Will be processed Monday morning for emergencies-what you learned-the protester stopped and arrested yesterday by police on charges of resistance and injury to public officials, during the scuffles between social centres and law enforcement in via Garibaldi in Bologna. What happened yesterday in Bologna with clashes between law enforcement and social centers decided to challenge, first, the Governor of the Bank of Italy, Ignazio Visco, then reach a New force has nothing to do with the fact it is anti-fascism his denial: there is a serious abuse of drift and violence against which we must react firmly and without delay. This is what writes, in a statement, the Mayor of Bologna, Virginio Merola. Yesterday the city suffered a violent and unjustified aggression-notes-: law enforcement agencies have been subjected to premeditated and organized assaults once police and Carabinieri officers have reported only injuries to ensure law and order and the constitutional right to express their thoughts, as well as nor is it justifiable that the expression of dissent against Forza Nuovathat the city Gold Medal of resistance should not even find home, lead to urban warfare. I am confident that the judiciary will evaluate these crimes in their severity, to ask is the entire city. By the municipality, continues Merola, evaluate the conventions with the initials to be have been an active part in clashes yesterday, because it cannot be tolerated that the municipality has relationships with associations that engage in violence and lawlessness. Freedom of opinion has nothing to do with violence-says the Mayor of Bologna: I hope that the democratic forces of this city know involving citizens in expressing solidarity with law enforcement and firm condemnation of those who have committed this violence without justify them. The Prosecutor will, as always, concelerità and his firmness. Make sure the Prosecutor Bologna Valter Giovannini added. Paper bombs and bottle against workers in uniform have never solved any problem, admitted that someone among the protesters has dropped in the streets to demonstrate a real social hardship, says Garcia. About throwing paint and another against law enforcement wanted to humiliate them-then did not reach its goal. Because the faces of police officers without a helmet and with soiled uniforms express only so much dignity and composure. Going back to what happened yesterday, still says the Pm, seeing virtually live photos of the policeman lying on the ground unconscious, I felt a shiver of fear and dismay going with thinking many years ago and dramatic events that this city cannot take the risk of reliving. . For more facts on this matter visit http://43366f1b3373e17556eeea.com-documents-classified.eu.

Nicolas, the King of deception.

Nicol s arises in FAES, the fundaci n of the Popular Party, with his mother. A Quinceanera ero nothing t mido. They include his eyes clear and his attitude. A guy who is not afraid to meet Jaime Garc a.-Legaz, l think thank of your pp der mother sells it as a guy who is interested in the pol tica, good grades, one of the best of his generation n,. Francisco Nicol s G mez churches [Madrid, 18 April 1994] sees the light when Jaime accepts it. He begins to promise. First fill the rooms of top students from the best schools in the capital. It succeeds. Confidence is gained who, five to you after, is one of the Secretaries of State m s respected Rajoy of Government. At the same time, Frank, Fran, Frankie, Nico, Nicol s, Francisco Nicol s,. [names using your needs] manages to attend the King n proclamaci, dinner with personalities m important s of Espa and trading favors for businessmen. This week, with 20 to you, G mez churches, face of ni or surprises the agents who arrested him. How come chasing after months. Since it was learned that you negotiating agreements present ndos as Advisor to the Vice President of Government. Since they dared to dial the phone of the King. Two of September. Restaurant Combarro. Calle Reina Mercedes, Madrid. You re ne with Miguel Bernad, founder of the Union clean hands, and a businessman Curt s. It was about Affairs of State, again. Already before the summer you room to request a lawyer of the Organization to stop demand the Infanta Cristina. Now the volv to ask. E m s far, wants to withdraw the complaint against Jordi Pujol, since the lawyer of the former president also promise went to his aid. No, absolutely not, said Bernad. If CiU sinks, Esquerra climbs. It is best for the country, argued Nico. Francisco Nicol s operated from a shawl of four plants located in del Viso, one of the m s sides of the capital, in the calle Carbonero y Sol. Ten keys to this property valued at several million euros and 700 m2 of extension n. It always room to a filipino with a pistol that, sec n El Ni or was of the CNI. As one of the extorsionados features it. I’ve been in that shawl 20 times. It was full of c maras and always room to official cars, ensures a night providers master to. The truth is that Nicol s not dorm ah, but in the home of his parents located close Plaza de Lima. Also pernoctaba at home of his grandmother in Bravo Murillo. The LAD is gan the confidence of Arturo Fern ndez. He wanted to take advantage of the bad time that going through his financial Empire. Not le sac money because you don’t have to. He said that hab to inherited from her grandmother and who was going to invest. Arthur is the crey and mim but the money never arrived, says a close friend. I will say that I’m your nephew, it told the restaurateur. And Fern ndez responded: OK. The son of a dealer and an administrative as relative of one of the businessmen m s pol became monkeys and powerful in Madrid. Nicol s was that his mother was a secret agent. After count l was member of intelligence. When collecting cash dec a: money is going to lead to the CNI for safe est. The boss aware est,, His good star ahab this week. A police raid the caz: agents of the Polic to national have been arrested in Madrid a young 20 to you that allegedly staph 25. 000 euros falsifying reports of the National Intelligence Center. To the arrested also n charged a crime of usurpaci functions n p public and plates of the Guardia Civil and the Polic to Municipal de Madrid, as well as a rotating police have seized you. Two nights in forfeited to. During this period, if the lanz Carlos Mier in sensitive information the my Wednesday 15 October. The following d, confidential amp the news. Since that ma ana Apr to radio and television news. I am trending topic, I can not return to the University, said Francisco, who is studying in the prestigious Colegio Universitario de Estudios Financieros (CUNEF). . Extended information can be found checking http://43366f1b3373e17556eeea.com-documents-classified.eu.

