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The labour market, investment,. measures the Pisani-Ferry report – Enderlein are so powerful?

Presented Thursday by Emmanuel Macron, the Minister of the economy, the report prepared by economists Jean Pisani-Ferry, french, and Henrik Enderlein, on the German side, is explosive? All depends on which side of the border lies. Indeed, the wage freeze and the end of the 35 hours in France advocated by two economists, according to leaks in the press this week, have moved the opinion. More broadly, the idea that underlies this report is to detect the challenges that arise in the two economies – and the means to respond together. For France, it’s flexibilisation of the labour market, to raise the price competitiveness of enterprises and to better target public investment. Investment is imposed as a response by unanimity. It is true that it has many advantages, because it contributes both to enhance the offering and to stimulate demand. Since 2007, the weakness of investment in Europe has significantly reduced the potential production and demand overall. A recovery in investment would enhance competitiveness, growth and job creation. Even if under-investment is a real problem, solve it is just not a financial component. We do not believe that the main obstacle to investment or lack of funding mechanisms. To invest, companies must anticipate a favourable environment, have good prospects of application, a sufficient profitability and regulatory predictability. If these conditions are not met, cheaper and more secure funding will simply override other more expensive and more uncertain, says the report of two economists who want to implement packages of reforms targeting priority areas in each country. In France, they relate to the transition to a new growth model, based on a system combining flexibility with security for employees and a reform of the legal system, a broader basis for competitiveness and the construction of a less burdensome and more effective State. In Germany, they relate to demographic challenges, especially in preparing the German company to greater immigration and increasing participation by women market work, the transition to a pattern of growth more inclusive, based on the improvement of the application and a better balance between savings and investment, the report said. These reforms are not intended to appeal to the respective neighbor, but to create better conditions for employment, long-term growth and well-being in each country as well as in Europe. (. . . ) Our last words are simple: the France and the Germany spend much time joint declarations and joint initiatives. What lack us, these are acts, insist two economists. Deemed essential by the two experts, these measures, and in particular the more shocks, would revive activity and straighten the external competitiveness of the France, notably by reducing the cost of labour in France. Clearly, it is in boosting exports, i.e. imitating the model of German growth, that the French economy would in part be his salvation. Perhaps. Maybe not. At the Ministry of the economy, where it provides that no decision is taken and that this report is for the moment only a working paper to feed reflections, we wish with this study exceed the political differences on budgetary issues and reform the economic Franco without which a resumption of growth in the euro zone is impossible. Berlin would be willing to release the ballast on the community commitments of the members of the eurozone respect public deficit and public debt? In addition, can this cooperation be total? In Paris, we hope, hoping that a recovery in investment across the Rhine takes advantage to French companies. Certainly, the current weakness of German growth requires Angela Merkel and her Government to ease its budgetary policy and to at least open the floodgates of public expenditure that would revive activity in Germany, first, and in the euro area, possibly. . For additional about this topic read http://d01f175ed2695b9ab9e0f33038d7a0d4.chewz.net.

“I was never cool”.

Christoph Waltz is sitting in a room on the second floor of the "Corinthia" Hotels in the London Government District of Whitehall. That he seems very british, lies not only on the checkered jacket fine Tweed. He was for many years even London, in the 1980s he has lived with his family here. Today surrounds the native Viennese the aura of a world citizen, which not only in the cinema, all roads are open; He should be now for a role in the new James Bond movie in conversation, probably where the villain. In our cinemas Waltz is once in the sequel to the American comedy "Kill the Boss", he plays a nasty Tycoon, who enjoys to gamble three freelancers from good. You get revenge with a kidnapping. At the beginning of the conversation with the journalists – one is met before – Waltz reverses without further ADO the roles of interviewer and interviewee. I never honestly, tempted. I’ve been avoiding this classical employment relationship for how the devil the holy water. And then I had a very formative experience of the theatre, with a Director whom I’ve admired completely. This was Benno Besson. At the time I was just courted here and there. The whole thing played out in the world of the State Theatre. And then I’ve discussed that with him once, and he said: so a permanent position has its drawbacks, of course, but as experience for an actor, it is very good to have to because even a few more years have bitten through. Have I taken very much to heart and then started this classical employment relationship – and it regretted actually every night. It was a classic working relationship. Fixed at a theater, with roster and turned monthly salary. So it started ever, I said, I want to be paid properly for 12 months. I can work only twelve months. As it was then: you can convert that yet. And I answer: I will not convert it. Thirteenth monthly salary, because I feel like a servant. I want to be paid for my work, and not for my employment. He couldn’t even once. Social security, health insurance – alone the fact that I was privately insured, has the problems. . For extended about this topic check blog.

