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Terrorism: what to remember the speech by Manuel Valls to the Assembly.

The speech is qualified as exceptional by its length, 40 minutes, its content , and unanimously that has collected . To the left and right, all members , except those of the National Front , rose on Tuesday to cheer Manuel Valls , the Prime Minister at the end of his speech in which he paid tribute to the 17 victims of the attacks of the week last , killed in and around the premises of Charlie Hebdo, Montrouge and the Hyper Hide Porte de Vincennes . Earlier , the President of the National Assembly Claude Bartolone had also paid tribute to the victims and asked members to observe a minute of silence , after which they sang the Marseillaise.ALSO READ >> striking scene in the Assembly: all members sing the Marseillaise >> Live: No emergency measures contrary to law and valeurs► The annoncesAvant égrainer of its ads , Manuel Valls , like Claude Bartolone little before him, reiterated that France was at war , but not against religion , not against Muslims, but the war against terrorism, jihadism and radical Islamism. To fight against these threats, Manuel Valls was then distilled ideas, measures the slopes.While stating that we will adopt exceptional measures , but we never adopt exceptional measures at variance with the principle of law and values. One way to close the ban on those claiming a Patriot Act in French , called the United States of draconian by his opponents . – Strengthen the internet control : I gave eight days Interior Minister to make me proposals including Internet and social networks, which are used more than ever [ , . ] To take action . – Increase monitoring : We will launch aerial surveillance of suspects, the PNR system [ . . . ] I solemnly called the European Parliament to take the full measure of the situation and to vote this measure we are calling for two years. We can not waste time. – Identify terrorists: Manuel Valls spoke of creating a file of persons convicted of terrorism or combat group members with the reporting obligations as their home.- Manuel Valls mentioned the creation of specific areas for jihadists in prison by the end of 2015, in the image of what is being experienced since the autumn of 2014 in Fresnes prison , near Paris . Objective: To limit the radicalization of other inmates. – Strengthen intelligence : We must regularly strengthen services in charge of domestic intelligence and counter jurisdiction. ► The sentences fortes- The terrorist threat still present : not only the threat is always present and is not only related to acts of last week ; serious and very high risks remain.- The Jews of France have their place in France: Let us say to the face of the world without the Jews of France , France would not be France. How can we accept that in some schools , we can not teach what the Holocaust? [ . . . ] When one attacks the Jews of France , we attack France and the universal consciousness. – Valls gun Dieudonne, preacher of hate : Shame to see a repeat of hatred keep his show in halls crowded at the same time on Saturday night , the Nation Porte de Vincennes is collected after the attack against the supermarket kosher.- I do not want any Jews who may be afraid or Muslims who may be ashamed. – Blasphemy will never in our law. . Additional info can be found visiting site.

A new Jurassic sea monster found in Scotland.

For fifty years, his bones were quietly remained stowed in a cabinet Hunterian Museum in Glasgow. A funny sea monster comes to the day the country of Loch Ness. A team of British scientists, Belgian and Chinese announced that four fossils found in 1959 on the Isle of Skye, Scotland , came from the back of the wing , tail , and a tooth of an animal up here unknown : a new ichthyosaur , a type of marine reptile there appeared 250 million years ago and disappeared 90 million years .This work is published on 13 January in the Scottish Journal of Geology . For Scotland, it is a scale event. The proof of the existence of these marine vertebrates in the country had never been reported so far , while England , she had specimens for over a century. The animal is thus seen anybody wear a surname flagship : Dearcmhara shawcrossi , the first word meaning lizard marine Gaelic (pronounced " Jark vara ") , the second tribute to the discoverer of the fossil, Brian Shawcross .A few weeks after the defeat of the independence referendum , the discovery of almost take revenge. Half dolphin, mid- crocodileMais beyond the local event , and even if the dinosaur fossil discoveries , reptiles and other prehistoric turtles have multiplied in recent years, this identification provides important facts to the attention of wildlife old . "First it’s a new species ," insists Stephen Brusatte , of the University of Edinburgh, first signatory of the article.The upper fin ( Ichthyosauri had four ) show a particular frame with at the same time a triangular shaped end , and a large trough on the surface of the bone quite unique. "This is probably related to a different musculature. Maybe something that allowed him to swim faster , even if we must remain cautious about the interpretation. " Mid- dolphin , half crocodile by its looks , the animal hunted , to all appearances , fish and other small reptiles in warm seas of Scotland at the time.The marker of transitionLe paleontologist especially emphasizes the importance of the discovery from a historical standpoint . "At the beginning of the Jurassic reptiles were small and primitive . At the end , they are both larger and more sophisticated . But when the transition began when she was finished , we do not know yet , "said Stephen Brusatte . The relatively small size of Dearcmhara shawcrossi – 4.20 meters , even – and his character evolved to the conclusion that there are 170 million years , the transition was underway.Launched in large census program of all fossil of the country, the Scottish paleontologists intend to continue their business. They appealed to private collectors so they come to feed the "national heritage". Until then, not sure the fine ichthyosaur come to replace the Scottish thistle as a new emblem. . Original source can be studied clicking this http://.