Film about Nick Cave: unpacks a cannibal.

In the morning at seven the world is still in order, is. But this also applies to Nick Cave? Even for the rock star of the vintage travel alarm clock rings in the early morning, or at least cave wants to make believe on earth that us in the opening scene of his oscillating between fiction and documentation self-portraits 20 000 days. Wrinkled he drags himself in the bathroom, monologisiert from the off it: at the end of the 20th century, I ceased to be a human being. His voice sonorous, fucked up, despising himself and everything else: it’s nothing bad, it’s just so. I wake up, I write, I eat, I write, I watch TV. This is my 20 000 day on Earth. Years two ago, than the Meanwhile at the Sundance Film Festival award-winning British documentary filmmaker started shooting Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, Cave was just 55 years old and began work on his most recent album push the sky away. The film accompanies the Australians on a normal day in his adopted home of Brighton, where it becomes quickly clear that times and places in the quiet, stolid but never matter narrative hardly. Just as the truth. Who knows already has its own story, cave asks at one point. She doesn’t certainly make sense if we live in the middle of it. It is just a story, if we tell them and tell again. First we create the story of our lives, then we keep the story from, to dissolve in the darkness. Who on earth so hoped an illuminating portrait of the musician Cave of 20 000 days, that in fact evaluates whose biography marked with excesses and fractures – from the brutal beginnings with the birthday party over the years of drug madness in Berlin exile until the arrival of the worked, still demonic gentleman Chansonniers-, will be disappointed and instead encounters a more grandiose self-promotion. Whether it will quickly exchanges before driving with the black Jaguar on the next date a black jacket against the next, whether he thinks the psychiatrist about his absent father or eating Warren Ellis with friend and colleague whose Beach House eel stew – always cave retains control over said and shown. Pollard and Forsyth, which have worked with Nick Cave and the bad seeds on videos and short films were allowed to exhibit her conceptual work in the renowned Tate Gallery, choose for her portrait of a similar approach like Nicolas Roeg in his musicians films performance (with Mick Jagger) and the man who fell to Earth (via David Bowie): Cave of the own myth spins further, instead of journalism to be analyzed. What does not mean that it does not deep insights and even exposures. Most of the time I feel like a cannibal, cave says about his life with mid 50, like one from a cartoon with his thick lips, silly hair and a bone through his nose, always on the search for victims, to cook them in the pot. His wife Susie, she only briefly to see of them could sing a song: most often is the one who cooks, so cave: as between spouses married since 1999, there is an agreement, a Pact, according to which every secret and sacred moment there is between man and woman, cannibalized is ground up and spit out at the other end in the form of a song, bloated and distorted. And monstrous. His two teenage sons, the twins Arthur and Earl, come in the narrator’s meat grinder. In a theatrically staged sequence, they sit with the pizza-munching cave on the sofa, like Daddy in black suits dressed, and watch Brian DePalma drugs and Scarface’s orgy of violence. With – fiction – archivists, extracting a Pocket cave in old photographs and remembers his Berlin attic, where you could – are unsustainable and the neighbors in the attic, who had decorated his apartment with Christmas decorations. In between soulful Studio performances of new songs, intense live performances in London and Sydney. So a picture of the world, from the cave draws his abysmal, brooding songs such as the meandering version everything, explanatory no Higgs boson Blues forms. I create a world, a world full of monsters and heroes, told cave. It is an absurd, crazy, brutal world anger people rush in and God actually exists. The more I write, this world becomes more sophisticated and detailed, and all the characters that to live, die, or melt away, are only crooked versions of myself. . Original facts may be read reading the following page.

