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Germany: industrial still review their forecasts of growth down.

The German BDI industry federation has again lowered Thursday its forecast of growth of the German economy, for the second time in a month, now relying on a range from 1.2% to 1.4% this year. The Economic Outlook has weakened somewhat, believes the head of the BDI Markus Kerber, excluding however to see the first European economy slipping into recession. The federation had already revised its forecasts downward on 23 September, from 2% to 1.5% increase expected domestic product GDP German, noting many global trouble spots that weigh on the enthusiasm to invest entrepreneurs in the country. The German economy is currently suffering, and before everything, the weakness of investment, continued Mr. Kerber, citing high unemployment and low growth throughout the euro area, as well as geopolitical concerns in the Middle East and in Ukraine. For him, the effect of EU sanctions against the Russia is for the time being more than offset by exports to other countries, but he warned against a possible interruption of Russian gas and oil supply in case of further escalation of the conflict. Low rates and good financing conditions are not, in themselves, a guarantee for more investments on German soil, it ruled, in an allusion to the ultra-accommodante monetary policy conducted by the European Central Bank (ECB). New BDI forecast is in line with that of the German Government, lowered the week last to 1.2 percent this year. Leading economic institutes expect 1.3%, the international monetary Fund (IMF) also. . You should check the following http://33855c396fc242bda3d892212231d.ericholzman.eu to learn more about this interesting matter.

Top officials in China: the Tiger hunt continues.

If the sources of the usually well-informed "South China Morning Post" right, clearly already, who becomes the target of the anti-corruption campaign by heads of State and party Chief Xi Jinping as next influential Executive. As the Hong Kong Journal reported on Thursday, now has two brothers of Member of Central Committee Ling Jihua initiated investigations. The official Jintao has long been regarded as a close advisor of former heads of State Hu, before he fell in the year 2012 in disgrace. His son had come under scandalous circumstances at a car accident. The newspaper quoted a source as saying however, XI Jinping "no" hurry with the investigations. However, the process could be threatened with an other high ranking party Czar now already in the near future. Some observers expect that the competent earlier in the highest body of the party for national security official Zhou Yongkang after the most recent meeting of the Central Committee in Beijing, which ends on Thursday, is excluded from the party. After that, civil proceedings against him can be initiated. But, Zhou Yongkang could not expect a fair trial. Especially in political cases, the judiciary is subject to the dictates of the party. Because nothing will change after the session of the Central Committee, which met for the first time on the subject of rule of law. The people should have more confidence in the justice system in which even corrupt cadres always find loopholes. The leadership also knows that a market economy requires a degree of legal certainty. But still considered that in China the justice is also the preservation of the rule. . Additional data can be inspected visiting site.

Car bombing in Jerusalem: against the mob kills 3 month old girl.

A little girl of three months died and seven other people were injured following an attack on a tram passengers of Jerusalem. According to police it would be a terrorist act: the tragedy occurred around 18, when a car at insane speed has deliberately invested passengers just got off from the tram stop of light "Ammunition Hill", not far from the place where until 1967 passed the "green line" dividing the city. The motorist driving the car was arrested: it’s an citizen of Arab East Jerusalem in the past ended up in handcuffs. To lose your life was a three-month-old travolta along with MOM: the small emergency was transported to the hospital, but the injuries were fatal and doctors were unable to save her. The attack occurred near the site where in August a Palestinian worker driving a tractor has lashed out at a bus killing a 29-year-old man. This is not the first time in Jerusalem attacks occur at high speed against public transportation. Tram lightweight, wanted by current Mayor Nir Barkat, has become the target of sabotage and attacks by Palestinian citizens who consider it a symbol of the unification of the city under the rule of Israel, guilty of war crimes in the Gaza Strip and the illegal occupation of vast territories in the West Bank. . For additional regarding this topic visit article.

Corruption: a huge tax evasion scandal shakes Italy its old demons.

