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Fuel, rain of rebates to the gas pump.

Milan-it’s raining rebates, after via given yesterday by Eni. With international markets stable, after a long decline in oil prices that took crude oil Wti below 75 dollars per barrel fee, to retouch the petrol and diesel price lists were Tamoil ( -1 cents per litre), Ip ( -0.8 and -0.6 cents respectively), Q8 ( -1 cent), Shell ( -1 cents), It ( -1 and -0.5 cents) and Totalerg ( -0.6 and -0.8 cents). On the ground, meanwhile, prices going down everywhere. The national average serve of petrol and diesel are now, respectively, and 1.644 1.722 euro/liter (gpl to 0.694). The tips are in some areas for up to the Green 1.778 EUR/litre, diesel and LPG to 1.698 to 0.714. The situation at Country level (always served mode), according to a sample of gas stations representing the national situation for Price Check-up service Qe, saw the average price of petrol which is practiced today by 1.698 euro/litre of Eni to 1.722 of Q8 and Ip (no-1.553 logo). For diesel switching from 1.620 euro/liter of it at 1.644 of Q8 (no-1.466 logo). The Gpl is between 0.671 euro/litre of Shell and Ip 0.694 (no-0.660 logo). . You must visit the following http://fd11ea7aa1f28a80bdc423917c7a059d.share4vn.com to learn more regarding this great matter.

Grillo denounces Huffington Post: “Published fake polls”.

After the controversy over "prediction" of the dispute against Paola Tavern, continues the repartee between 5 Star Movement and the Huffington Post. This time, to provoke the wrath of Beppe Grillo is the diffusion of a poll on voting intentions in Emilia Romagna, however a few days after the vote, planned for Regional next November 23. The political leader of the movement 5 Stars is challenging both the dissemination of the data (the online newspaper directed by Lucia Annunziata would do "in spite of the laws and provisions that prohibit the spread of polls in the 15 days preceding the elections"), is the same data from surveys (which sottostimerebbero the result of 5 Star list, as well as already happened in the past). In spite of the laws and provisions that prohibit the spread of polls in the 15 days prior to the election, the Huffington Post (linked in Italy to The Expressed by De Benedetti) spreads some crazy and false PD poll about the region Emilia Romagna. Not happy in falsificatoria and instrumental manner speaks of "collapse" of the movement 5 Stars when the results were those, would be in line with the European trend may 2014 in Emilia Romagna and perfectly aligned with the outcomes of the administrative election the same day such as in the municipalities of Modena, Reggio Emilia and Cesena. In fact the movement always 5 Stars administrative elections (municipal and regional) collects less than in the national (and European policies). A few examples. In February 2013 on the same day in Lazio and Lombardy the M5S at 16.6 respectively garnered regional% and 14.33% vs. 25.9% and 19.5% of the policies. Last may on the same day, in the Abruzzo region of Italy at the regional M5S was voted by 21.3% of voters against 29.7% who opted for Europe. It is not credible given the Pd (which all polls give sharply and with allies virtually non-existent in Emilia Romagna and elsewhere) and to Italy Force which in this region is still in double figures when you don’t note a single voter at his rallies as evidenced by the photo of piazza in Imola, compared with the same 5 Star movement initiative. It seems to relive in grand style the move of last April, when the Pd spread on Reggio Emilia a poll like this, where the M5S were underestimated at 12% and Italy Force overestimated at 16-17%. Eventually the M5S reached 17% in the city and the coalition with Forza Italy on 13% and 7% of the list. Clearly, attempting to entice voters disillusioned to refrain or to choose any political education that isn’t 5 Star movement, only choice of real change that does not present candidates suspects and convicted. The centre-left Pd has led 5 for embezzlement, the Center has League led 7 (6 to 1 for corruption and embezzlement). . Extended text can be found visiting http://fd11ea7aa1f28a80bdc423917c7a059d.share4vn.com.

Hearings TV: football always gathers as much.

