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Sivens dam: meetings in Paris with Segolene Royal.

Minister of ecology, Ségolène Royal, launched Thursday from the separate meetings with the various actors involved in the controversial case of the Sivens dam (Tarn) to see how a consensus, learned in the Department. The Minister meets with the various stakeholders, farmers Thursday, then successively Friday elected officials and environmental associations, according to the same source. The objective of these bilateral exchanges is to see how a consensus based on the findings of the experts appointed late October by Ms Royal to try to find a solution satisfactory for all, it added. Meetings locally allowed to move forward. (The Minister) wants to have a direct exchange with the different parties involved (,.) In the light of all meetings, it will stop the next steps, (,.) There is perhaps need for other exchanges, was added from same source. Segolene Royal has gripped the folder and appointed experts to try to make emerge a compromise after the death of Rémi Fraisse, the young 21 years ecologist mortally wounded in the night from 25 to 26 October offensive grenade during clashes with the security forces. For France Nature Environnement (FNE), it is likely that additional discussions in January sessions are announced. A fourth and final meeting of all parties concerned and experts originally scheduled Friday in Albi, like the previous three, said the spokesman for FNE, Benoît Hartmann. But it was transferred to Paris and instead bring together all the actors around the table, it will be each turn in the Minister’s office, he told AFP. It is very likely that there is no common solution that can emerge in such conditions, he said, noting that his organization would meet Mrs. Royal Friday provided that this is not the last meeting. FNE did not expect that in four sessions, we arrive to solve 20 years of conflict and such drama, he added, making reference to the death of Rémi Fraisse. Ms. Royal had announced on 4 November, at the end of a meeting in Paris with all stakeholders, that alternatives to the controversial project should be found by the end of the year. There was a joint meeting on 4 November, it allowed to renew dialogue and Mrs. Royal wished to make the point at the end of the year. It is, notes on the Department. > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. Main source may be found checking this homepage.

Ben Stiller moved to London for her epic last night at the Museum.

London, Dec 18 (EFE). -The third installment of night at the Museum is the guardian of the Museum of Natural history of New York Larry Daley, played again by the actor Ben Stiller in an epic adventure in London to avoid the disappearance of the magic that brings to life figures and objects. Stiller moves in night at the Museum: the secret of the Pharaoh (‘the secret of the tomb’ in some countries) to the British Museum, in London, to solve the riddle of why are gradually weakened his friends, the historical characters who come to life thanks to the magic table. The Pharaohs of the London Museum have the answer to return powers to the Golden table, which at night gives life to the collection of the institutions and that has helped the New York guardian friendship with Roosevelt or Attila historical figures. In statements to Efe during the presentation in London, Stiller stated that this will surely be the last time that it embodies the guardian: I don’t know if there will be a new film but in any case I don’t think that Larry Daley again to wear his uniform, he said. Stiller said that he tried to appreciate every moment of the shooting since he knew that he would not see the film crew as it had done for the past eight years, were shot when the three tapes. For his part, the director, Shawn Levy, also suggested that the third installment could be the definitive to say, to this day, he feels that it is the last chapter. However, in case of sequels, wouldn’t be hard to find scene, he admitted. The film ends with a temporary and travelling exhibition the magic table in the Museum of Natural history in New York, so a hypothetical sequel could happen anywhere, he noted. Levy acknowledged that this third film is the most moving of all, especially the last 20 minutes, when the magic of the table is safe. In relation to the cast of actors, the director stressed, whenever they have come together to roll, they feel like in a family reunion. One of the new additions to the series is the British Ben Kingsley, who explained that the film crew received him with a great reception, so enjoyed a pleasurable experience. Although it is a comedy, this presents creative, historical, cultural characteristics, personal relationships, I think making it a success, said Kingsley told Efe. In addition, the award-winning performer stressed that it was a pleasure to shoot with one of his favorite actors, Ben Stiller. The American actress Rebel Williams, who plays a guard of the British Museum, said that it was very fun to work with the film crew and noted that the stage – in reference to the Museum – was incredible. For his part, the actor Dan Stevens, that she plays the legendary Lancelot, one of the Knights of the round table, it also highlighted the great experience that was to roll the tape and revealed that he expects to bring their children to the film the day of the premiere so judge the result. At the end of the film, before credit titles, appears a label in honor of the deceased actor Robin Williams, who participated in three deliveries of series: to Robin Williams: the magic never ends, reads the message. The team wanted in this way to pay tribute to the interpreter of Theodore Roosevelt in night at the Museum, one of his last films before his death last August. Stiller stressed that he felt lucky to have worked with him, Levy emphasized their ability to improvise the script, in addition to surprise and inspire with something new every day. It was hard and sad already that after his death, I had to edit the film, said Levy, he stressed their gratitude for having been able to work with a genius like Williams. The film will reach the Spanish screens on December 25. (Agencia EFE) Issues arts (general) Ben Kingsley Ben Stiller film style of life and time free Europe people London United Kingdom Robin Williams Theodore Roosevelt. Original source can be studied checking this http://steffenbachmeier.eu.