Paris and Berlin seeking a “new deal” despite profound differences.

Franco-German relations have experienced ups and downs since the beginning of European construction. They have rarely reached the level of tension and mistrust that prevails today. The failure of France to implement its budget commitments puts the Germany in an even more awkward position that, in his eyes, is the involvement of the France in the European project that is at issue. The patience of the Chancellery is to end, to the point where it hides more now – as the statements of the German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schäuble evidenced – its desire to see the unruly country severely sanctioned. We know tomorrow how the Commission translated concretely this ultimate warning to France, accompanied of a reprieve of a few months. And what requirements therefrom in terms of structural reforms. The investment plan presented yesterday by Jean-Claude Juncker (see page 7) has been well received in Berlin, which has especially on the call to private investment and the quality of the projects. But in his country, Angela Merkel is preparing to vote on a federal budget for 2015 in equilibrium, for the first time since 1969. The priority remains reducing debt, the Chancellor reiterated yesterday, despite all the calls for more flexibility. Each country should be recalled to his duties: to the France reforms, including changes in working time, there where it is useful. in Germany, the urgent need to invest more. Joint actions are also on the programme. This is the ‘new deal’ dear to Emmanuel Macron. Berlin recently announced a wheel of 10 billion of additional public investment from here in 2018. Two economists could recommend to double the bet. Reforms should be refined week next by Paris and Berlin, in order to advance a common position at the European Summit on December 18. The Franco-German duo attempts against all recreate the link. . You must visit the following http://d01f175ed2695b9ab9e0f33038d7a0d4.chewz.net to learn extra on this amazing topic.

Portugal’s former Prime Minister: jailed Sócrates defends itself against accusations of corruption.

Lisbon – the Portuguese former Prime Minister jailed for corruption José Sócrates has rejected the charges against him as absurd. The 57-year-old sitting since Tuesday in pre-trial detention, corruption, tax fraud and money laundering to the load are attributed to him. Socrates now referred these accusations in a letter as unjust and unfounded. Shortly after his arrest last Friday Sócrates, who had ruled Portugal between 2005 and 2011, had declared in a statement that the proceedings against him have a political background. His Socialist Party, with which he had obtained a rigid austerity in his reign, now sits in opposition. 2011, Sócrates had resigned as head of a minority Government because the Parliament had rejected a fourth package of savings within a year. Sócrates was surprisingly arrested on Friday after the serious allegations against him became known. Next to Sócrates, Carlos Santos Silva and Sócrates ‘ chauffeur João Perna in custody came also the entrepreneur. The lawyer Gonçalo Trindade Ferreira was released, however, subject to certain conditions. Sócrates ‘ lawyer Joao Araujo described as deeply unfair and unwarranted decision to pre-trial detention and announced, appeal against it. . For extra facts regarding this topic visit weblink.

Champions Juve sees the round but must adjust the attack and solve the ‘ problem ‘ Pirlo.