Unsurprisingly, TF1 takes first place in the ratings for Tuesday night with the friendly football match France – Sweden. The Blues (1-0) victory was followed by more than 6 million viewers, or 24.8 per cent audience share. This is France 3 coming second with the launch of the season 6 of his series ‘a french village ‘. The first episode attracted about 3.3 million fans, or 12.3 per cent market share. This is a start-up less than season 5 which had collected 3.5 million viewers and 13% of the public, last year. In third position, France 2 has interested a little more than 3 million history buffs (11.9% of PDA), with a new issue of the magazine "Secrets of history", by Stéphane Bern, on Queen Hortense. M6 is placed at the foot of the podium with the comedy ‘Le journal de Bridget Jones’ romantic, with Renée Zellweger who made laugh more than 2.5 million viewers, or 10.2% of audience share. Documentary unpublished "expiration dates are they outdated?" broadcast on France 5 last night has meanwhile been followed by somewhat less than 1.5 million viewers, or 5.5% of PDA. D8 also makes a good score with the unreleased movie "A certain prey", watched by a little more than a million people (4.2% of PDA). No other chain exceeds million viewers. . Root facts may be found visiting the following weblink.

Michel Kafando is sworn as president of Burkina Faso.

Right hand raised, Michel Kafando has vowed to ‘preserve’, ‘respect’, ‘enforcing’ and ‘defend’ the Constitution, the Charter transition – that defines the interim institutions – and the law, and "any implement to ensure justice. He addressed to the new ‘wise men’ of the Constitutional Council, present at his side, and who have publicly validated his appointment decided Monday by a panel of designation involving civilians and military. K appoint Wednesday Lieutenant-Colonel Isaac Zida, who took power shortly after the leak of Blaise Compaoré to Côte d’Ivoire, as new Prime Minister in accordance with an agreement concluded between the army and civilians, said Tuesday an officer that it is close. "It has negotiated the post of Prime Minister. Everyone is in agreement. It was agreed that leaves the legislature to enter the Executive through the Prime Minister", told AFP this near officer’s current strongman of the country, which must symbolically pass his powers to k at a ceremony Friday. Isaac Zida was present at the forefront Tuesday, dressed in his uniform and wearing the Red beret of the presidential guard, which he is number two. His torso was girded with a scarf in the colours of Burkina Faso after it was awarded earlier in the morning in the order of the Grand Cross, the highest distinction of the country, granted only to heads of State. Figure of national diplomacy, Michel Kafando, age 72, has been Ambassador to Upper Volta (the former name of the country) and then of Burkina Faso to the Nations United, respectively in 1981-1982 and 1998-2011. He was also Foreign Minister in several Governments between 1982 and 1983. Reserved man, large and slightly graying hair, Michel Kafando is little known of his fellow citizens, whom some accuse him of being too close to the former regime. Others accuse him in contrast to have been hostile to the deceased president Thomas Sankara, icon of pan-Africanism murdered in 1987 in the coup which carried Blaise Compaoré to power, and whose memory has inspired many young people during recent demonstrations. France, former colonial power and first international support of the "land of honest men", stands "alongside Burkina Faso during this period key in its history", said Monday the head of the State François Hollande, who congratulated Michel Kafando. The African Union – which had issued an ultimatum on 3 November in the military regime, asking him to validate its transitional institutions within 15 days and to choose an interim president – welcomed the choice of a "civil personality" as acting head, signs of the "political maturity" of Burkina Faso. ECOWAS, the West African economic union, also congratulated their "sense of responsibility". "This democratic transition is globally remarkable and can serve as an example to other countries," underlined Philippe Hugon, a french researcher. . You can read this page to learn extra about this great matter.

Mash Berger talk: Welcome to the drug Quartet.