Supplementary pensions: what is the problem?

► What – what is wrong?The system of supplementary pensions of the Agirc and that of employees of the private sector, Arrco, frameworks go in the wall, according to a report of the Court of Auditors submitted by its president, Didier Migaud, Thursday. If nothing is done in the short term, the deficit will widen, threatening these insolvent pension funds. ► Who is concerned?All employees, whether they are executives, which contribute respectively to the Agirc and Arrco is 18 million people and 12 million beneficiaries. ► To which extent is the deficit?Of the order of billions of euros. In its report, the Court of Auditors indeed judge the alarmist financial perspectives for the future, with annual sales that might remain in the Red sustainably,. to reach – 25 billion by the year 2040. In the current state of the situation, the reserves could be exhausted as early as 2018 for the regime covering frames, the regime Arrco boasting a small period of four years. . . ► What tracks are being considered?All. To save supplementary pensions, nothing should be banned warned Didier Migaud who doesn’t want to exclude any track: amount of the pension, contribution rates, conditions of liquidation,. and a lengthening of the duration of the work of one or two years. Refuse to postpone the legal age to receive his pension would limit the margins for manoeuvre, warned Didier Migaud for which there is a real risk of a decrease in the amount of pensions. ► Think the Government of this warning?The latter has not yet reacted,. but had already partially opened the door to an extension of the contribution period for a pension at full rate by the voice of François Rebsamen, the Minister of labour. Tuesday, referring to the general regime, it evoked this hypothesis without hiding. Plaintext: he will have to work longer to touch his retirement. Output, and a reform, o how unpopular in public opinion, which is already not very high François Holland, and which was quickly closed by the Government. But for how long? ► and thereafter?This alarming finding of the Court of the joined account that compiled in June last by the social partners been simulations which will launch negotiations in February 2015, to sustain the balance of the system. The negotiations that are already very complicated. . Inspirational facts may be studied checking the following http://steffenbachmeier.eu.

IN PICTURES. Poll: the victory of the FN in the European, the event policy 2014.

For the French, the victory of the national Front in the European elections is, and by far the event political leading 2014. On the same subject European: the victory of the FN puts the Executive at the foot of the wall of Cahuzac to Kader Arif: ‘Exemplary Republic’ of Holland undermined by Bygmalion Affairs: the former Financial Director of the UMP charging the entourage of Sarkozy is the result of an Ifop-Fiducial for Sud Radio poll published Thursday *. Invited to say what events in political life have them the most marked, among a list of eight facts, 35% of respondents have mentioned in head the victory of the FN in may 2014 European. This success is even mentioned by one respondent in two (50%), since respondents could give two answers. The second square figure case Bygmalion – UMP and the financing of the presidential campaign 2012 of Nicolas Sarkozy. This event is cited by 31% of those surveyed, 17% placing the event list. The podium is supplemented by "cases affecting relatives of Francois Hollande" mentioned by one respondent in five (21%) and placed in head by a little more than one respondent in ten (11%) respectively. * online survey by self-administered questionnaire on 11 and 12 December 2014 with a sample of 1 010 people representative of the French population aged 18 years and over (the quota method).   > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. For extra insights on this subject visit source.

A “Kabanova’ pocket at the Bouffes du Nord.