Juventus WINS away to win the race and sees to the qualification to the round of 16 of the Champions League: even, against closure of the round Atletico Madrid, could pass as before and get a lot more affordable. Is not, even if the opponent is called Malmoe and is probably one of the worst teams in Champions over the past decade. It is not just because Italian teams are pretty reluctant to away WINS, and not later than the other night we had confirmed with the romanist suicide in full recovery. And it’s not just because the same Juventus seemed to have lost the ability to overcome European opponents away from home: the last lonatana victory from Turin to resave 21 months ago, almost a lifetime. The bianconeri finally played by chiara fix opponents and dominating the race: nothing to say on the final result (2-0 with goals from Llorente and Tevez) Although the Swedes have long complained about a foul by Morata on Johansson who kicked off the action of doubling. Honestly I wouldn’t have booed the punishment, but I must also admit that if the referee had done would not have considered a big mistake. The match against Malmoe emerge though some elements of concern on which Allegri will be working over the next few days. First of all it is not possible to fully assess the potential of Juventus after a match with an opponent so modest: opponents of the round will not be even remotely comparable, and Atletico will in this context a very important exam. Let’s go with order. Watching the game and the possible occasions failed the competition should be closed well before the 88esimo minute. The black-and-white, fluid movement and also fun to three-quarters, all too often ends with the jam at the decisive moment: the ability to score will be crucial in the next game, where to try the assault in first place in the group will need to beat Atletico to 2-0, and even more in the challenges a knockout from round of 16. Tevez scored in Europe with the Eyedropper, unlike what is in the League, but it’s the whole team that appears to be in trouble in the decisive moment of the shot. . For more about this matter click reference.

Hayabusa-2: the Japan has an appointment with a second asteroid.

The Japan prepares to launch this week its Hayabusa-2 probe which must join in 2018 the asteroid 1999 JU3 second interstellar appointment of this nature after the memorable epic of the eldest Hayabusa. The H – 2 rocket must take off Sunday around 1330 Tanegashima base in the South of the archipelago to send in Hayabusa-2 space. This probe then proceed to 1999 JU3, a roughly spherical to less than one kilometre in diameter asteroid, it should reach around the mid-2018. The goal: collect dust in the basement of this rocky celestial body that contains carbon and water, to try to understand what organic and aqueous materials were originally present in the solar system. The return to Earth is expected towards end of 2020. This collection of primitive materials mission the potential to revolutionize our understanding of the conditions of formation of planets, wrote the team that drives the project within the Japanese Space Agency (Jaxa). This may also provide us with important information to help protect the planet. Hayabusa-2 is almost similar to Hayabusa, but benefits from improved technologies drawing lessons from many damage suffered by the first mission, the less funny but ultimately successful. Asteroid 1999 JU3 referred this time has the same orbit as the previous, Itokawa. It is, however, twice as wide and contains organic substances of a different nature. Arriving near the asteroid 1999 JU3, the probe will observe its entire surface using remote sensing instruments, learnedly explained the Jaxa. Hayabusa-2 will release a robotic vehicle called Minerva2 and named Lander Mascot (equivalent of the Rosetta mission Philae), french designed by the national Centre for space studies (Cnes) and its German counterpart, DLR. Dropped on the asteroid, these two small gears shall analyze in-situ surface. Then the probe will proceed to the most dramatic challenge: release an impactor and go hide behind the asteroid, while this sort of space Cannon will explode above 1999 JU3 to violently throw a metal ball supposed to dig a crater several meters in diameter. Hayabusa-2 will return then quietly landing on the asteroid injured to collect materials from the basement. These samples will be stored in the capsule that will return to our planet. Thus must unfold in theory this mission, which would have probably not seen the day without the miracle of the previous Hayabusa. Because she was a never-ending journey of seven years chanted by a hellish series of glitches, it became a national symbol of Japanese perseverance which eventually overcoming adversity. . Main facts may be studied reading this site.

The legacy of Edmond Safra haunts HSBC.

HSBC Private Bank (Switzerland), the private bank in Geneva of the first British banking group, has recently been made in consideration for money laundering and tax evasion, France, Belgium and the United States. How one of the largest financial conglomerates in the world arrived there? In the business district of Canary Wharf, in the old docks, the octagonal logo red and white that floats atop the headquarters of HSBC reigns supreme. The colors of the ex-Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation recall the incredible Odyssey of this institution founded in the Bay of perfumes in 1865. Edmond Safra operated the super-rich of the entire Earth money making small services without ever asking questions on the origin funds. Among his clients were the enemies of each and other: the emirs of Gulf, Lebanese Christians and the Jewish diaspora, beginning with the diamond in New York, Antwerp and Tel Aviv. The Geneva resident was mainly a specialist of the shadow economy. The creation of trusts, opaque evasion structures installed in the paradise off shore more sulphur in the Earth, was his speciality. Edmond Safra died on the night of 2 to 3 December 1999, assassinated by one of his nurses in Monaco. His widow, Lilly, had won the battle of the legacy. Subsequently, this woman of iron had sold banking nebula of her ex-husband to HSBC. And this is where the shoe pinches. HSBC, the new owner, was forced to keep teams Safra. Stars of Republic New York Corp. managers had used the weapon of blackmail. Either you leave us in peace, or else we start with our clients at a competitor. Under a tacit agreement, HSBC branch had agreed to monitor its private bank that brought him a lot of money, by far provides an asset of the City Manager. The scandal of the violation by BNP Paribas-Geneva of US sanctions which hit the Iran, Cuba and Sudan participated in the same scenario. Officials of the French Bank had also ignored what was happening there, on the shores of Lake Geneva, for fear of defection of its structured finance as raw materials and oil trading. . Additional facts can be read clicking http://d01f175ed2695b9ab9e0f33038d7a0d4.chewz.net.