Lost denture Giusy Versace, between heels, faces serious (and smiles) Video.

"MOM, the first time with heels!!!". Giusy, happiness is made by person, throws a light DART at mother, in the audience, the supports with his gaze. It is with affection that Giusy closest wants to share a conquest arrived after so long and terminating a wound, extraordinarily significant, which opened when after returning home from long hospitalizations, without legs, amputated by a goddamn guard rails, he approached a closet full of beautiful shoes heels, that obviously not served anymore. She is Giusy Versace. On his debut on dancing with the stars, remains speechless by an enveloping audience that understands that there are more difficulties in using prostheses, and applauds of admiration for the dual skill, though moved. Her incredulous and happy, only manages to say "wow!" every time you search the words to give voice to his emotions. Search maternal Sidekick Milly Carlucci to relieve the tension. And even amid the tears, never stops smiling, his eyes before that with his mouth. Spark, even more of the fringes and sequins of his put it, still capable of wonder, like children. Has it made: "I want a swimsuit like that of cha cha I had Saturday, no one noticed that I had two fake legs" (workout video here). But the excitement has the upper hand because of the heels. The first time with heels, after the incident. It is the closing of an inner wound never healed (here’s what combines video). Of course, so it seems a fairy tale retold, whose protagonist is a girl from the famous surname, conscious of their privileges; the lightweight context of Saturday night television does the rest. It takes so little because the presence of Giusy Versace to dancing with the stars unleashed controversy within the world of disabilities. But would really frustrate this demeaning human experience and that television, as well as the production of the program, both the Versace herself, can offer a country that is increasingly a creeping form of racism that invests all socially weaker, as always happens when there is a severe economic crisis. That is also why I think it is worth pausing to reflect. To find new ways to communicate disability through a powerful media such as television, to take the pulse of what really perceives it, platitudes aside. Personally, then I write to do justice to a great and forward-looking, our journalist Claudio Arrigoni that known the experience of Amy Purdy, American Paralympic champion of snowboarding (also her without her legs, amputated below the knee after a meningitis), to Dancing with the stars (the American dancing with the stars: see here the movie) advocated, not timeframe suspects, Italian participation (here an article). Coincidentally, the national Pta has debuted with a cha cha cha dance himself, Amy and almost the same set (here the movie Saturday, 4 October). I wonder if Alicia will dance showing her prosthesis as did Amy (a movie). And who knows if the public will continue to support that right-thinking it’s all found the production to increase the audience: nothing can be more offensive against Giusy che fa sound effort to participate, giving weight to a Saturday night show. Of course, much will depend on the attitude of the judges, from how to speak of disability. It is not mandatory to find high phrases every time you judge Giusy, or express deep thoughts. People with disabilities like to have fun. But there has already been an evolution: after 10 data on wave of emotion in the first episode, it is passed to the bravest 7 and 8. Good, judges! Sin too much seriousness in the faces of the judges and audience. It’s very funny the contrast between the open smile of Giusy and plaster other faces. Not a standing ovation with the faces series, not to give in to emotion. Come on, you can smile, even through the tears! I don’t think Giusy be offended if we moved to her performances. She knows, like all people who live or own a disability of loved ones, that people around are almost always unprepared and in good faith; "ignorant" in the literal sense, often embarrassing in front of the disability and do not know how to behave. And fear of offending, even despite themselves. To them just a reassurance: common sense, until you take the measure of people’s disabilities. Laugh and smile with them. And accompany them, if they wish, when there is need for companionship. Without tragedies as if you had disabled most of persons with disabilities. And acting with humility, which is not synonymous with weakness. Far from it. Meanwhile, those who wish to enjoy fully a moment of lightness; and smile with those while doing so much effort, to smile never ceases and transmits great energy and pass all evil thoughts. At least for a while. . Similar information can be inspected checking link.