As the Flash Ad the downpour, some happiness ended in tragedy. Katia Kabanova, woman married and oppressed by her mother-in-law, falls in love with Boris, single tyranisé by his uncle. Their short romance will lead Katia to suicide. This opera in 3 acts by the Czech Leos Janacek, composed in 1921, is presented until Sunday in "Chamber" version at the Bouffes du nord in Paris. A device with solo piano that withdraws not scale at work but moves its center of interest: the performers become actors than singers no longer need to pass over the Orchestra but are moving close to the public, at the centre of this mouth mouth that is the scene of the Bouffes du Nord. This operatic naked decor theatre is fickle in certain sequences intermediate – the image of a repeat is never far away-, but muscle its staging to brilliantly the three highlights of the work: the Idyll is light, strobe storm, suffocating remorse. Like the stunning stepmother ripping off his alliance to the corpse of Katia, the purity and morality are not always sufficient to overcome. . You can read the following hyperlink to discover extra regarding this great subject.

The crisis predates the balances In a row since January 3.

Watch the galleryAbbiamo asked the Lazio region that the winter sales are anticipated to 3 January for use at best an appointment which has always been very important that is still able to beat the crisis. This end-of-season sales will start Saturday instead of Monday, exploiting the positive wave of weekend time usually devoted to purchases. This is the appeal of the President of Confcommercio Lazio, Rosario Cerra to stimulate the recovery of consumption after a Christmas cage crushed by undertone of tax deadlines. The State-Regions Conference continues Cerra-has already ruled positively in this respect, we expect now that the region should act in accordance with Lazio at this address, demonstrating an understanding of the difficulties of trade linked to reduced consumption, Lazio lost more than 2 percentage points in five years, and the significant reduction of spending by families and individuals since the beginning of the crisis to date has been reduced by 11%. The sale concludes Cerra-remain a must-have for those who sell and those who buy, constituting more than 30% of the annual turnover of a shop and can actually put in motion the machinery of consumption thus increasing the quality of life of our territory. The appeal has been upheld even before the region by the President of the Conference of the regions, Sergio Chiamparino, who at the conclusion of the meeting of Governors informed as you both found common agreement on date of Saturday, January 3. The Lazio region has confirmed that he had received such a request commented Joan Marquis Bellaroto President Cna Rome-our Trade appeal derives from the fact that the consumer downturn has profoundly changed the habits of shopping too. Anticipating the sales during the Christmas period, leveraging the festive atmosphere can promote a small upturn in consumer spending. . Extended data can be found reading url.

EELV, “party of Roma and Palestine”, regretted Jean-Vincent Square.

"If the political ecology becomes the leftist ecology, it has more interest", believes in the world Jean – Vincent Square. At the forefront of the fight led by ‘realistic ecologists’ to the right of his party, the Senator is working hard to turn the page on the divorce of EELV with Government. An episode credited to the Cécile Duflot, and remained across his throat as from that of the Member François de Rugy, with which he hosts current "compass environmentalists. Both dream of a return to the Government in the wake of regional elections by December 2015, thanks to a better than expected score. They try to do this together in the Center, the opposite of those who, in their party, rely on the construction of an alternative from left to the PS. The patron of ecologists Senators seeks nothing less than to redefine the political ecology as a concept: "today, it became the party of the Roma and Palestine. You end up asking the question of its existence and usefulness", regretted Jean – Vincent Square. Remembered yet of the controversial call of the Senator for secondary school students to demonstrate their support for the Kosovar Leonarda Digpal young. To rupture? Little supported by militant bases, it draws its inspiration from the course of Daniel Cohn-Bendit, architect of the successful transformation of the old party of the Greens in Europe – Ecologie – the Greens, on the eve of the European elections in 2009. "To resume the ecology green, try to collect the various components, it is important. ” "If the only orientation is left any, then it will be not paying", now considers the former MEP, in support of the positions of Jean – Vincent Place in the world. Cécile Duflot said remain open to discussions with the left Front, and now believes "having shoulders" to bring in 2017 a candidate of left alternative to the Socialists. Jean-Vincent Place and "realistic ecologists" are already considering going to failure. Facing Parliamentary press on November 26, he said: "If the majority of my friends, and Cécile Duflot, looking for the opposition to the president of the Republic and an agreement with the left party, there will be two ecologies. . Inspirational facts can be read clicking the following http://steffenbachmeier.eu.

The Pope expressed his joy: we have seen how two peoples, who were distant, yesterday have taken a step to get closer.