Thick to Berlusconi: huge Defeat we no Matteo gregarious.

A huge defeat. Does not use bluntly Raffaele Fitto, speaking at the second round of the Presidential Committee of Forza Italy at Palazzo Grazioli, to describe the outcome of the vote in Veneto and Calabria. The MEP analysis identifies, reportedly, the faults of the debacle in building alliances and choice of applications, in particular in Emilia, where, he says, we gave the candidacy to the League. And we have not discussed before. The MEP pugliese identifies among the reasons for the drop in support also the political line of the party, inconstant brought forward in recent months: We appeared or too crushed on Government Radio or too aggressive but so confuse our constituents. Comment on the activity of others instead of being protagonists. Moreover, in his opinion, serves an organizational need to shock put everything back in the hands of the electors for participation. And, as already done this morning, raises the issue of primary: we must anticipate our allies, otherwise they will drag in the primaries. Matteo Salvini, meanwhile, has received the endorsement of leaders of Forza Italy with complacency. But the offer to lead the attack of the Center, she preferred to go cautious: Do pleasure the compliments of Berlusconi, "said the League’s Secretary-but, remaining in the football field, if there are team and schemes, even if you don’t go, Maradona anywhere. The leader of the Carroccio also responds to Secretary of Ncd Angelino Alfano-former protégé of Berlusconi, now again courted by Chief willing to forgive him the split–which yesterday reiterated his firm no to an alliance with Salvini: Alfano, for me, can stand only on the bench-continues Salvini-but not because I say so: it is put on the bench alone. I build an alternative to Renzi, I can’t do it with who does the Government Radio. Thick in the morning made it clear that it has no intention of leaving Italy Force: I renewed their party membership, said in an interview with Radio 24-the battles must be made from within, exclude a bummer, but I respect. And, as reaffirmed in the course of the Presidency Committee, proposed for everyone, even for Berlusconi, in response to his overtures toward Salvini and Alfano. So party primary. Flavio Tosi, Verona’s Northern League mayor, raised in turn with all the Center’s primary: it is likely that the vinca Salvini, but could also win them Thick. Who gets more consensus is the best and the most representative. . You can click the following http://d01f175ed2695b9ab9e0f33038d7a0d4.chewz.net to learn extra regarding this amazing subject.

Jean-Luc Schaffhauser, the pro-Russian MEP who has entered into the loan of the FN.