His specialty: the corruption of officials, politicians, administrators to obtain the monopoly of cleaning and monitoring of offices. And this, since 1996! Or if corruption is an endemic phenomenon, this latest scandal figures are still staggering: 1.7 billion euros of fraud! Where the decision of judges to immediately EUR 100 million on different accounts receivership Bank in the Luxembourg and San Marino. This is not the first time that corruption scandals erupt in the peninsula. To mention that the last 25 years, it must not forget the fantastic operation Mani Pulite (clean hands) from the years 1992-1993, which highlighted the particular relationship that was established between the secretariats of the political parties – virtually all parties – and the world of the economy and finance. To obtain economic benefits. The operation resulted in dozens of arrests, two suicides, the fall of the president of the Socialist Council Bettino Craxi, the disappearance of great movements like the Christian democracy and the Socialist Party, compensated by the appearance on the public stage, in 1994, the berlusconisme. Corruption, little by little, moves so virtually public interests exclusively privately. And spreads. In short if it steals money from 1994, it is more and more often to enrich themselves personally. Not for a party. The biggest corruption case was one that involved directly Silvio Berlusconi: the purchase of two judges of the Rome Prosecutor to obtain an award favourable to its interests in the Mondadori case, and blow this famous Publishing House to rival Carlo De Benedetti.  It will take 20 years for justice to be done. And last year Berlusconi was finally ordered to pay 500 million euros in damages to same De Benedetti.   Then there was more classic corruption cases related, for example, the reconstruction after the earthquake of L’Aquila in 2009. Then those related to the exhibition, which will open in 2015 in Milan. And finally the last, this powerful Roman corruption, which deals with dizzying numbers, and requiring three years of investigation. The trouble is that the Italians are unfortunately accustomed for decades to these phenomena. So accustomed that happens more and more frequently put in the same basket politics and corruption. That surprising they have greeted with great skepticism the appointment, on June 12, a Commissioner anti-corruption, in the person of the Neapolitan magistrate Raffaele Cantone? You can check the following http://33855c396fc242bda3d892212231d.ericholzman.eu to learn more about this great subject.

Canada: shots fired at Parliament, wounded a soldier.

Fear in Canada, where a man opened fire near the Parliament in Ottawa. At least one Canadian soldier was wounded by gunshots fired near the monument to the victims of war. Parliament was surrounded by police. Other shots, at least twenty rounds of gunfire were also heard inside the structure where he had been a high-level policy meeting. Is currently a manhunt to identify who shot: would a man with long hair and face covered by a scarf. Parliament is in lockdown, which means it was blocked without a chance to come out for those already in or access to those outside. The tv reported that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is rescued, who left the area and is now in a safe place. The shooting at the Ottawa Parliament arrives the next day in which Canada was proclaimed anti-terrorist alert: yesterday is in fact died a soldier who had been hit Monday, along with a colleague by a young convert to Islam who was in turn killed by the police. Raising the alert level the authorities had however made it clear that they are not in the presence of a specific threat but that "individuals or groups in Canada have the intention and the ability to commit acts of terrorism". . For extended on this subject visit http://33855c396fc242bda3d892212231d.ericholzman.eu.

Pretrial Hamburg: I love you, stop by.

In the evening, when the fountains are switched off, is Yvonne from the Bank in Planten un Blomen on runs to the brick privacy on the edge of the Park and disappears behind it. Before a much higher wall she looks around left and right, to make sure that she observed no guards. Then she blows. Barbed wire across Yvonne looks on the facade of the remand centre. There, sitting behind one of the barred Windows, in which light Burns, her fiance. For four months. It passes not a day when I’m not here, says the blonde woman and pulls a cigarette box from the Leoprint handbag. Like every night is her future husband on the window and waiting for you. How do the children?, he calls and says her three-year son. With the hands, forms a funnel: good. He misses you and asks when you’re back from vacation. After a few minutes, the couple adopted, she breathes a kiss on your flat hand and throws him over the wall. I love you, he says. Stop by, she says. Then, the light in the cell goes off. Yvonne is one of many that daily talk about the wall with inmates. That’s not allowed, so she calls her true name. Around the prison, you can see the traces of the Raj. In the Holstenglacis, next to the Exhibition Centre, the lawn is ceded in places on the Earth. On the other hand, in the Park Planten un Blomen, lead small trails in Botany. Nowhere in Hamburg are the opposites of free and caught so clear as here in the new town. . You can click this http://33855c396fc242bda3d892212231d.ericholzman.eu to learn more on this amazing topic.

Right politician Ljaschko: the man who rushes to the Ukraine.

If the headlights go on at the TV channel inter, Wagner’s Die Walküre in the speakers blaring to: the black mirror goes on the air, one of the most popular talk shows in the Ukraine. The Studio is set up martial: the spectators the spectacle in the murky arena of a scaffolding standing. Every Friday evening this way. The crowd cheer louder anyone these days as oleh Lyashko. He is the leader of the nationalist radical party, at the age of 42 and regular at the black mirror. Times it occurs chic in the tailored suit, time in black riot gear. His slogans are always radical. He calls the nuclear rearmament of the Ukraine. He wants to allow execute fighter of the separatists in the Eastern Ukraine without trial. If the Ukrainians elect a new Parliament on Sunday, Lyashko should have success. Lyashko Springer boots and green leather jacket comes to the meeting with journalists. He wears sunglasses like once Hollywood star Tom Cruise in the movie top gun. The war provides the backdrop for the election of the right-wing populists in the eastern part of the country. Lyashko can used his visits to the front in scene. A video on YouTube shows him even during the interrogation of a rebel commander. The prisoner is half-naked, bleeding and has a bag over the head. . For extra about this subject visit http://33855c396fc242bda3d892212231d.ericholzman.eu.