Fran & ccedil ; ois Baroin and Xavier Bertrand pr & OCIRC ; NEET the return of national service.

Xavier Bertrand spring one of its proposals. With the tragic events in France in recent days, the Aisne MP returns to the microphones to defend the idea of ​​a return of national service. Guest of Europe 1, he considers that "the military training makes sense ." "Many young people do not know what it means commitment to the service of the Nation ." It offers military service "at least three months, which may be extended for those who would wish ."" On this basis we can establish a compulsory national service. Girls and boys, and not optional . " He imagines a service " with a uniform ", "no vocation to be called by the military, but with military training ." The former minister denies being nostalgic . But he sees this time of formation of youth " a melting pot ". "Everyone finds himself without a difference ," he considers . " That’s where we learned to live together .Also with a discipline rules . " Since he is a candidate for the nomination of the UMP for the next presidential election, Xavier Bertrand has already had the opportunity to make this proposal. In October, he indicated to the point want to " reinforce the learning of life in society, republican values ​​." "This major expenditure is required. Needless to continue to pretend with volunteerism and community service , "he considered . Baroin offers an eight- month tour since 1996 and a decision of Jacques Chirac, there are no more in France of compulsory military service, with professional armed forces .He was replaced by the Defence Preparation Call Day ( JAPD ) then by the defense and Citizenship Day (JDC ) . Xavier Bertrand is not the only one in his camp to defend that idea. Baroin , senator and president of the mayors of France , known in Eastern Lightning "to the establishment of a national service delivery suitable for men and women , for a few months , which would revive a programming policy ". For him , this could take the form of eight months of compulsory service to a certain age classified bringing 250 .000 young men and women, with compensation for those pursuing studies. For the state, it would cost 4 billion euros . Asked about the issue, the Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian is reserved . " Not sure it matches the threat today," Tuesday on Europe- he says 1. "We have chosen a professional army , and it is clear , given the risks we face, it takes a professional army . " . You should check this hyperlink to discover extra on this interesting subject.

A front left & aacute ; from Thursday steep drops in temperature Andaluc & iacute ; ay snow serran & iacute ; to East .

SEVILLA , 13 ( EUROPA PRESS) The passage of a front in the autonomous community of Andalusia leave important decrease in maximum and minimum temperatures in the autonomous community of Andalusia from Thursday and rainfall that will translate into snow in Sierra Nevada and the part more East of the Sierra de Segura de Jaén . The spokesman of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET ) in Andalucía, José María Sánchez- Laule , he explained to Europa Press that the declines will be up to six seven degrees at maximum , from values ​​that reach 20 degrees Celsius to about 12 to 13 below zero in thermometers and minima many points in the region.While these thermal conditions are maintained throughout the weekend , it is expected that rainfall associated with the passage of this front does not go beyond the next Thursday 15 and Friday 16 January . The part most affected by the rains will Guadalquivir Valley and in general , all the western zone. For the weekend weather tendency is of improvement with regard to rainfall , although Sánchez- Laule stressed that the drop will remain in thermometers , which will be felt particularly sharply in places such as Malaga and Sevilla where temperatures are relatively high.( EuropaPress ) Topics State Agency of Andalusia Sciences Meteorology weather information on weather events Málaga Forecasts Sevilla . Additional info can be read visiting http://.