Father Francisco tomorrow celebrates 78 years dad Francisco held on Thursday the decision of United States and Cuba improve its relations by saying that we are all happy to see how two peoples who had been away for years have taken a step of approximation. Today we are all happy because we have seen how two peoples, who had been away for many years, have yesterday given a step of approximation. This has been possible thanks to the ambassadors and diplomacy, he said during the ceremony of presentation of credentials to several ambassadors to the Holy See. Before them stressed the role of diplomacy in conflict resolution, a work of small steps that, according to the Argentine Pontiff, always end up making peace and bringing the hearts of the people. Yesterday it emerged that delegations of both States had carried out secret talks recently to promote a normalization of their relations, after more than half a century of enmity. The meetings took place in Canada, as a neutral State, and were driven by the Vatican and by the own Bergoglio. The job of Ambassador is a work of small steps, small things, but always just make peace, bring the hearts of the people, sow the brotherhood, said today the Pope in his speech, released in a statement by the Holy See. In this regard, it concluded that diplomacy is a noble, noble work. Both Cuba, the President of USA, Barack H. Obama, Raúl Castro, thanked the Pontiff’s support for this approach in their respective releases. Resolution of humanitarian issues of common Interesayer the Pope just say that it pleased strongly by this announcement, although he made it through his spokesman, Federico Lombardi. It was he who reported that in recent months, Bergoglio had written to Castro and Obama for inviting them to solve humanitarian issues of common interest such as the situation of detainees, to begin a new phase of relations between the two parties. Washington decided to release three of the so-called Group of five Cuban spies serving sentence in the country and Havana did the same leaving free the U.S. contractor Alan Gross, prison in Cuba since 2009 for subversive activities. Cases of Gross and five had become one of the main barriers to the thaw of relations between Cuba and the United States. Barack Obama Benedict XVI Canada Concordat Cuba United States La Havana Los Cinco Latinos world Pope penalties Raul Castro relations International Affairs to know more Raúl Castro urges us to eliminate the economic blockade imposed on Cuba the White House has not ruled out a future visit by Obama to Cuba Francisco continues the path mediator of the pontiffs León XIII began at the end of the century XIX Margallo avoids responding if Spain has contributed to the agreement between Cuba and States United the Senator Marco Rubio will do its utmost to block the agreement between Cuba and the United States seven keys to ending the ‘cold war’ between Washington and Havana International media most applaud the approach between the US and Cuba. For extra facts regarding this topic read url.

Raw materials: the fall in prices will have a positive impact within two to three years.

An upturn for consuming countries – and developed-, a decrease of oxygen for producers. If the consequences of the fall in the price of raw materials is not to the liking of all economies, its favourable effect should nevertheless be felt globally from here two to three years. This is the estimation of Jean-François Lambert, global head of the raw materials of HSBC. In the meantime, the first impact can be brutal for supplier States. The dollar and oil production, causes principalesDepuis the peak reached in 2011, especially for metals, raw materials prices fall in dent-de-saw towards the levels of before the financial crisis of 2008. Impairment explained by three main reasons recalls Vincent Ganne, technical analyst at DailyFX in his last report: first a rising dollar on the market, then a cycle of demand on a lower 5 years, finally the absence of constraint of the offer in the case of oil – the Organization of the petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) who have made the choice to maintain its production to 30 million barrels-.  Geopolitiquesdans oil sector issues, let go the price can be a true weapon of economic war, says Jean-François Lambert. The pressure imposed by the Saudi Arabia via OPEC on the sector, allows him to assert itself against the United States and cut the grass under the feet to countries in the process of standardisation as the Iran, he believes. For the banker, the fall in the price of oil should, otherwise continue, at least to know new upheavals: I do not believe that it goes back to $ 100. It will take time for the balance is restored. (. . . ) The problem today is that the dike gave way, the oil market seeks its threshold. It is therefore very nervous and aspires to more decline. One of the significant consequences of this economic war is also felt in Russia, where the ruble has plunged by 30% between Monday and Tuesday including because of black gold that represents 70% of its exports and 50 percent of its revenue. For the Russian economy, the fall in prices is an evil which adds to international sanctions. Production agricultural abondanteSi the sector of energy, oil in mind, has accused the most drastic fall, for approximate prices for 2009, in agricultural raw materials prices are also at the lowest. They have even plunged since the spring, according to the analyses of HSBC. Soybeans lost a third of its value ($ 1.50 less than 1 dollar per bushel), corn one fifth, just like wheat and cotton dropped almost two-thirds of its value between May and November 2014. Opulent harvest of the year, permitted by favourable weather conditions, initiated this trend to lower prices. The same scenario occurred in industrial crops – such as beet or the potato-, with high yields observed. The anticipation supplies and production have caused this depreciation, confirms Jean-François Lambert. Less demand for ore from Fdvds iron knows currently ore the same difficulties, but for different reasons. The fall in prices has not only for origin an increase in production, but also a decrease in the demand. In Australia, for example, iron ore depreciated 30% this year while it represents the first post of the country’s export, thus affecting the revenue of the State. Its biggest customer, China, reduced its demand while mines are running at full throttle. According to the Cyclops society, specializing in the analysis of the global markets for raw materials, iron ore producers continue their headlong rush forward: in the third quarter of 2014, BHP produced in Australia a record 62 million tonnes or + 15% in one year. The Australian Government has thus reviewed Monday 15 December upward its 2014-2015, to 40.4 billion Australian dollars budget deficit instead of 29.8 billion. Forecasts that remain Positivesmalgre these consequences may be difficult to cash in for the producing countries, Jean-François Lambert remains optimistic: need to put things in perspective: the global economy is growing today and it is the old economies, Europe, the United States and China are the engine of global growth and create value: 930 billion in 2014! For this Manager at HSBC, the consumer countries of raw materials whose prices have fallen will increase their competitiveness. If raw stabilize around 30% less compared to last year, this will significantly increase their competitiveness. Under these conditions, the current fall of oil and raw materials prices could allow the economy of the euro zone to leave faster than we think and away from the risk of deflation. . Extended data can be read clicking http://steffenbachmeier.eu.