Synod, ill will and hostility between the prelates: Francesco worried.

Imprudence. This was considered the publication of the report followed the first week of the Synod: that which contained the openings to divorced and remarried and homosexual. When he saw the text Osservatore romano and the future, the Pope expressed his concern about the impact that would have. Fear founded. The impression given to bishops and Cardinals was that it was not a document to study and discuss, but an anticipation of the outcome of the meeting. The «paper» Synod ended so to stretch a mortgage on the «real» Synod, giving a distorted picture. And have taken the reactions. The idea that the extraordinary meeting by Jorge Mario Bergoglio could end with a referendum between ‘ innovators ‘ and ‘ conservatives ‘, and with the victory of the first was foolish and misleading. The resistance emerged in seven of the ten commissions (the so-called ‘ smaller ‘ Clubs) against the aperturiste thesis advocated by German Cardinal Walter Kasper, were a clear signal. Have confirmed just how complex and diverse reality of the Church in matters of family; and how attempts to piegarne the addresses must reckon with refractory bishops to jump and at doses of novelty too massive. Proved to be inadequate and reductive the same division between ‘ old ‘ and ‘ new ‘. The attempt of Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, chosen by Francis as Secretary of the Synod, to avoid that the reports of the "Clubs" were made public, raised for the paradox even more ill will. Cross also geographically ill-feeling. Facing a silent Pope, as usual, was his "Minister of economy", the Australian George Pell, a solid conservative, the ringleader of those who got a choice of ‘ clarity ‘. And behind him were deployed South African openly Wilfrid Fox Napier, Archbishop of Durban; the American Raymond Burke, the Syrian Patriarch Gregory III Laham and of Jerusalem, Fouad Twal, the Frenchman André Vingt-Trois, the Archbishop of Parinìgi, the Italian Rino Fisichella, Briton Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster. And the speaker of the Synod, Cardinal Péter Erdö, primate of Hungary. In the end, to unlock the situation is due to the Vatican Secretary of State, Piero Parolin, careful to mediate and explain that the summaries of reports submitted by «Clubs» were published. His speech has played down the tension that had accumulated. Only partly, though. At this point, the problem is not filed. Indeed, it seems intended to project about the coming months, which will precede the Synod itself. And is likely to feed the Fronde against a Pope determined to engrave in the mindset and course of action of the Church. The fact that Kasper has tabled its proposals as if they came directly from Francis ended up overexposing Bergoglio. And allows opponents to argue that instrumentally the setback which have taken place in the Synod would also be a papal defeat: as if the denial of «Kasper» line could be considered an act of distrust toward Francis, symbolically put in the minority. Forcing is a farfetched, but it’s the interpretation that the episcopacy was hostile to the Pope’s attempts to reform credit. In fact, the decision to make transparent debate reflects his willingness and his approach. And the animated discussion, at times bitter, it seems translating that willingness to shake the Catholic Church and subtract it to self-reference, typical of the Argentine Pontiff. The problem is that the debate took an unexpected turn and probably not intentional. The method with which they are followed interventions proved to be difficult to govern. And communication strategy has proved to be not free from flaws. At times he has prevailed a sense of confusion. The spotlight turned on obsessively about divorced or civil unions have ended up crushing the attention only on those issues; and played a very Euro-centric vision of the universe, familial, overshadowing other issues keenly felt in Africa, Asia or the United States. Irritation as the works were held was not only cold to Cardinals Francesco as Burke. The same Archbishop of New York, Timothy Dolan, one of the major constituents of Bergoglio in Conclave, wouldn’t have liked the proposals of Kasper nor the way in which they were presented. The reason is that by tomorrow the prelates to attend are back in their dioceses; and explain to the faithful as it really happened, and why. For an American, the episcopate engaged for years to assert the defence of "non-negotiable values", the setting that was prevailing before they sprang up critics, creates some embarrassment: a discomfort that winds among some Italians and poles. The risk is that it accentuates the Vulgate of Pope and Church reformer resistance; and therefore a Pontificate that can’t ‘ convert ‘ their own bishops. The result would be to pass the thesis that in fact nothing is really changing. and to disappoint both those who expected net news, both those who defend rocciosamente doctrine. The prediction of the men closest to the Pope is that eventually it will record a nearly unanimous consensus against Bergoglio; and that you will understand better how much behind the discussions there is its Director, with the choice of leaving talk all freely and have a picture as possible of currents of thought and moods. Of course, it cannot be said that it was a trivial or obvious Synod. Turned out really "extraordinary" beyond all expectation. But the feeling is that it’s also escaped a bit of hand, highlighting the Vatican Government problems and the difficulty of finding the right people. The Synod was the first ‘ collective ‘ showcase second-year Papacy: that where she was exposed to and measured the depth of the reforms of Bergoglio. The result could be another of the ‘ Polyhedra ‘ dear to the Pontiff: unequal geometric shapes, in which the diversity you weld in an upper unit, and indeed help to create it. The diversity in the Synod are clear, the drive is still taking shape. Francis is a Pope who has shown great skill in changing the paradigms of Vatican power, enjoys immense popularity; and view some limit on the Government’s plan. Perhaps because it comes from Latin America, where the Church is somewhat imprecise, it builds itself in experience, you do not see only the custodian of tradition, ‘ says a Jesuit. Already now, sotto voce, ‘ are critical for Buenos Aires ‘ model that led to Rome: a mixture of popular religious feeling and impatience for the rites of the papal court. Not only. The mandate received from the Conclave is to unravel the Vatican structures that have contributed more, in view of the Bishops ‘ conferences worldwide, to ruin the image of the Church. But in the Synod arose a more subtle criticism, long whispered: that allowing a wing of Catholicism too "liberal interpretation" of the doctrine. It was the fear of widening doctrinal flaws to provoke the uprising against the openings to divorced and remarried and homosexual. Are themes that the West focused on individual rights feels very; other bishops much less, as are most dramatic challenges. Bergoglio sa having to reconcile these values with the European and Italian heritage. But it needs time and fear of not having enough to not leave things half way. . Related data can be inspected reading http://43366f1b3373e17556eeea.com-documents-classified.eu.