Play we’re drug Quartet. Alcohol: an estimated 1.8 million-sensitive stands in Germany -! Crystal Meth: extreme addictive – stings! Cocaine: drug wars stands out on the American continent -! You already see the question, which is the most dangerous, can be difficult to answer without question: in what way? Despite the title of the current broadcast was going alcohol, cocaine or Crystal Meth – which drug is the most dangerous? and that’s why Sandra Maischberger insisting that their guests please create a ranking. After all: What Christian Rätsch, ethno-pharmacologist or cognitive anthropologist, it answers, knew it was coming. Otherwise damage so much as alcohol the body, said Rabi already 2013 in the mirror interview. The drug per se, it must be said, is not just averse Rabi. (The pure cocaine molecule is a gift from Mama coca, a goddess of the people) That all, including Rabi, their experiences of noise (die from below was a great feeling.) You feel like, so powerful from the head God. Mental clarity, creativity, euphoric feeling) was probably inevitable, but still irritating in this cluster. Tina Rainford, singer, spoke about the loss of their mother, their following tablets and alcohol addiction and had to off blink is minutes tears, before finally someone gave a handkerchief in the round. Actor Rainer Meifert has already can process in a documentary his cocaine addiction and was perhaps therefore considerably broader. Ex-football player Thorsten Legat has written about his life and his almost crash in the alcoholism a book (if life plays foul), but stressed that it was difficult to talk about the terrible experiences with his alcoholic father. . Extended info can be inspected visiting http://fd11ea7aa1f28a80bdc423917c7a059d.share4vn.com.

Avian influenza: why H5N8 shouldn’t worry.

Should we fear bird flu in addition to seasonal? There are to date two countries of the European Union, namely the Germany and the Netherlands (and probably a third, Britain), where poultry farms have been affected by a strain of the virus called H5N8, a variant of bird flu. Elizabeth Mumford, who epidemiologist, told the press not to be particularly concerned about this virus, nor other currently circulating. But she called for great vigilance. For the moment, no case is detected in France, precise the Ministry of Agriculture. But the virus would have happened in Asia with the migration of wild birds (ducks or swans), which would have left droppings near the affected farms. However these migratory birds are currently en route to the South. Outbreaks in France, Italy and Spain is therefore possible. Infected flocks are slaughtered, a security perimeter was established around the affected farms, a travel ban that applies to poultry and eggs and manure has been implemented, and these animals are of course forbidden to the sale. For veterinarians and farmers, they were equipped with suits to protect themselves. . Root source may be studied checking the following site.

Questionable transfers to OM: presidents and agents, dangerous liaisons.

It is said that the suspicion is not proof, but also that there’s no smoke without fire. Tuesday, three presidents of the OM, the current (Vincent Labrune) and its predecessors (Pape Diouf and Jean-Claude Dassier), were placed in custody. Subject: several shipments suspected fraudulent, which that of André-Pierre Gignac in 2010. Justice suspect that it has given rise to a turnabout for the benefit of organized crime figures. These practices, be assimilated them willingly to the OM folklore without extending french football as a whole. Wrongly. Christophe Hutteau was Constable Mathieu Valbuena and Charles Kaboré, two players among others that he transfer to OM at the time of the facts. I never felt the slightest external pressure weighing on the leaders of the OM, or me, he assures to metronews. These unsavory people talked, I have not seen them and I’ve never even heard of them. I could always work safely and with confidence. I was never anything asked. Same sound of Bell on the side of Pierre Dréossi, then manager general of Stade rennais, that we also surveyed: I was in the front line for the transfer of Stéphane Mbia in 2009 and I’ve never heard of turnabout. All transactions made with OM were normal. The turnabout became standard a tripartite convention exists yet. The club is supposed to write how much the agent gets paid and the player agree that the document be sent to the LFP. But this document would often remain a dead letter. Many agents serve as nominee for intermediaries who are not licensed. And he let’s pay them money then, in one way or another,. It happens everywhere. In 85% of the transfers, there is an irregularity of the kind, continues Jennifer Mendelewitsch. One speaks of the OM because the original case did not concern the football. But other clubs should be wary. It is sufficient that a complaint be filed so that investigation. . Extended info can be found checking blog.

Mexicali, the great ‘duty free’ doctor.