Paris: Hidalgo, only Mayor on board.

In Paris, is it the head. Here, in substance, the message that address since a few days the Socialist Mayor of Paris, party crusade against enlargement of the Sunday opening of stores laid down by Bill Macron on the activity. A few weeks ago, facing François Holland who pleaded for a Paris bid for the 2024 Olympics, she already defended his turf. Rebellious, Anne Hidalgo? Her husband is bad influence, slips a Minister without fear a trial in sexism. The man in question is other than Jean-Marc Germain, Member of the Hauts-de-Seine and one of the Chief agitators of the movement of the slingers. Considered at the Assembly from January 26, Macron Bill intends to create international tourist areas – where the work will be possible year-round Sunday and evening – set by ministerial order. What Grizzly the aedile, who does not intend to let the Government interfere in the Parisian business without reacting: (the Ministers) are involved in airports, railway stations, of which fall within their competence and they leave mayors deal with the attractiveness of their city. This goes to the reverse of a process of decentralization, abounds on the Town Hall of Paris. Where it does not fail to point out that, unique case in France, the derogations for the Sunday opening, that the text intends to wear from 5 to 12 per year, are now left to the appreciation of the prefect in the capital. Proof of its determination, Anne Hidalgo said today ready to put this question to the Constitutional Council. The ball is in the camp of the ParlementSurtout, these points of the text would constitute a threat to trade in nearby very implanted in the capital, estimates Anne Hidalgo: I’ve always been, as Bertrand Delanoe, against the spread [of Sunday work Editor's note], because the generalization, it is the death of the small trade. The report by 16 elected Paris – left and right confused – which was released on December 16, underlines that the economic arguments in favour of a wider Sunday opening are not conclusive. Observation that do not share the UMP and the UDI of Paris – who voted against the proposals contained in the document. On the form, the Mayor of Paris, including the entourage boasts serene relations with Bercy, yet refutes any desire to lead the fronde. I do not accept the caricature, she says. Moreover, the ball is now in the camp of the Parliament, note-on at the Town Hall, where one does not ignore the text divides in the Socialist ranks to the Assembly: it may have to evolve, and even strongly evolve. It is therefore on the occasion of the Council of Paris of February 9 that Anne Hidalgo will formulate its official position. Small p,. amisEn waiting between shots, no one has forgotten that the Mayor of Paris had not hesitated, a few weeks ago to go to the tussle with Holland regarding the candidacy of Paris in the 2024 Olympics. In is there declaring favorable during its passage on TF1, François Holland had aroused the ire of Anne Hidalgo. Who held her head in convening the following day a press conference at the offensive tone. He was questioned on the subject, it was when not even not respond, scans at the Elysee. She did not like that he speaks without the have prevented, but it is pretty smart on the merits to not endanger its own future: Paris will be candidate, predicted a Minister. And summarize the case: stuff, these are short bursts of p,. between friends. Audrey Salor. Extended facts can be read clicking link.