They kill their employers: “there were paying the salary of one month”.

A macabre story of record comes from Russia. Two workers who demanded to be paid for over a month have killed their employers before burying their bodies in a pit, trying to occultarli with concrete. Timur Priznavsiesa and Rustam Karimov, 30 and 28 years, originating in Uzbekistan, were working near the village of Mihailovo-Yartesevskaya in the New Western Russia fly. For more than 30 days have waited for the payment of salaries, but according to the Daily Mail entrepreneurs have repeatedly postponed the delivery of their paychecks camping various excuses. And so the two have decided to take revenge. After leaving their jobs at the end of their turn, Timur and Rustam faced Chief Constantin Lazarev, 45 years old, and the foreman Artem Bykov, 30 years. But when for the umpteenth time the employers refused to pay, the workers have attacked them, hitting them to death with shovels before dragging their bodies near a ditch that has become the Tomb. They then poured cement on them so nobody could find them. But it was the police, seeking clues about the disappearance of the two men, for finding the two dead bodies after a week. . Inspirational facts may be found reading the following http://33855c396fc242bda3d892212231d.ericholzman.eu.

The fight against Daesh: who will today have the courage in the West to say Ich bin ein Kurdish?

However, the martyr of the Kurds did not wait for the coming of the Islamic State (AR). This non-Arab Middle East people suffered a bloody repression for decades in the most total indifference. They did not have, until very recently, the good conscience of the unworthy projectors that on certain subjects are otherwise more chatty. Why? This people lives today quarterly between the Turkey, the Syria, the Iraq and Iran, mainly. In these countries, they are at best the subject of mistrust if discrimination. Their culture is muzzled and their fervent desire for independence is continually repressed in the greater violence. Where is the State of Kurdistan that the international community was committed to settle on the ruins of the Ottoman empire? Countries with large Kurdish populations are entangled in conflicting interests. Oppose any project of Kurdish self-determination, they are willing to weaken them by all means, even at the cost of their own stability. Also, under-equipped civilians and peshmergas are taken one side between the Turkey of the islamo-conservative Erdogan that hardly hides his support for the Sunni Jihadists, and on the other, the Iraq supported by the Islamic Republic of Shiite Iran. And in the middle of all this, the Syrian conflict where alliances are made and undone from one day to the other. As for Western countries, lighthouses of the nations and of human rights defenders, the least that can be said is that their commitment was slow and indecisive. They have little desire to embark on a campaign that will be long and costly, while the economic crisis is booming and the dissatisfaction of the electorate grew up. However, this conflict us catches up with the very real risk of terrorist attacks related to the return of the foreign Jihadists in their country of origin. Or, Alternatively, with clashes between Islamists and Kurdish as the Germany comes to know recently. Contrary to what has been said by the German authorities, it is not the import of external conflict, but indeed of the same conflict with two theaters of operation, the Middle East where fanatics want to impose at all their misguided vision of islam and the rest of the world that they want to conquer. . You should read the following source to read extra on this interesting subject.

Copyright, when Juncker defy Beaumarchais.

The willingness of the new European commission to make haste on the reform of copyright law is now more no doubt. President Jean-Claude Juncker announced its priorities several weeks ago, explaining that it would assign to the Commissioner for the economy and the digital society the task of reforming copyright law so that the latter will no longer be an obstacle to the development of the sector: we must have the courage to break down national barriers in the regulation of telecommunications, of the copyright and of the protection of data. However, these giants of the Internet well laugh at artists and their remuneration. For them, music, the cinema, the book are just call products targeted to enhance what they sell in addition. This short-sighted vision is dramatic because there could be no art without author and this activity is not a hobby, an amateur fun: it’s a profession. Composers, writers, novelists, photographers are not of the intermittents du spectacle and copyright, which is their way of income, must be preserved. Authors ‘ societies are going to mobilize, but it is the battle of each to defend the copyright to be neither dismantled nor aligned with the lowest standard. The world of copyright and that the copyright should also move closer to better defend the rights. Dividends generated by profits from the digital giants are not the alpha and omega of a European cultural policy. It is high time to consider revenues of creators are more important than those of the annuitants. . Root facts can be read visiting this hyperlink.