Two pairs of middle-aged American tourists spend walking by the small border between Los Algodones and the city of Yuma, in California. They don’t want to say their names, are in a hurry, it is in the afternoon and left four hours drive to Laguna Beach, a residential community of high level South of Los Angeles. "We come here to take a dental cleaning," said one of the tourists. It has cost him $25. Do not know much in his city: "I have never gone to the dentist there". In a California dentist would cost about four times more. "In Arizona that surgery cost me 47. 000 dollars and here has cost me 8. 000, "says Navarro. It also stresses that "no wait". "In the United States are two weeks for any blood tests while here in an hour they made us all medical studies for the surgery". Navarro speaks enthusiastically of difference of treatment that has been found in health border on Arizona and the speed of services. Up to the administration of the border has been in the service of medical tourism. Move from Calexico, California, Mexicali is as easy as driving through the checkpoint. There is not that show the Passport. Back, tourists can use so-called medical rail to move more quickly to us. By the normal Rails takes an hour. By the medical Lane, 15 minutes. If they don’t want to drive for Mexico because fear it or don’t have insurance, hospitals as Almater have shuttle services which will search to Calexico. Some shuttle services go to San Diego. If they don’t speak Spanish, it’s not okay. The staff speaks English. . Additional text can be found reading http://fd11ea7aa1f28a80bdc423917c7a059d.share4vn.com.

François Fillon image tarnished by the affair Jouyet.

A large majority of French (58%) have a bad opinion of François Fillon after the revelations of the Jouyet/Fillon case and only 8% wish to see it represent the UMP presidential by 2017, according to a poll to be published Sunday in Le Parisien-today Odoxa’hui in France since the battle of the UMP, the duel bloody against Cope end 2012, Fillon was already in a bad cycle in terms of opinion, says Gaël Sliman, president of the Odoxa Institute, in. This case does not arrange anything: nearly one-third of French and more than a third of the supporters of right say it has changed bad image they had of Fillon. It appears more opportunistic (57%, i.e. 5 points more) and infinitely less honest (41%, 16 points less) than our last investigation of image year ago. In this survey, only 42% of the respondents have a good opinion of the former Prime Minister, vying for the Presidency of the UMP.  Among supporters of right overall, good and bad opinions are strictly balanced but at only UMP supporters good opinions dominate (58% vs. 42%). Left supporters are 70% to have a bad opinion of the former head of Government, against 29% correct. With only 8% of French who want represent the UMP in 2017, Mr Fillon coming in 4th place behind Alain Juppé (38%), Nicolas Sarkozy (27%) and Bruno Le Maire (11%).  Its score falls to 6% among supporters of right, behind Nicolas Sarkozy (48%), Alain Juppé (28%), Bruno Le Maire (9%). UMP supporters are even stricter, only 4% wanting to see it represent their party in the presidential election, while Nicolas Sarkozy arrived largely in head (57%) ahead of Alain Juppé (28%) and Bruno Le Maire (8%).   . You must visit the following http://fd11ea7aa1f28a80bdc423917c7a059d.share4vn.com to learn more regarding this amazing matter.

Kafka in Damascus.

A long-haired young man recites verses of the French poet Arthur Rimbaud as a group discussion the metamorphosis, Kafka’s work. "We are dead and we don’t accept it. I don’t know if it will arrest me regime or if you decapitará me the Islamic State. Live looping an illusory reality, when a few kilometres our people die. We are dead", murmurs Amman, writer. The artists give free rein to their minds. War, death, fear, exile alternate with art in the talks that monopolize the night bathed in generous amounts of alcohol. "A week ago a friend killed himself. I could not stand the situation more. I didn’t feel anything", says another young man. A couple flirts while dancing to the beat of electronic music under lights strobe and the thunder of mortars in the background. "Art knows no sides or trenches. We reject the regime and we reject the Islamists, but we don’t want to leave our country, so we built our own form of resistance between these four walls", says Nassar. The next morning, the young musicians gather in its premises around the Lebanese Houssam Abdel Jaled, 35, who manages the concert tour. "A few months ago there was an attack just opposite the premises, wounding six classmates. Nabat sings precisely on the daily problems of the Syrians", says Houssam. The vocalist Georgina Eid was 18 when he started the war. "I have found a family in this group, I have discovered the importance of social ties and I found the support of other young people." Like her, many adolescents seek a haven outside the family home and a society which cracks under the routine of war in these new partnerships. . Related information can be read reading http://fd11ea7aa1f28a80bdc423917c7a059d.share4vn.com.