The yellow lasts 3 seconds? The fine is legitimate .

Three seconds could cost from 150 euro to 216 euro and 6 points of the license . This is the duration of the yellow light of the traffic light , or rather , the minimum limit of time beyond which the fine. This was decided by the Supreme Court in a ruling that confirmed that in those three seconds the driver enough time to decide whether to stop or not . It must be said that the Highway Code does not provide explicitly for a minimum of yellow, but says that with that light cars can not go beyond the checkpoints of the arrest , unless you are located so close that he could no longer restrain safely .We should add , however, that a Circular of the Ministry of Transport states that the minimum duration of the yellow can never be less than three seconds, which is exactly the time to stop a car traveling at 50 miles per hour . . For extra information about this subject visit http://.

Navas praises Christian and is optimistic for the butler derby Thursday .

Madrid, Jan 13 ( EFE ) . – The Costa Rican Keylor Navas praised his partner Cristiano Ronaldo after scoring his third Ballon d’Or and FIFA was optimistic about the derby Thursday , corresponding to the return of the second round of the Copa del Rey, where the Real Madrid need to overturn a 0-2 against Atletico . He deserves it . I think Christian is the worthy winner because he has worked hard for this. In each training proves to be the best in every game and is always striving , scoring goals and helping the team , said Costa Rican goalkeeper told bookmaker bwin , one of the sponsors of the club .Keylor Navas , who will again be the choice keeper chosen by the Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti for the butler party, was convinced that the team will succeed and that this test will pass . We are trained , both coaches and players, to make a serious party . We are all aware of what this game means to us and to our fans said . We need the fans are with us , support us and come to the stadium , because we will give our 100 % to win this match , he said.For Costa Rica , the return of Fernando Torres with Atletico Madrid means nothing special : There will be more careful in either , and we will take them all equally . We want to win the game and make the necessary arrangements . Regarding the possibility that the tie will have to solve in the penalty maximum penalties if Real Madrid wins 2-0 , Keylor Navas was shown fully confident that colleagues can mark their releases and God given the opportunity stopping a penalty to win.( EFE ) Topics Carlo Ancelotti Club Atlético de Madrid Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo National Cup Fernando Torres Spain Europe Keylor Navas Football Real Madrid Club de Fútbol. Original data could be read reading the following http://.

France has 66.3 million inhabitants.

January 1, 2015 , France has exactly 66, 3 million residents, including 64.2 million in France and 2.1 million in the overseas departments including Mayotte. In the single year 2014, the population of France increased by 300 000 people , an increase of 0.4%. The year was marked by a steady but still dynamic birth ( 813 000 births ) and fewer deaths than in previous years ( 555 000 ) . The latest demographic report compiled by INSEE is instructive .For example, France is the second most populous in the European Union countries , concentrating 13% of the European population , behind Germany (15.9%) . Life expectancy continues to grow As for life expectancy , it is again on the rise in France , standing at 85.4 years for women (up by 3.6 years over twenty years ) and 79 2 years for men ( 5.6 years in twenty years). Importantly, over the issue of pensions , life expectancy at age 60 also increased ; women can expect to live 27.7 years and men 23.1 years , up respectively 2.7 and 3.4 years over 20 years.The number of older people progressing If we go into detail by age group , France account (including Mayotte) 16.3 million under 20 years , 33.6 million between 20 and 59 years (ie 200 000 less than a year earlier ) , 4, 1 million 60 to 64 , 12.1 million aged 65 and over which 6.1 million over 75 years . Note that twenty years ago , only 3.6 million residents had more than 75 years . Besides, this category represented there 20 years 6% of the total population against , . 9.1 % currently. Conversely, always between 1995 and 2015 , the share of less than 20 years increased from 26.4% to 24.7% . 17. 000 same-sex marriages Finally, the number of marriages increased slightly last year ( 2 400 more ) . 241. 000 were celebrated , including 231 000 people of different sexes and 10. 000 same- sex (up 2 500 compared to 2013). In total, between the promulgation of the law opening marriage to couples of the same sex ( May 2013 ) and December 2014, more than 17 .000 same-sex marriages were celebrated , 54% were men . . You should read the following http:// to learn extra on this amazing matter.

The year with a second longer .