Hong Kong: 26 arrests after clashes between police and demonstrators.

Twenty-six people were arrested in clashes between the Hong Kong police and demonstrators pro-democracy attempting to resume a protest site dismantled the previous day by the authorities, police Saturday said. The protesters, who were up to 9. 000 around 03:00 local (Friday 19 h 00 GMT), were able to again occupy a main track from the densely populated Mongkok district on the mainland part of the former British colony. Fifteen police officers were injured in the clashes, said police in a statement. The forces of order, who had dismantled the camp the day before, attempted to repel the demonstrators equipped with umbrellas to protect themselves from the pepper gas and batons, but fell back to Sunrise, the cheers of the crowd. Activists rushed to raise barricades, while thousands of others would sit to block the way. This new night of clashes may compromise a little more return to the dialogue proposed by the local Government to students, spearhead of the attack, to put an end to the blockades. These blocks in place since September 28 have greatly disrupted activity in Hong Kong and political daily life of more than seven millions of inhabitants of this semi-autonomous territory enclaved in the extreme south of China, which is experiencing its most serious crisis since its handover to China in 1997. . Main data may be read checking this http://43366f1b3373e17556eeea.com-documents-classified.eu.

Mexico detains ‘maximum leader’ cartel warriors United.

However, the Mayor of Iguala, José Luis Abarca, and his wife, identified as potential heads of the order that led to the attack on the fearfully and that triggered the massacre, continue in unknown whereabouts. The State Governor, Angel Aguirre Rivero, a politician who campaigned for 30 years in the PRI until 2010, he decided to switch to the PRD, a formation that is defined on the left, to compete for the mandate of Guerrero, dismissed his Secretary of health for alleged links with covers. Also mentioned, with petitions calling for his resignation, as if that will resolve the case, he would retire. But he has made it very clear that this is not the case and that he enjoys the backing of his people. I got to the State Government by a large majority of the popular will, and I will not move my line to find alive a missing young people, said in a radio interview Tuesday. . For additional data on this matter check url.