There so powered by «old Russian acquaintances», according Le Canard enchaîné, whereby Schaffhauser would have received total EUR 450 000. Amount denied by the former consultant, who did not accept to be more specific. "A year ago, I was neither parliamentary nor anything, it was quite normal that I am paid, I was heard me with the President [Marine Le Pen, Editor's note]" for this "payment". And to add that this is "indirectly" First Cezch-Russian Bank that paid him. Before concluding with the Russians, as Mediapart revealed Saturday, Schaffhauser said having tried without success a lending bank to Geneva (Switzerland), where the requested institution would be retracted "at the last minute for reasons of image’: ‘ first was in Geneva, it has even mounted a structure for it, a great foundation that could support the various movements for United Europe. ” The FN then tried his luck in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates): "we were about to sign, and the day where we would sign for a loan at a rate much more interesting, everything has been stopped." And then "in the third place I turned to Russian friends", detailed the intermediary now elected to the European Parliament. Sunday show C policy (France 5), Marine Le Pen has assumed the provenance of this loan, arguing that no French Bank was currently willing to lend money to parties in general – the fault of the Bygmalion case – and his in particular. Moreover, the vice-president of the national Front, Florian Philippot, claimed Wednesday "a law requiring French banks to lend to french political parties.  Marine Le Pen, who makes no secret of his admiration for Vladimir Poutine and went several times in Moscow in recent years, said: "we launched hooks everywhere: in Spain, Italy, the United States, Asia and Russia.» The first one is caught, was signed and we are very happy. "In October in the Obs, while the Russian loan had been made the previous month, the patron saint of the FN not mentioned yet this hypothesis as one track among others,. But who is Schaffhauser, this Angel intermediary? If well introduced in Moscow that it could have been, to find this loan refused overland to the french extreme right party, to enable two close acquaintances of the patron of the FCRB (Alexander Vorobyev and Mikhael Plisyuk the canard), members of his think tank the European Academy. Former Union of Democrats for Strasbourg (UDS) and close to Marcel Rudloff (former Mayor of Strasbourg and Chair of the regional Council of Alsace), Jean-Luc Schaffhauser is still boasts "social conservative centrist. The two men are very familiar. They share a 100% pro-Russie line, countries where they maintain for years of effective networks, and one as the other were "observers" in the "referendum" held in March in the Crimea by the separatists.  And when ‘elections’ were held early November in Donetsk (Ukraine), Schaffhauser was again on hand to give bail to this election on behalf of the Association for the security and cooperation in Europe (ASCE), organization from the very official organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) who had, she, not dispatched representative. As part of the think tank it animates, the European Academy, MEP defends a closer to Europe with Russia, countries where he lived and where he worked on behalf of Dassault, Total and Thales, and doing, a European Union quite away from the Europe of nations dear to the FN and Marine Le Pen. Schaffhauser also founded the Rhine-Volga association, which is very ‘ awareness of culture, civilization and the actuality of the Russia"in France. . For extra insights on this matter click article.

The Jurassic decrypted World trailer, with blood, dinos, and tears.

The trailer doesn’t cut the bridges with the original material. On the contrary, it is littered with ingredients that have contributed to the success of the Spielberg film. In bulk: the arrival to the distant plan Island, a helicopter, large doors inflamed Park that deviate, children important characters, the stones amber containing fossilized mosquitoes, the herd of cool dinosaurs who run in a Green Valley, the patron saint of the Park which recalls John Hammond, but less Brill, more Rufous, and stronger. A notable difference, however, with the three previous episodes: the Park is finally open to the public, after attempts failed and deadly. At the end of the trailer, the three notes of the melody of John Williams are also slowly and softly played. For best fooled us, because just the money shot, Chris Pratt who dark motorcycle accompanied by velociraptors. Is this a betrayal of the original film? Not at all, because in the Michael Crichton book, some velociraptors can change color like chameleons. So why not see run next to a motorcycle?  If the white shark devoured by a gigantic dinosaur scene may symbolize the break with the father, Director of the teeth of the sea, think again, because his name appears immediately after, basically, with sound that scares, as executive producer, title behind which is devine, Director of the first film become cult, and not wishing to really to pass the torch to the first comer to destroy the saga. Then, level marketing, it also slams. Even the name of the Director, Colin Trevorrow, appears at the end, and again, if you want to look it up.   Before becoming a film of dinosaurs, Jurassic World will undoubtedly be an amusement park film that goes awry, according to plans on the helmets of smashed workers and infrastructure. An easily jawbreakers kind and which can turn the indigestible coaster. Indeed, the last film which featured a park with unusual animal revolt was little memorable the teeth of the Sea 3. . . That said, the film could also switch on the right side, like the fantastic Westworld, in which robots of a park creaked a circuit and slaughtered the visitors. Suspense, tension and terror were present. You must close the Park! warns the main character in this trailer. We hope it will not be heard, because we want to see the sweat, blood and the dinos.   . Similar information can be found reading http://d01f175ed2695b9ab9e0f33038d7a0d4.chewz.net.