It is estimated that the delay of our planet than the atomic clocks could be an hour every thousand Annila reform gregorianaAll’epoca the reasons for a decision so dramatic were eminently religious , related to the calculation of the dates of Easter and Holy Week . Already in 1267 Roger Bacon had warned that because of the inaccuracy of the Julian calendar sooner or later it would be finished to celebrate Easter at Christmas . With the bull Inter gravissimas of February 24, 1582 , Pope Gregory XIII Reform calendar and decreed , with revolutionary decision , that the day after Thursday October 4, 1582 was Friday 15th October.The world was a leap forward in time of ten days , recovering at once the delay in 1. 500 years. Protestants put us a lot ‘ of time ( more or less a century and a half ) to adopt the Gregorian calendar . Orthodox Russia waited until 1918 , and Greece even 1928. In Catholic countries there were riots shouting Give us back our ten days !, while Protestants were screaming Give us back the days that the pope and the devil they stole !. Among the rumors were that the reform of the calendar would disorient migrating birds , prevented the maturation of crops and even caused disturbance in the motion of celestial bodies .Other than the fears of today , for a single second . . Root source could be studied visiting this http://.

Marsi, 100 years ago the devastating earthquake .

A hundred years ago one of the most devastating earthquakes in history devastated the area of ​​the Marsi in Abruzzo , announced in previous days by strange phenomena , which were not understood by the local population : flammable gas that flowed from the land and waters of the ponds and wells suddenly become hot in the surroundings of the small town of Trasacco . At 7:52 am on January 13 came the first shock ending , which reached magnitude 7 on the Richter scale and struck Avezzano , Ortucchio , Pescina , then spreading into the valley toward Bush and the basin of Rieti .In the photos the show terrifying that Admiral J. Lansing Callan Ba before arriving with his car in Avezzano . The images , donated by the heirs of Admiral at the bottom of the US Geological Survey , have been brought to light by the Canadian scholar Ernesto Salvi , a native of Abruzzo and published in 2011 by Paul Lo Russo on the Facebook page dedicated to the Marsi ( J. Lansing Callan / Courtesy US Geological Survey ) . For extra about this matter click source.

Terrorism and immigration, the contortions of Sarkozy.

Terrorism and immigration. While leaving Marine Le Pen responsibility for his obscene shortcuts, Nicolas Sarkozy always manages to suggest that the two issues would be well linked. Certainly not in a cause- effect relationship , but in a "complicated" relationship he has tried to explain RTL in the wake of the huge Republican running for the victims of killings and Coulibaly Kouachi brothers. He had held the same double standard in March 2012, after the crimes of Mohamed Merah in Toulouse and Montauban.All his concern to "tell it " by addressing the problems that the angelic left refuse to appoint Nicolas Sarkozy warned on Monday against amalgams that could " switch to the national struggle between people who are Muslim "and have" nothing to do "with what happened. But , he was quick to add , "The issue of immigration complicates things ." How? Immigration " creates the difficulty of integration , integration difficulty creates communalism and sectarianism leads to targeted problems ."QED . March 26, 2012 , four days after the death of the " killer scooter ", the former head of state who then was beginning his presidential campaign responded to the remarks " outrageous " of its competitor Marine Le Pen : "Saying immigration equal Mohamed Merah who was born in France, it makes no sense , " had he indignantly . The day before, Marine Le Pen took the view that radical Islam was " a direct result of mass immigration ." "How Mohamed Merah in boats , airplanes, that arrive in France every day filled with immigrants? [,.] How Mohamed Merah among the children of these unassimilated immigrants? "Had added the FN candidate .After telling his disapproval , Sarkozy replaçait on March 27 issues of immigration , integration and identity in the heart of his campaign. " We can not continue to campaign as if nothing had happened [,.] . We do not have the right to dodge the debate. Recent events compel us to go to the end of the debate, to leave no matter aside , " he had proclaimed in Nantes in front of thousands of excited supporters. The debate that we should not dodge, it was of course that of immigration : " How to integrate , how to assimilate, if uncontrolled migration wave indefinitely just negate the Republic ‘s efforts ?" He had to end "The colander Europe" proclaiming that "France has the right to choose who she wants to host it .". Inspirational data may be read visiting this http://.